Casey Carnage of sent this in:

A statement from ?Pretty Boy? Doug Somers:

Mr. Somers would like to thank everyone for their condolences on the passing of his former tag team partner, and more importantly, his friend of over 40 years, ?Playboy? Buddy Rose. He would like to request at this time that all interview/appearance requests and sympathies are sent to this email for the time being, as he can devote time for his loss and grievance in the company with his close family and friends. These messages will be forwarded to Mr. Somers promptly in one forwarded email at the same time and will be held confidential. Another statement will be released in due time after he has come to terms with the loss of his friend.

Mr. Somers would also like to thank, in advance, all the websites who post this message.

Please send all correspondence for ?Pretty Boy? Doug Somers for the time being to: