NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Results – 1/4/20 (Night One, Okada vs. Ibushi, Jon Moxley)

Wrestle Kingdom 14 Results

NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Results (Night One)

January 4, 2020
Tokyo, Japan (Tokyo Dome)
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

Opening Match: Alex Coughlin, Clark Connors, Karl Fredricks, and Toa Henare def. Yuya Uemura, Yota Tsuji, Tomoaki Honma, and Togi Makabe
— Opening Match: Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan def. Manabu Nakanishi and Yuji Nagata

A video kicks off the show that hypes up all the matches we’ll see on Night One of Wrestle Kingdom 14.

Jushin Thunder Liger Retirement Match 1
Ryusuke Taguchi, Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Shinjiro Ootani, and Naoki Sano w/ Kuniaki Kobayashi vs. Tiger Mask, The Great Sasuke, Tatsumi Fujinami, and Jushin Thunder Liger w/ El Samurai

Special Referee: Norio Honaga

Liger indicates he wants to start against Sano. The crowd is going wild. They lock up, and Liger takes him down before applying a stretch. Liger pulls on the arms, but Sano is up. Liger hooks a side headlock, but Sano whips him off. Liger shoulder blocks him and hits the ropes, but Sano leapfrogs him and dropkicks him. Sano knocks him out of the ring and connects with a suicide dive. Shinjiro Ootani gets him in the ring and digs his boot into Liger’s face. Sano hits a running boot and goes for another one, but Great Sasuke sacrifices himself. Liger then knocks Ootani down and makes the tag to Tiger Mask. Takaiwa attacks Tiger Mask and hits a DDT. Ryusuke Taguchi tags in and takes Tiger Mask down before hitting some hip attacks to the head and a seated senton for a two count. Sano tags back in and spin kicks Tiger Mask into the corner. Sano hits a snapmare and tags Ootani in. Ootani hits a running big boot in the corner and tags Takaiwa in. Takaiwa chops Tiger Mask, whips him to the corner, hits a running clothesline, and finishes with a scoop slam. Takaiwa goes to the top rope for a flying elbow drop, but Tiger Mask kicks out. Tiger Mask blocks a suplex, but Takaiwa ducks a kick. Tiger Mask then takes him out with a Tiger Driver.


Fujinami tags in and delivers a dragon screws to Taguchi and Ootani. Fujinami then applies a Dragon Sleeper to Takaiwa. Great Sasuke tags in, attacks, and goes for a Swanton Bomb, but Takaiwa rolls out of the way. Sano tags in and goes to the top rope for a double stomp, but Sasuke moves. Sano manages to kick him, but Sasuke cuts him off and spin kicks him. Sasuke goes to the top rope, but Sano cuts him off and hits a superplex. Liger and Taguchi tag in. Liger counters a hip attack into an atomic drop. Liger puts him on the top rope for a super hurricanrana, but the pin is broken up. Tiger Mask hits a plancha to the floor. Sano pulls Fujinami out of the ring. Sasuke misses another Swanton. Liger rolls Taguchi up, but he kicks out. Taguchi takes him down and hits a Bummer Ye. Taguchi follows up with a Dodon for the win over Liger!

Winners by Pinfall: Ryusuke Taguchi, Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Shinjiro Ootani, and Naoki Sano


Liger shows respect to all the men in the ring and all eight raise their arms together in the ring. Liger then bows to the crowd, and they give him a huge ovation. Great Sasuke and Tiger Mask put Liger on their shoulders and walk him around the ring.


BUSHI, Shingo Takagi, EVIL, and SANADA vs. El Desperado, Taichi, Minoru Suzuki, and Zack Sabre Jr.

