The following was issued by Rob Van Dam:

“When Kirk White first called to see if I was available to at the Big Time Wrestling convention in May, I immediately thought of how much fun we had last year. As he named the other wrestlers that will be there this year, I was glad to have something like this to look forward to.

Hanging out with Fonzie, and Bret Hart, Scotty 2 Hotty, Marty Janetty and everyone else he named is guaranteed to be a good time. I haven’t seen Justin Credible in years, or Spike Dudley! This is going to be an awesome event for sure. I told Kirk that SVD and I would be happy to be there…but there was just one thing to consider.

A huge project is on the table with an unknown variable. Wrong Side of Town – the action movie written to star Rob Van Dam- was originally scheduled to be filmed and finished by May 9th, but was dealing with current delays. Kirk and the Van Dams hoped that everything would work out for the best, and we’d be seeing everybody in Newark, California.

As it turns out, Wrong Side finally came through in May, and I am now on the set filming with Batista, Ja Rule, Stormy Daniels and others that are helping make this project an awesome venture that I hope all of you will enjoy later this year. However, I will not be finished filming until after May 9th. We are as bummed as you are that we’ll miss you at the BTW convention this year, and we hope you’ll understand.

More details in the next couple days will be available at

Thank you for understanding.