Note to all WNL listeners:
Wrestling News Live is now part of the ?WrestleView Radio Network? that launched May 1, 2009. This will be the final ?free? edition of the show. To listen to all future shows (both *live* and archived) sign up for the WrestleView VIP area by visiting: There is loads of audio content besides WNL that you will be provided with on a weekly basis that you won?t get anywhere else for the price offered!

The latest edition of the popular “Wrestling News Live” radio show is now streaming and online for your listening pleasure.

Taking place this past Thursday night (April 30), hosts the Trey Dawg and Hunter Golden of returned with another edition of Wrestling News Live on as part of the new “WrestleView Radio Network” launching on May 1.

On the show, Trey and Hunter discuss random wrestling topics, take listener phone calls and provide details on the WrestleView VIP area that launched as the show was airing live. Plus,’s Tom Van Stone and Adam Martin join the show to provide updates on the VIP sign up process.

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