The heels attack right at the beginning. Evil gets Suzuki down in the corner for a bronco buster to get a near fall. Evil takes Suzuki down, but Suzuki catches him with an arm bar over the top rope. Suzuki lets go and drags him out of the ring before putting him into the ring post. Suzuki grabs a chair and smashes the chair off Evil’s back. Sabre hits Sanada with an arm breaker at ringside. Sabre and Suzuki double-team Evil before putting him in the ring. Evil fights back at Suzuki with forearms, but Suzuki just slaps him in the face before applying a sleeper hold. Suzuki goes for a Gotch-style piledriver, but Evil fights it. El Desperado tags in and attacks Evil before hitting a snapmare and applying a chin lock. Desperado transitions to a camel clutch before covering for a near fall. Taichi tags in and kicks Evil. Evil fights back with forearms, but Taichi simply takes him down. Taichi signals for the end, but Evil catches him with a textbook vertical suplex. Takagi tags in and stomps Taichi. Desperado tags in, but Takagi quickly takes him down with a shoulder block. Takagi wipes out Taichi with a strike combo. Takagi blocks a big boot, but Taichi annihilates him with a vicious kick. Taichi then rips his pants off.


Takagi blocks a kick and forearms him. They club each other with clotheslines before Taichi kicks him. Takagi clotheslines him down, but Taichi floors him with another kick. Sabre and Sanada tag in, and they hit the ropes with some nice leapfrogs. Sanada dropkicks him down. Sanada applies a paradise lock to Desperado and dropkicks him. Sanada picks Sabre up, but Sabre counters into an octopus stretch. Sanada goes for a paradise lock, but Sabre counters into a pinfall attempt. They trade attempts. Sanada blocks a PK Kick before dropkicking the knee. Bushi tags in, and he hits a missile dropkick. Bushi knocks Desperado off the apron. Bushi triple-teams Sabre with Evil and Takagi, but the pin is broken up. Sabre quickly catches Bushi with a front facelock. Sabre takes him down and applies the double wrist-clutch octopus hold for the submission.

Winners by Submission: El Desperado, Taichi, Minoru Suzuki, and Zack Sabre Jr.

Sanada attacks Sabre after he leaves the hold on for a bit too long. Sabre escapes and taunts Sanada with his championship. They’ll face each other tomorrow night.


YOSHI-HASHI, Toru Yano, Tomohiro Ishii, and Hirooki Goto vs. Chase Owens, Yujiro Takahashi, Bad Luck Fale, and KENTA

Yano starts, but doesn’t realize it’s against Fale. He does some comedy before Fale wipes him out. Yano avoids a clothesline and goes to chop the back, but Fale catches him. Yoshi-Hashi tags in, as does Chase Owens. Owens sends Yoshi-Hashi to the corner and attacks. Yoshi-Hashi makes a comeback and takes Owens down. Yoshi-Hashi chops the chest before hitting the ropes, but Takahashi pulls him out of the ring. Owens then hits Takahashi with a suicide dive. Owens takes Yoshi-Hashi down and tags Takahashi in. Takahashi dropkicks Yoshi-Hashi for a two count. Fale tags back in and hits a vicious scoop slam before putting a foot on the chest for a two count. Owens tags in, and they stand on Yoshi-Hashi. Takahashi and Owens double-team Yoshi-Hashi for another near fall. Takahashi is being held by Owens, but Ishii and Yano break it up. Ishii hits a German Suplex before going for a suplex on Fale. Ishii can’t pick him up, so Fale scoop slams him. Yano chops Fale in the head and goes to pull the top rope down, but Fale stops him and wipes him out.

Kenta and Goto tag in. Goto clotheslines him down before splashing him in the corner and connecting with a running bulldog, but Kenta kicks out. Goto picks him up, but Kenta gets out. They tease some moves before Kenta hits a reverse DDT. Takahashi tags in and dropkicks Goto before hitting a reverse DDT. Owens and Fale splash Goto before Takahashi hits a fisherman’s buster for a near fall. Takahashi cannot believe it. Yoshi-Hashi comes in, but Owens takes him out. Yano takes Owens down before Fale wipes him out. Ishii and Fale get into a confrontation. Ishii head-butts him before hitting a brainbuster! Kenta and Takahashi go to double-team, but Goto gets out. Goto hits an ushigoroshi on Takahashi before hitting a GTR for the win. Kenta stayed back and just let it happen.

Winners by Pinfall: YOSHI-HASHI, Toru Yano, Tomohiro Ishii, and Hirooki Goto


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
David Finlay and Juice Robinson vs. Tanga Loa and Tama Tonga (c’s)

Finlay and Robinson brawl with Loa and Tonga on the ramp while they’re making their entrances. Loa soon hits Robinson with a back body drop on the ramp. The bell sounds while they’re outside the ring. Finlay was thrown off the ramp.


