Tom Zenk

Tom Zenk, best known for his runs with WWF (WWE) and later in WCW as The Z Man, passed away on December 9 according to the Star Tribune. Zenk was 59 years old.

Zenk was a bodybuilder turned pro wrestler and was a Mr. Minnesota winner and began his pro wrestling career in the mid-1980s. He was signed by the then WWF two years into his career working with Rick Martel as a tag team.

Zenk would quit the company over a financial dispute and was described as being bitter towards the McMahon family after they tried to stop him from wrestling with All Japan after he left. He would later debut with WCW in 1989 forming a tag team with Brian Pillman.

Zenk would go down as one of the most well known “jobber” talents in the company. He testified against Vince McMahon during the now infamous 1994 steroid trial and then completely left pro wrestling.

You can view his full obituary online courtesy of the Star Tribune.

Thanks to The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online for help with this report.


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  2. It’s a darn shame that it took 9 days for Adam Martin to report the death of Z Man really sad and shame on you Adam.

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