Jim Cornette

Video of a heated confrontation between Jim Cornette and Santino Marella was caught on video and posted to Facebook on Saturday showing the two exchanging words.

The two attended a wrestling convention in downtown Detroit yesterday at the Cobo Center when an eyewitness caught the two going back and forth verbally that got heated.

Both Cornette and Marella have a history together stemming from Marella’s time in Ohio Valley Wrestling. The story went public when Marella revealed that Cornette had slapped him backstage for laughing in the crowd during a segment involving The Boogeyman.

Cornette issued the following on Twitter. Marella has stayed quiet on social media.

You can check out the video of the confrontation below courtesy of Shaun Sisk.

Warning: Audio in the clip is not work safe.


  1. Santino owns his own wrestling company… something Cornette couldn’t do successfully. So how is that unemployed. Last I heard Cornette is unemployed…. again.

  2. Smokey Mountain Wrestling is still talked about to this day and is on the WWEvil network how can you say it was not successful, he also got many of those guys spots in WWF like the Heavenly Bodies, Tracy Smothers, and Dirty White Boy… and who ever heard of Santino’s wrestling company anyways, who could even name what its called or 1 wrestler in it besides Santino!

  3. Truth is they both are (IMO), but at least Santino doesn’t spend all his time trying to become relevant again, and to get himself heat with anyone who will listen.

  4. I’m guessing the ones siding with Santino are just salty because Jim doesn’t like their fap fodder Kenny Omega?


  5. All Jim does is speak the truth about wrestling, his political views however are totally off, but I listen to him for the wrestling and he’s always dead on balls! BOOOM!

  6. When a guy has heat with almost everyone in the business there is a point when you have to admit it’s the guy and not everyone else. Lots of people in the industry speak their minds without having heat with everyone. It’d be one thing if Jim acknowledged his own faults while commenting on everyone else’s but he seems to think he can run every company better than the people running it despite not having run a global or national company before and not having run a company in years. I mean who else left ROH with heat for frig sakes, and even the old OVW training ground promotion. I mean he’s not the only one to leave WCW and TNA with heat and fight with WWE but at some point you have to recognize that he’s the issue. Speaking your mind is one thing but being out of touch with the business as it looks today and fighting with everyone who will engage in a fight with you is another thing all together. He WAS / IS a legend for what he did, he had a great podcast, but he IS a joke for who he is and has become personally. No BOOOM needed on my side – just speaking what’s documented and there to see.

  7. Not siding with either and I’m not a fan of Kenny Omega either – I just realize (per below) that Jim has become a complete joke outside of the ring. Santino may have been a joke in the business but Jim took a legend status and sadly flushed it by fighting with everyone, becoming bitter, leaving every promotion he has been involved with carrying heat (as noted below, how do you leave ROH with heat – he’s in a very small crowd there) and so on. He has a great podcast, he speaks what he believes, he is still a legend in many ways for what he did with the Express and as a manager he is in the top of the business … but as a person, his reputation and heat with even some of the most liked in the business speaks for itself… and to that is a big part of one’s legacy as well.

  8. Santino Marella was only good for being a comic relief in WWE. However,Jim Cornette (as far as wrestling goes) was only relevant this year in WWE and GFW.

  9. I only need to look at a few of your comments to see you are the stereotypical brainwashed WWEvil fanboy, which automatically nulls your opinions on wrestling, fans like you are part of the problem funneling money to an evil corporation thats whole intent is to destroy any real wrestling thats left! And thats a fact thats been documented, you cant see through the WWEvil spell they put on you! BOOOM!

  10. Please tell me about this real wrestling you talk about. (hint, its all fake sonny) take that and go boom yourself.

  11. Heh heh heh. Comedy midget. Put on your hand puppet & give him the finger poke of doom for describing you perfectly Santino.

  12. You didn’t actually take a look then – I mentioned WWE “once” in my comments and never even referenced a person from WWE once – !?! I mentioned ROH, CZW, WCW, and ECW – if I were a fan of WWE wouldn’t have actually referenced them a bit or talked about something he did personally to WWE? I didn’t say anything towards you personally and almost everything I said about Cornette is both well known and available to see online. Not that I have to add it but I go out of my way to watch non-wwe stuff but again, rather than a conversation about facts or even opinions, it seems that you simply don’t like that I pointed out Cornette’s history and so you tried me lump me with WWEvil because there are no facts to go against Cornette’s history and what he has done to himself over the years to detract from what would have been a legendary career.

  13. Cobra his ass Slater! Hopefully he talks about this on Aftermath *Preshow to Smackdown in Canada on Sportsnet*

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