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Pierre Carl Ouellet says he may have made a mistake back in 1995 when he insisted on going over against the then WWF champion Kevin Nash during a house show tour in eastern canada, but he claims that despite attempts to apologize, Kevin Nash has held a grudge against him ever since. As a result of Nash’s grudge, Ouellet claims he has lost 3 jobs, millions of dollars, and his good reputation in the wrestling business. This Saturday night at the IWS’s tenth anniversary event, he gets the chance to settle the score once and for all when he headlines one on one against Kevin Nash. Earlier today PCO stepped into the main event for a interview about his problems with Nash, the match this saturday night, training for MMA, and where he hopes his wrestling career will go from here.

Meanwhile Kevin Nash also joined us and in true big sexy style he was very cool and laid back about PCO’s allegations, Nash touches on the incidents, as well as his love for Montreal. Shares a hilarious story about himself and the kilq partying with some french hotties while snowed in during one trip to Montreal. Nash also takes time to touch on working the Indy scene, where his career is at this point, where he sees it going, TNA’s upcoming Slamiversary celebration, acting, Vince Russo, Bob Backlund and much more in the 25 minute interview.

The audio of these interviews are available via The Main Event’s official website ( or can be downloaded directly via for the PCO interview and for the Kevin Nash interview

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The IWS proudly presents: X, their Tenth Anniversary Show. Special guest is Big Sexy Kevin Nash! X takes place Saturday, May 30th, at the beautiful, downtown Medley, 1170 St-Denis, near the Berri-UQAM Metro. Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Doors open at 7:30 PM, show starts at 9 PM. VIP tickets are $35, Regular tickets are $25. VIP ticket holders admitted first. No reserved seating. Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at the Medley box office. This is an all ages show. Card and times subject to change. For more information go to or write to