Loa gets Robinson in the ring and viciously strikes him down in the corner. Tonga tags in, and they hit stereo dropkicks on Robinson for a two count. Tonga punches him before sending Robinson to the opposite corner for a leaping splash. Loa tags in and goes for a delayed vertical suplex, but Robinson wiggles out and hits a reverse DDT. Finlay tags in, and he knocks Tonga off the apron. Finlay forearms Loa and knocks him back. Finlay hits a diving uppercut off the second rope. Tonga quickly runs in and attacks Finlay before knocking Robinson off the apron. Finlay soon gives Tonga a back body drop out of the ring. Finlay flips through a back suplex from Loa and knocks him back. Loa pulls Finlay off the ropes, and Finlay’s surgically repaired shoulder hits the top turnbuckle. Loa scoops him up and hits a running powerslam. Tonga tags in, and they hit Finaly with a double-team head-butt. Tonga chokes Finlay before sending him into the ropes for a shoulder tackle. Tonga hits a snap suplex on Finlay for another two count. Loa tags back in, and Tonga hits a scoop slam on Finlay. Loa hits a slingshot senton, and Tonga gets a cheap shot in as well. Finlay chops at Loa, but Loa simply swats him down. Loa bounces him in the corner before hitting a corner clothesline. Loa goes for another one, but Finlay spears him down.


Robinson tags in, and he punches Loa before before hitting a running elbow. Robinson then hits a clothesline. Tonga runs in, but Robinson gives him a spinebuster. Robinson then gives Loa a spinebuster and stands tall. Robinson hits a vicious corner clothesline on Tonga before giving one to Loa. Robinson then hits Tonga with a cannonball before hitting one on Loa. Robinson gets himself pumped up. Robinson gets the crowd going and jabs away at Loa. Loa blocks a left hand and knees him before hitting a step-up enzuigiri. Loa then gives him a big German Suplex. Tonga tags in and sends Robinson to the corner. Robinson avoids a splash from Tonga and gives Loa a spin kick. Tonga then eats a spin kick.

Finlay tags in and hits Loa with a plancha. Finlay and Robinson hit Tonga with a double-team for a near fall. They hit Tonga with a double-team flapjack. Finlay puts Tonga on the top rope, while Robinson climbs the opposite turnbuckle. Loa takes Robinson out before hitting a powerbomb on Finlay. Tonga hits a diving splash, but Robinson breaks up the pin. Finlay fights off a Magic Killer. Finlay uppercuts Loa, but Loa and Tonga hit a back suplex/neckbreaker combo… but Finlay kicks out. They finally hit the Magic Killer, but Robinson breaks up the pin. Loa and Tonga hit Robinson with a Magic Killer. Loa and Tonga get pumped up. Loa powers Finlay into the corner before Tonga splashes him. They go for a super powerbomb, but Finlay counters into a super hurricanrana! Tonga kicks out. Finlay is hit with a kendo stick by Jado, but he still kicks out. Tonga misses a stun gun, and Robinson hits him with a stunner. Loa goes for a slam, but Robinson gets out. Robinson hits Tonga with Pulp Friction and a Left Hand of God. Finlay soon hits a Prima Nocta for the win!

Winners and new IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions: David Finlay and Juice Robinson


David Finlay and Juice Robinson celebrate with their newly won Tag Team Championships and pose in the ring.


IWGP US Heavyweight Championship – Texas Death Match
Jon Moxley vs. Lance Archer (c)

There are no disqualifications or pinfalls. Victory can only be attained by a 10-count knockout or submission.

