WrestleMania Week kicks off on Wrestleview including three live podcasts this weekend

WrestleMania Week

Ah, WrestleMania week! The equivalent of the NFL’s Super Bowl week, FIFA World Cup month, NBA Playoff time or… well, you get the idea.

The good news is we here at Wrestleview.com have you covered! Every day this week we will have something for you as we build up for the big show on Sunday night (which will probably end in the early hours on Monday).

Strap yourself in because here’s what we have for you!

Monday – WWE RAW

It’s the biggest go home show of the year (well, one of two including Smackdown Live) and just like every week, we’ll have live coverage of WWE RAW where we will also be live tweeting our thoughts. Will The Undertaker finally appear and accept John Cena’s challenge for a match at WrestleMania? Join us to find out together!

Tuesday – WWE Smackdown Live

The last show before the big event on Sunday for the blue brand. Will there be any other major announcements by the now medically cleared Smackdown Live GM, Daniel Bryan? Will we have an update on the status of Shane McMahon? Just like we’ll be doing Monday, we will have live results of Smackdown Live as well as tweets throughout the show.

Wednesday – Wrestleview Weekly Live on Twitch

If you aren’t subscribed to Wrestleview Weekly Live by Doug on Twitch, don’t feel too bad. You’ll get another opportunity as Doug will be live doing what he does best Wednesday night on Twitch! Join Doug over at twitch.tv/dougwrestleview!

Thursday – Throwback Thursday

It’s Throwback Thursdy and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for this one as we’ll be posting past WrestleMania moments all day. Some moments which you’ll probably remember (spoiler, we will post the iconic Hulk Hogan bodyslam on Andre the Giant) and others which you might have forgotten about (Hollywood Backlot Brawl from WrestleMania 12, anyone?)! So make sure to follow us on both social media platforms to get your dosage!

Friday – Hall of Fame

WrestleMania weekend officially kicks off as we will cover the Class of 2018 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony live as it takes place on the WWE Network. Join us on Twitter for live thoughts during the entire ceremony or join us for live coverage if you can’t tune in.

Saturday – NXT TakeOver

The fun isn’t restricted to the main WWE roster! With NXT TakeOver the night before WrestleMania, we’ll present live coverage of NXT TakeOver: New Orleans here and then present our first of three podcasts reviewing the show on YouTube when it concludes!

Sunday – WWE Wrestlemania

Are you read for a day full of WWE WrestleMania coverage?

We will be covering the event from wall to wall or in 2018 terms, from social media channel to right here. Pictures, videos, news – we’ll have the complete stories as we build up for the big (7 hour) event including the live Kickoff Show.

Still want more? Well, our second of three podcasts will go live on YouTube right after WrestleMania goes off the air to review the biggest show of the year!

Monday – Wrestlemania Fallout (April 9)

You didn’t think the fun stops at WrestleMania did you?

It’s become tradition that the RAW following a WrestleMania is sometimes even bigger than WrestleMania itself. So just like every other week, make sure to join us to see what surprises the WWE will spring on us this year!

Plus, we will present our third consecutive podcast live on YouTube after RAW!

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