Mike McMahon sent this in:

Chris Mordetzky, known to the professional wrestling world as “Chris Masters,” former star of WWE, sat down with TheWrestleBlog’s Mike McMahon to talk about his future in the business, as well as looking back on his WWE run.

For a full transcript of the interview, please visit http://www.thewrestleblog.com

Among the topicss Mordetzky discussed:
*Trying out for Tough Enough
*His training in UPW and OVW
*Who came up with the Masterpiece (and who the character was based on)
*His thoughts on the WWE Wellness Policy
*A road story involving traveling with Randy Orton
*His first program with Shawn Michaels
*Whether or not TNA is an option
*Working for Harley Race’s WLW
*Working in Europe