While he’s making his entrance, Moxley goes under the ring and gets some weapons. Archer takes out a young lion while making his entrance. Moxley quickly hits a running knee and hits the ropes, but Archer hits a cross-body. Archer forearms Moxley before sending him into the ropes. Moxley quickly sends him out of the ring and wipes him out with a wile suicide dive. Moxley bounces him off the barricade, and Archer falls over. Moxley then sends him into the second barricade. Moxley brings him back to ringside and gets him in the ring. Moxley goes under the ring and gets a kendo stick. Moxley goes to the top rope, but jumps to avoid Archer. Archer throws a chair in his face and slams the chair off his back. Archer then smacks him in the face with a trash can lid. Archer grabs a kendo stick and hits Moxley with it before choking him with it. Archer hits him again in the back with the kendo stick. Archer swings and cracks him in the chest. Archer continues to hit Moxley in the chest with the kendo stick. Archer viciously punches him before going to the top rope. Archer is pulled down but Moxley. Moxley viciously hits him in the head and chest with the kendo stick, breaking it. Moxley picks up the garbage can lid, but Archer grabs the throat. Moxley fights out and viciously elbows him. Moxley sets two chairs up seat-to-seat and puts the lid in the middle. Moxley hits a suplex on the chairs and lid before hitting a flying knee. Archer rolls out of the ring to break the count.

Archer hits Moxley with an apron bomb before giving a young lion a chokeslam off the apron into Moxley! The young lions check on Moxley, and Archer wipes them all out with a diving plancha! Moxley gets up at the count of eight. Archer attacks Moxley getting in the ring and sets to chairs up seat-to-seat before hitting Moxley with the kendo stick. Archers sets two more chairs up the same way next to the others. Moxley goes for a German Suplex on the chairs, but Archer fights it. Moxley goes to the second rope, but Archer stuns him with a strike. Archer then hits the Blackout on the chairs! Moxley somehow gets up before being counted down.


Archer applies the EBD Claw, but Moxley soon counters into an arm bar. Archer rolls through and grabs him before hitting a dangerous looking overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Moxley stuns him with a lariat, gets out of a chokeslam, and hits the Death Rider. Archer gets to his knees at nine. Moxley goes for a Death Rider, but Archer fights it. Archer connects with a Derailer. Archer hits a chokeslam onto a chair, but Moxley gets up at nine. Archer takes him down and grabs a plastic bag. Archer starts to smother Moxley with the bag and an EBD Claw. Moxley will not submit. Archer elbows away at him and goes under the ring to grab two tables. Archer sets them up next to each other at ringside. Archer digs the spikes of his helmet into Moxley’s face. Archer goes for a Blackout off the apron, but Moxley fights it. Moxley goes to knock him off the apron through the tables, but Archer blocks it. Moxley then kills him with a Death Rider off the apron through the tables! Moxley gets up and gets in the ring before being counted down! Archer is counted down! Archer is bleeding from the arm pretty badly.

Winner and new IWGP US Heavyweight Champion: Jon Moxley


Jon Moxley will face Juice Robinson tomorrow night on Night Two of Wrestle Kingdom 14 with his newly won IWGP US Heavyweight Championship on the line.


Moxley grabs a microphone. Moxley says he is a gambler. He came to Tokyo to leave with nothing or leave with everything. Moxley says tomorrow night in the Tokyo Dome, he’ll settle the score with Juice Robinson once and for all. Moxley walks off.

Video Package: IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Hiromu Takahashi vs. Will Ospreay (c)

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. The crowd is giving Takahashi a great hand for his comeback after injury. Ospreay hits a waistlock takedown, but Takahashi gets out. Ospreay quickly turns him, rolls around on him, and slaps the back before posing lazily on the corner. Ospreay big boots him before they trade forearms. Takahashi hits the ropes before sending Ospreay into the ropes. Takahashi avoids a monkey kick, misses a PK Kick, avoids a pump kick, and chops. Takahashi finally hits a hurricanrana, and Ospreay rolls to the apron. Great exchange of counters. Takahashi goes for a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor, but Ospreay holds the ropes. Ospreay goes for a hurricanrana, but Takahashi blocks it and hits an apron powerbomb. Takahashi hits a missile dropkick off the apron, sending Ospreay flying back. Takahashi gets him in the ring and viciously chops the chest. A second chop brings Ospreay to his knees in pain. Ospreay fights back with a forearm, but Takahashi rakes the eyes. Ospreay blocks a suplex and deadlifts him, but Takahashi gets out. Takahashi catches him with a grapevine over the ropes. Ospreay avoids a shoulder and double stomps the neck. Ospreay then hits a draping DDT for a near fall. Takahashi holds his neck in pain.


