Mayweather vs McGregor is featuring an article about Mayweather vs McGregor tomorrow night in Las Vegas and current NXT commentator Mauro Ranallo getting to call what is easily one of the biggest fights in combat sports history on Saturday.

Ranallo was in Orlando last night to take part in the NXT TV tapings at Full Sail University and was back in Las Vegas today for the weigh ins in preparation for tomorrow night.

During the Wrestleview Live #19 podcast this past Sunday night, we posed the question if wrestling fans are interested in this fight at all on Saturday.

A recent poll we asked on Twitter indicated most wrestling fans plan to simply watch highlights of the fight instead of paying the $100 price tag to order it on PPV.

You can check out a clip from our conversation on the podcast this week below.


  1. I was just thinking when I heard about this fight, “Gee I wonder what WWE has to say about this.” (:/

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