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Joy’s first-ever Mayhem appearance is now available for free in Windows Streaming Media, or via The Mayhem’s official Podcast On ITunes:
Joy Giovanni/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (Streaming Audio):

Joy Giovanni/Monday Night Mayhem Interview (MNM Podcast On ITunes):

Here are some of the highlights of Joy’s interview, provided by Mayhem listener, Paterson from New Jersey:

Joy Giovanni joined The Mayhem Crew (The Big Mosh & Blade) to promote the newly-released “Amy vs. Joy” DVD through Big Vision Entertainment (featuring her fellow former WWE Diva/Diva Search colleague/adversary, Amy Weber), that has been receiving a great reaction from male (and yes…even female) wrestling fans from across the globe. To start things off, Mosh asked Joy about the DVD, its features, & what fans can expect from her newest project. “We both work in the film and television industry, so we’re in the same circles, but never crossed paths with each other, so it would be just chattering like ‘Oh Amy was here earlier, and she said such & such about you,’ so you would here different things, and the feud kinda’ continued after the WWE days. And I think we were both tired of it and wanted to put it to bed once & for all, and her reps called my reps and & said that Amy is interested in possibly putting together a match against you, would you be interested? And of course I jumped on the opportunity, because I wanted to put her down.”

As many of Joy’s long-time fans know, she was a part of the 2004 WWE Diva Search (which featured not only Amy, but WWE SmackDown Divas Michelle McCool & Maria, as well as TNA Knockout, Christy Hemme). Over the years, the competition has received some praise for its creativity & getting newer women into the business, but has also received plenty of backlash amongst many loyal wrestling fans. While many did not like the original premise of the competition, it may have opened up many other avenues of entertainment than just wrestling for the women involved. The question was raised about how important the WWE Diva Search was for Joy & if it has gotten a bad rap over the years. “The show was great, since it is such an international sensation, was able to give us some more exposure that way, and I think it’s something completely different.”

Joy’s earliest thoughts of the fans during her Diva Search days five years ago are still indeed very vivid in her mind, especially with how vocal & passionate they were from Day One. She spoke about how many of the fans knew who she was before she even appeared on television, because of the pre-taped casting specials that aired. “I can’t say enough the fans, and that’s one of the reasons I started my MySpace, was because there were so many posers on there claiming to be me & talking to the fans pretending to be me that it was really bothering me, and I want the fans to have the actually truth about me, and I answer all the e-mails on there. So I loved the fans from day one.”

Mosh & Blade wanted to know about any misconceptions that have been come about from the “Amy vs. Joy” DVD being just “two former WWE Divas” or a “glorified photo shoot” to some people & how much input she put into the project. “Amy & I are co-producers of the project with Big Vision, because we didn’t want it to be done just as a fluff piece. We wanted it to be taken seriously, and we both took it very seriously, and we trained with different MMA superstars that are actual cage fighters. because we both did not want to be some fluff piece or a party pillow-fight sort of thing.”

Over the years, the WWE Divas division has evolved from the Bra & Panties Matches of old to actual wrestling matches & the most-recent “Miss WrestleMania” Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV at Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX. Joy was asked about the differences in the division she saw firsthand since departing the WWE & after being at WrestleMania. “It’s changed a lot. When I was on SmackDown, we didn’t have a women’s belt, and there wasn’t a whole lot being done at that time by the way of women’s matches. It’s amazing to see how it’s changed for the women’s division that all these girls that are with the company now are not only beautiful, but are very talented athletes.” About being called to participate in the 25-Diva Battle Royal: “I was honored to be asked back. I know that they had asked a few other people that were not able to make it for various reasons, but it was an honor for me to even be considered, because I know there were so many other girls they could have asked”.

Joy had the opportunity to work with The Big Show during her time on SmackDown, and Mosh asked her if she was at all surprised that he is still working as well as he has been & still being at the top of his game nearly ten+ years after starting in the business. “I’m not surprised at all. I know he does some other projects here & there, and he has his hands in some other things. He’s a great actor, he’s incredibly talented & intelligent, and one of the funniest guys I have ever worked with. But also, he is a great athlete, so without being such a big part of what he’s done all these years, I think it would be really hard to leave behind & just completely turn his back on it.”

Has the final chapter been written in Joy’s in-ring career? The future of Joy Giovanni is the topic and Mosh & Blade asked Joy if she sees herself working with World Wrestling Entertainment in some capacity in the future. “Definitely…There’s the possibility for that, and I’m absolutely open to talking to the WWE should they be interested, and I’m also open to TNA about it should they be interested. I think there are so many avenues & so many different ways to be out there that I kinda’ don’t want to limit myself to ‘Oh, I’m just a film actress’ or Oh, I’m just a wrestler.’ There are just so many different things I would like to get involved in, but at this at point, I definitely would not say no to anything.”

More is discussed in this 30+ interview with Joy, including the feedback she has received from her fans across the globe about the way the “Miss WrestleMania” Diva Battle Royal was handled at WrestleMania XXV, how the WWE sought out their Diva Search contestants, the differences from performing in films to performing in front a live WWE crowd, Joy’s love of ’80’s music, & so many more topics of goodness. Log onto Joy’s official website/MySpace page (located respectively at & To purchase Joy & Amy’s exciting new DVD (“Amy vs. Joy”) or watch the finished product unfold on Video On-Demand, log onto

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