Taz answers more Facebook questions

Chris Kelly sent this in:

Former WWE announcer Taz has updated his Facebook page (at this link) with his latest batch of Q&A’s.

The Human Suplex Machine talks about whether he’s trained MMA, the origin of his finishing move and catch phrase and more.

When asked who was the most difficult person to deal with in the original ECW locker room, Taz didn’t have to look far to pick a name. “I hate to admit this but I’m gonna shoot straight with you, I was probably the biggest A-Hole back in the original ECW days. I don’t think most of the locker room “liked” me….and they shouldn’t have. At times, I was a bit immature and difficult to deal with….it took me a long time to ‘make it’ and I was always told I would NEVER make it in the industry and that motivated me but also developed a huge chip on my shoulder so I wasn’t mature enough (sometimes) to handle the push and was very protecting of what I achieved. If I had to do it all over again, I would put a better effort in being humble!”

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