Lance Storm has a new commentary up on his official website where he talks about the announcement of his return to the ring for Ring of Honor this July in Toronto.

Storm had the following to say:

“I?m not even sure why exactly I accepted ROH’s offer to come back and wrestling on these two shows. I wasn?t planning on coming back; in fact I had just turned down 4 other offers to wrestle in that last couple weeks. I guess the only explanation I can offer is that the stars were just all in alignment.

– I have a soft spot for ROH, I love the guys in that company and I have always been treated well by them.

– The dates fall the weekend after I finish my current SWA training session, so I have a perfect 12 week training camp to get myself into top shape.

– It’s a chance for me to see Bret Hart and Ric Flair again (Bret is appearing on the 24th show and Ric the 25th).

– Toronto is always a great crowd to work in front of. The crowd response I received for my appearance last year was off the charts, and I suspect this year will be even better.

– The proposed matches offered me were ones I have interest in working; they make sense, and should be a lot of fun.”

To check out his full commentary, click here.