CM Punk

Duke Roufus, who heads up the MMA training for former WWE star CM Punk, posted the following on Instagram noting that Punk has started training for his second mixed martial arts fight. Punk had been spotted recently hinting at getting ready for another fight.

Punk’s only MMA fight was for the UFC in a loss to Mickey Gall back in September 2016. Afterwards, Punk said he wanted to fight again in the UFC, but Dana White mentioned that should Punk fight again it more than likely won’t be with the company.

You can check out the Instagram post below.


  1. Indeed. Why this egomaniac continues to get publicity on wrestling sites is beyond me. He walked out years ago and cried about everything that happened to him, all while making it clear he doesn’t care for pro wrestling. He then gets major hype for getting thrown in a UFC fight and gets his ass handed to him by a legit fighter. Punk should be glad he was even a top guy in WWE. If he was on the 80’s or 90’s roster he would have been lucky if he even reached mid-card status.

  2. You could say the same for almost every wrestler Punks size in the 80’s and much of the 90’s – wrestling evolved and smaller dude’s got a break. He made it clear in interviews that he “loved” pro wrestling but WWE jaded him and he got burned out during his last year and so he threw in the towel – he didn’t say he hated Wrestling in general. He was super passionate for the first 90% of his career (much like Stone Cold) but you could see that last year his energy changed. As for why people still care, I think that’s because he is one of the few who left while on top and not because of an injury – much like why people still talk so much about the show Seinfeld all these years later – by the way I’m not disagreeing with you on your comments, just answering your question of why and adding in the perspective in terms of why he ended up being a main eventer (times had changed and he had the “it” factor).

  3. I could say the same, Colby, I understand. I loved, I mean, loved my job. I was a teacher in rough areas. Got stabbed by a kid, threatened by people on other occasions, kept standing tall, pupils, yet tough ones, having tears when I was leaving for another school. Done that for more than a decade. Suddenly told my wife, crying, “I won’t do that anymore”. Regrets, but you have to think about your well-being.

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