The Trey Dawg (host of “Wrestling News Live) will be providing part 1 of a review of the new TNA “Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain” DVD airing live tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET (9:00 p.m. CT) airing exclusively in the WrestleView VIP section.

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Already in the VIP area is every archive edition of Wrestling News Live from May 2008 to present day, two new editions of the WrestleView Wake Up Call, The Dawg House, part 1 of a Tully Blanchard feature by Hunter Golden and an in-depth review of the WWE Backlash 2009 PPV.

Plus, later today the debuts of the WrestleView Conference Call with Adam Martin, Rising Sun Radio with Hunter Golden and part 1 of the Trey Dawg’s live review of the new TNA Jeff Jarrett DVD release.

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