Alex Marvez of ScrippsNews has an interview up with Ric Flair. Here are some highlights.

On wanting to come out of retirement and sending WWE’s John Laurinaitis a text message offering his services:
“I want to wrestle again. I watch (WWE) and I can still do better than 90 percent of the guys there. I weigh one less pound than the day I retired. I still work out really hard and I wrestle my kid (Reid) all the time. It’s not like I haven’t been in the ring.”

On respecting his retirement at WrestleMania 24:
“I respect Shawn and (WWE) so much that I wouldn’t do anything to disrespect them. They would have to give me full approval (to wrestle again). They put me in a special place. I think it’s going to be a long time before we see something come across again like what they did for me (with the retirement ceremony). I didn’t think it would be that big a deal. We’ll see how this turns out.”

On getting offers from outside to WWE to return to the ring:
“People in Europe are offering me a fortune. I’m tired of signing autographs. I can make more money wrestling.”

On sending a text message to Vince McMahon asking why he wasn’t involved in the annual Draft. McMcMahon’s response:
“He said I’m retired.”

On working with Ring of Honor:
“The people running Ring of Honor are really nice guys and have a lot of integrity, which mean a lot in terms of wrestling promotions. They’re not trying to put (WWE) out of business. They just want to have their own business. There’s nothing negative unlike in TNA where all they talk about is trying to beat Vince.”

On his son Reid and his wrestling career:
“It all depends on how he gets himself put back together. The biggest thing about that is that it’s a disease. It’s not so hard for me to say that after being at an outpatient clinic with him where they talk about a chromosome deficiency causing stuff like that. It’s curable, but he’s going to have to work real hard at it. He’s doing that.”

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