Handsome Genius Club sent this in:

It’s a huge day on the HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB as host ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES brings us not one but TWO feature interviews and helps co-host TJ HABIBI celebrate his birthday. First, KEVIN KLEINROCK, the co-creator of MTV’s Wrestling Society X and former vice-president of XPW joins the show. Kevin will describe how WSX got on the air and why it didn’t survive, the life and death of XPW and the upcoming XPW 10th anniversary/reunion show. Kevin will also tell us which two former world champions he will never work with again and why! Then, MMA commentator PAUL LAZENBY will talk about some recent and upcoming UFC fights, his own days as a professional wrestler and mma fighter, his acting career and his part in the fight to get MMA sanctioned in the city of Vancouver. Plus, Paul and Kingdom talk about the “greatest pro wrestling gimmick that can never actually be done”.

All this plus a “WHERE’S BILL COSBY?” update, a visit from NOAH PANICO and all the week’s NERD NEWS! Check out the show in streaming audio or as an mp3 download right now at www.HandsomeGeniusClub.com