RCW promoter says Jeff Jarrett passed out from drinking backstage

Jeff Jarrett

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet is featuring an article about Jeff Jarrett and an appearance he was involved with for RCW in Canada this past weekend.

Details began to emerge over the weekend stating that Jarrett had been booked for two appearances in Canada for the Real Canadian Wrestling promotion and that Jarrett ending up flying home early, skipping out on a scheduled appearance on Saturday.

According to the article, RCW promoter Steven Ewaschuk claims Jarrett arrived to the venue on Friday late and appeared to be intoxicated. Jarrett informed him that he had issues at the Canadian border that caused him to be late, adding he had to be back at the airport by 6:00 a.m. the next day to resolve the issues that started on Friday.

Ewaschu said Jarrett continued to drink backstage at the venue, “passed out” in the locker room during the show and had to be woken up at the intermission to take pictures with fans. He also stated that Jarrett insisted on wrestling that night and attempted to take part in a 20 minute match. Talent involved in the main event were forced to stall when Jarrett did not immediately come out when his music was played for the match.

After the match concluded, Ewaschu paid Jarrett and “expressed his unhappiness” about the situation. He claims Jarrett planned to update them on the border situation, but never followed up. They instead found out the following day when Jarrett never arrived at the venue in Edmonton that he would not be part of the show. RCW was filming footage during Jarrett’s match on Friday night and passed along the footage to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Based on the video footage, it’s pretty clear that Jarrett was intoxicated based on his speech. Jarrett also appears to have a rough time in the ring around the 3:00 mark of the video. When reached for comment, Jarrett told Pro Wrestling Sheet that the promoter was an “amateur” and denied ever passing out backstage during the show.

Anthem and Impact Wrestling announced on Monday that they were officially ending the business relationship with Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling effective immediately. It remains to be seen if this situation in Canada helped escalate that decision. Anthem had already started phasing out any references to GFW in recent weeks.

You can check out the full video clip below courtesy of Pro Wrestling Sheet.