Ospreay attacks Takahashi at ringside, choking him on the barricade before hitting a neckbreaker on the floor. Ospreay gets him in the ring and covers for a one count. Ospreay applies a submission, but Takahashi gets to the bottom rope to break it. Takahashi chops the chest a few times before Ospreay kicks him in the midsection. Takahashi then hits an impressive wheelbarrow into a flatliner! Takahashi takes a moment to recover before hitting a corner clothesline and a basement dropkick. Takahashi hits a falcon arrow for a near fall. Takahashi chops the chest a few times before forearming him. Takahashi hits the ropes, but Ospreay avoids a clothesline. Ospreay then hits a handspring enzuigiri. Ospreay goes for a Sasuke Special, but lands on his feet when Takahashi moves! Ospreay flips through a German Suplex on the ramp. Takahashi goes for a belly-to-belly, but Ospreay gets in the ring and hits a Sasuke Special! Wow! Ospreay gets him in the ring for a Hip Hip Cheerio for a near fall.


Takahashi soon hits a shotgun dropkick into the corner. Takahashi hits a running clothesline and avoids a big boot. Ospreay kicks him in the neck and hits a tiger feint kick. Takahashi rolls to the apron, but Ospreay comes off the top rope with a double stomp to the neck! Ospreay pushes him into the ring and goes to the top rope for a missile dropkick to the neck. Ospreay covers, but Takahashi kicks out. Ospreay sets up for a Hidden Blade, the same move that took Takahashi out, but Takahashi simply collapses. The referee checks on Takahashi. The crowd is buzzing for Takahashi. Ospreay kicks Takahashi in the face a few times before putting him on the second rope. Ospreay hits a Cheeky Nandos Kick and puts him in the electric chair. Ospreay climbs the ropes, but Takahashi slides off and chops the chest. Takahashi goes for a wheelbarrow, but Ospreay blocks it. Takahashi quickly hits a wheelbarrow roll-up off the second rope for a near fall! Takahashi is bleeding. Takahashi connects with a Dynamite Plunger for a near fall. Ospreay quickly comes back with a moonsault dropkick and an enzuigiri before hitting a Robinson Special to the neck. Takahashi counters an OsCutter and picks him up. Takahashi kicks him, but Ospreay quickly counters into a vicious sit-out slam for a near fall. Ospreay follows up with a shooting star press for yet another near fall. Finally, Ospreay hits an OsCutter… but Takahashi kicks out! The crowd lets out a big gasp.


Ospreay hits a hook kick and sets up for the Hidden Blade. Takahashi ducks it and kills Ospreay with a pop-up powerbomb! They begin to trade vicious forearms before getting to their feet and going back and forth. Takahashi comes out on top before Ospreay kicks him. Ospreay goes for a handspring attack, but Takahashi counters into a German Suplex. Ospreay flips through a clothesline and goes for an attack, but Takahashi counters into a Canadian Destroyer for a near fall! Takahashi gets him on his shoulders and drives him upside down into the corner! Ospreay gets out of a Time Bomb, and Takahashi kicks him a few times. Ospreay gets out of another Time Bomb and hits a thrust kick. Takahashi gets out of a Storm Breaker, but Ospreay hits a powerslam for a two count. Ospreay hits a vicious Hidden Blade to the back of the neck. Ospreay goes for a Storm Breaker, but Takahashi counters into Code Red for a near fall! Takahashi turns him inside out with a clothesline before hitting a Time Bomb… but Ospreay kicks out! Takahashi is stunned!



Takahashi hits the ropes and hits a vicious forearm. Takahashi then hits a modified high angle emerald fusion for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and new IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion: Hiromu Takahashi

Hiromu Takahashi celebrates big time in the ring having completed his big time comeback.

