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Here is a link to an interview Sheely just finished doing today.

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Mention professional wrestling to a fan of the game and you are likely to be regaled with a stirring account of attending matches and the colorful characters that went to battle inside the ‘squared circle?. To Vance Nevada, who has graced rings across the country for sixteen years, these are the stories that drew him to the pro mat game as a teenager and inspired his upcoming book WRESTLING IN THE CANADIAN WEST.

To most, professional wrestlers are identified as monosyllabic brutes in the business of ?grunt and groan?. In an environment where brawn dominates brains, champion wrestler Vance Nevada may be an exception to the rule. However, his most recent challenge had him grappling with a factual account of wrestling’s storied past and has pinning it to the mat.

Wrestling in the Canadian West reads like a textbook of pro wrestling history in western Canada, following the timeline from the turn of the 20th century through to the present, documenting the exploits of more than one hundred promoters and thousands of wrestlers to ply their trade in Canadian rings. With accounts from the wrestlers themselves, a listing of championship lineages, statistical rankings and more, this new offering represents the most comprehensive collection of Canadian sports lore ever compiled on this genre of sports entertainment.

The book, published by the Tennessee-based Crowbar Press is scheduled for release later this summer. For more information, please visit the website