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Murderers and Thieves we honor
Blog by: John Bradshaw Layfield

May 26, 2009

History can be strange. Edward Teech was the infamous Blackbeard, the pirate. He is honored as a hero in some places. So is Sir Francis Drake. Both were murderers and thieves.

Could you imagine making statues of the pirates in Somalia, well that’s what we have done with these guys.

I am in St Thomas, a beautiful place, for Memorial Day weekend. This is my first Memorial Day off in two decades. I see that WWE is having a little problem with the Denver Nuggets this weekend. Looks to me like great publicity for both. Don?t know who is right and wrong in this.

However, with the great show the WWE always puts on, a little extra publicity never hurts. And for the Denver Nuggets, who up till now, no one knew how good they were-this extra spotlight is perfect. The match-up between Kobe and Anthony has been awesome. Kobe is winning this series with his great play.

Back to pirates-Sir Francis Drake is honored here in St Thomas. Drake was a slave trader; he kidnapped human beings and sold them. Many died on the way-he is a rotten no good human trafficker and murderer, not to mention a thief. Was he brave, no, he was an opportunist.

The UK government gave him knighthood, of course around the same time the government started their own religion because the king wanted to kill his wife and commit adultery. Most religions were found on an immaculate conception-the Church of England was found on adultery and murder-no wonder they knighted a murderer and slave trader like Drake.

Am I being hypocritical? No, I am just asking that the ones who honor these guys are not hypocritical.

Columbus was a terrible navigator, robbed from the local people and we have a day in his honor. He was a moron that stole. He missed his mark by an entire hemisphere.

Also, how can you come to a place that already had people there, plant your flag and say you own it? You call these guys heroes? I call them thieves.

You want heroes? How about Armstrong and Aldrin? How about Shackleton? How about Hillary? How about Livingstone? These are heroes.

Last night I saw the Moko Jumbie perform. He is the St Thomas Boogeyman. I got a little nervous since I once lost to Boogeyman in less than 2 minutes at the Royal Rumble.

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