Video Package: IWGP Intercontinental Championship

IWGP Intercontinental Championship
Tetsuya Naito vs. Jay White (c) w/ Gedo

The bell rings, and the crowd starts to buzz. White quickly gets out of the ring to play some mind games. White gets in the ring, but then rolls out again. Naito goes outside and grabs Gedo by the beard. White is forced to get in the ring, and Naito hits an arm drag, a hip toss, and a dropkick. White rolls out of the ring and jumps out of the way when Naito fakes a dive. Naito then poses in the ring. White takes his time getting in the ring. Naito sweeps the legs and drapes him off the apron before hitting a vicious neckbreaker on the floor! Gedo approaches, but Naito scares him back. Naito sends him ribs-first into the barricade and pulls him by the hair before putting him in the ring. Naito stomps him a few times before punching him down. Naito applies a neck cravat before kicking him in the ribs. Naito has a whip reversed, but he holds the ropes. Naito elbows him, but Gedo soon grabs the ankles. White uses the distraction to punch Naito down. White chops Naito in the corner before reversing a whip to the corner. Naito knocks White back, and Gedo grabs the legs once again. White hits a boot and crotches him on the ring post! The referee was distracted by Gedo. Gedo then smacks a chair into Naito’s leg, sandwiching it into the ring post as well.

White stomps Naito before sending him hard into the barricade. White then poses and brushes himself off. White puts him over the barricade and twists the knee around it. Naito is put in the ring, and White hits a Saito Suplex. Naito rolls out of the ring to recover. White hits the ropes and mocks Naito’s pose in the ring. White goes outside and slams Naito into the edge of the ring before putting him inside. White covers, but the referee won’t count. White stomps the leg and attacks it. White ties the legs up and applies a Muta Lock! Naito eventually gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. White holds it on for a few more seconds. Naito fights back with a chop, but White viciously chops him right back. White whips him to the corner, but Naito boots him back twice. Naito comes off the second rope with a diving hurricanrana. Naito clutches his knee in pain. Naito hits a back elbow and a dropkick to the head before hitting a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. White fights back, but Naito comes back and spits at him. Naito scares him with a slingshot dropkick attempt. White covers up, but it’s not hit. He lets his guard down, and Naito dropkicks him. Naito then applies a grapevine full nelson. White struggles, but gets to the bottom rope. White fights out of a German Suplex and grabs the ropes. Naito blocks a kick, but White floors him with a vicious DDT. White lifts him up with a DV-DDT for a near fall.


White goes to attack the legs, but Naito kicks him away. White kicks away at him and goes for a uranage, but Naito fights it. White quickly takes him down by the hair. Naito gets out of a suplex, but his knee buckles. Naito has a whip reversed, but White counters his strike. White counters another clothesline attempt, but Naito elbows him back. Naito attacks the arm before flooring him with a flying forearm. White quickly comes back with a complete shot followed by a vicious German Suplex. White slowly gets up and puts Naito on the top rope before chopping the chest. Naito fights him off and knocks him down to the mat. Naito boots him back and catches White with a backbreaker. Naito sets him up on the top rope, but White slides off and sweeps the feet. White attacks the leg and hits a leg breaker. White connects with a dragon screw on the ropes. Naito holds his knee in pain. White goes for a whip, but Naito cannot even run. Naito gets up and fights back, but White clips the knee. White goes for a whip, but Naito collapses again. White is shouting for the match to end. Naito goes for a tornado DDT, but his leg collapses on the rope. White connects with a uranage for a two count. White hits a snap Saito Suplex over the top rope onto the apron!


Naito gets out of a Kiwi Krusher, but White punches him back. Naito fights out of a Kiwi Krusher, but he lands on his leg too hard. White takes advantage of the pause to hit a Kiwi Krusher and a Blade Runner, but Naito kicks out. White viciously attacks the injured leg and applies an inverted figure four. Naito fights the pain for a while and tries for the ropes, but White keeps him away. Naito eventually gets a burst of energy and grabs the bottom rope. White grabs the leg, but Naito spits in his face. Naito kicks him back before hitting a rolling heel kick. White ducks a forearm and goes for a waistlock, but Naito gets out. Naito then gives him a spinebuster. White viciously elbows away at the head and taunts Naito. Naito viciously beats him down. Gedo is in the ring, and Naito spits in his face. Naito hits White with an enzuigiri followed by a tornado DDT. Naito puts him on the top rope, spits in his face, and hits a super hurricanrana. Naito follows up with a Gloria for a near fall. Naito dropkicks him, but White attacks the leg and sends him into the referee.


Gedo gets in the ring with a chair, but Naito kicks him down. White low blows Naito, but Naito comes back with a dragon suplex. Naito blocks a kick from Gedo and kicks him down. White then absolutely wipes Naito out by throwing a chair at him. White follows up with a half nelson suplex. Naito fights out of a Blade Runner, so White spits in his face and hits a sleeper suplex. Naito immediately comes back with a Destino, and both men are down. The crowd is really into this match now. Naito picks him up and gets out of a Blade Runner. Naito gives him a palm strike and soon hits a poisonrana. Naito connects with a Destino… but White kicks out! Naito goes for another Destino, but White gets out and goes for a Blade Runner. Naito slams him down and hits another Destino for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and new IWGP Intercontinental Champion: Tetsuya Naito


Video Package: IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match
Kota Ibushi vs. Kazuchika Okada (c)

The bell rings, and the crowd applauds. They take their time going around the ring. They lock up, and Okada twists the arm. Ibushi quickly takes him down and twists the knee. Okada transfers the pressure and pins Ibushi for a two count. Ibushi applies a hammerlock, and Okada gets to his feet before twisting out. Ibushi hits a drop toe hold and hooks a side headlock. Ibushi hits a headlock takeover, but Okada quickly kips up. The crowd gives them a nice hand. Okada takes Ibushi down and cinches in a side headlock. Okada holds it in for a bit, but Ibushi soon fights up and whips him off. Okada shoulder blocks him down, and Ibushi quickly kips up. They go face-to-face before trading fast paced forearms. Ibushi avoids a Rainmaker and hits a strike combo. Ibushi takes him down and hits a standing moonsault for a two count. Ibushi applies a modified camel clutch. Okada tries to get to the bottom rope, but Ibushi traps the arm grabbing for the bottom rope. Okada eventually gets there to break the hold. Okada fights back with some forearms before Ibushi crushes him with an incredibly stiff kick to the midsection. Ibushi sends him into the ropes, but Okada ducks and connects with a back elbow. Okada hits a flying elbow in the corner followed by a big DDT for a near fall. Okada brings him outside the ring and drives him into the barricade. Okada drapes him on the barricade and hits a draping DDT on the floor!

Okada walks around the ring to recover before putting Ibushi in the ring for a one count. Ibushi fights back with some forearms, but Okada shouts at him. Ibushi forearms him again, so Okada shouts at him. Ibushi hits him harder, so Okada hits another DDT. Okada digs the knee into the back and applies a chin lock. Ibushi fights up and elbows out. Okada blocks a kick and elbows the knee. Okada hits the ropes, but Ibushi dropkicks him down. Okada reverses a whip, but Ibushi clotheslines him down. Okada reverses a whip to the corner, but Ibushi slingshots over him and hits a powerslam before going to the second rope for a moonsault. Ibushi covers for a near fall. Ibushi whips Okada hard into the corner before going for a German Suplex. Okada fights it, so Ibushi sends him to the corner. Ibushi charges and goes to the second rope, but Okada dropkicks him off the top rope to the floor. Okada sends him into the barricade and big boots him over. Okada gets the crowd going as he backs up. Okada charges for a running cross-body block over the barricade. Okada then poses for the fans.

Okada drags him from ringside and puts him in the ring. Okada then applies Red Ink, and Ibushi screams in pain. Ibushi screams in pain and starts fading away, but he eventually gets to the bottom rope. Okada hits a scoop slam and goes to the top rope for a diving elbow drop. Okada then poses for the crowd. Okada goes for a Rainmaker, but Ibushi avoids it. Ibushi goes for a backflip kick, but he legitimately lands on his head. Ibushi manages to come back and spike him on his head with a modified emerald fusion for a near fall. Okada fights back and charges, but Ibushi double stomps him down. Okada rolls out of the ring to recover. Ibushi sizes him up and charges, scaling the ropes to the top and hitting a moonsault plancha to the floor! Ibushi puts Okada in the ring and goes to the apron. Ibushi hits a springboard missile dropkick before charging. Ibushi hits a sit out last ride powerbomb for a near fall. Ibushi sets up and charges, but Okada takes him down. Okada follows up with a tombstone piledriver. Okada goes for a Rainmaker, but Ibushi holds the ropes. Okada clubs the back and uppercuts him down. Okada uppercuts Ibushi again, but he doesn’t go down. Ibushi no sells four more uppercuts before chopping the chest. Okada quickly explodes out of the corner with a shotgun dropkick, but Ibushi immediately gets to his feet.


Ibushi viciously punches Okada down with closed fists. The referee admonishes him. Okada kicks away at Okada before slapping him in the face. Ibushi punches away at Okada, and the crowd is growing restless with Ibushi’s actions. Okada goes to the apron. Ibushi goes for a deadlift German Suplex into the ring. Okada fights it, but Ibushi twists off on the apron. Okada kicks him and hits a tombstone piledriver on the apron.


Both men are down. They’re being counted down by the referee. Okada gets up at the count of 16. Ibushi gets up at 19. Ibushi gets in the ring, so Okada hits a modified ushigoroshi for a near fall. Okada connects with a Heavy Rain for a near fall. Okada grabs a waistlock and viciously spikes him on his head with a German Suplex. Ibushi fights out before connecting with a big lariat. Ibushi stomps him and goes to the second rope. Okada is on the apron. Ibushi then hits a deadlift German Suplex off the second rope that absolutely spikes Okada on his head for a near fall! Ibushi lifts him up for a lawn dart, but Okada counters into a tombstone piledriver. Ibushi counters a Rainmaker with a vicious clothesline of his own. They’re both down again.


Ibushi kicks him in the face and hits a bummer ye, but Okada kicks out at one. Ibushi hits another bummer ye for a near fall. Ibushi immediately hits a Komigoye, but Okada kicks out! Okada then flattens him with a dropkick. They’re both down for a long time, and the referee won’t count knowing this is a big moment on a big show. They trade forearms from their knees. They get to their feet eventually and trade big forearms. Okada seemingly comes out on top, but Ibushi immediately responds with a strike combo. Ibushi connects with a vicious kick to the face before hitting two more. Ibushi falls to the mat in exhaustion. Ibushi gets up and grabs Okada, putting him on the top rope. Ibushi climbs for a super Tiger Driver, but Okada fights it. Okada forearms him off the ropes and goes for a missile dropkick, but Ibushi counters into a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall! Ibushi cannot believe it. Ibushi goes to the top rope for a Phoenix Splash. Okada hits a spinning Rainmaker. Okada follows up with a regular Rainmaker… but Ibushi somehow kicks out. The crowd is absolutely stunned.



Okada pulls Ibushi up slowly. Both men are exhausted. Okada hits a pair of Rainmakers and lets out a guttural scream. Ibushi blocks another Rainmaker and hits a V-Trigger. Okada quickly comes back with a sit-out tombstone piledriver. Okada follows up with a Rainmaker for the win!

Winner by Pinfall and still NJPW Heavyweight Champion: Kazuchika Okada


The main event for night two of Wrestle Kingdom 14 will be Kazuchika Okada taking on Tetsuya Naito with the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships, winner take all.

The referee hands Okada his IWGP Heavyweight Championship and looks down at Ibushi. Okada gives him a round of applause. Tetsuya Naito comes down to the ring with his IWGP Intercontinental Championship. Naito gets in the ring and looks at Okada. Naito lays the title down and grabs a microphone. Naito asks if Okada remembers what he said years ago. Naito says he’s back in that spot one more time. Okada stares at Naito, who is picking up his title. The two men pose in the ring for the crowd. Naito then leaves the ring.

Okada grabs the microphone and looks around. Okada shouts a greeting at the Tokyo Dome. Okada thanks all the people that have turned up tonight. Before he talks about Naito, he thanks Ibushi for the fight of his life. As for tomorrow’s main event, two years ago he said what he said to Naito. Okada doesn’t give a damn because he’s the best champion of all time. Okada thanks the crowd for coming to the greatest pro wrestling in the world. Okada says they’ll see the best of NJPW and Okada one more time tomorrow. He’ll make it rain. Okada’s music plays as the show comes to an end.

Quick Match Results

— Ryusuke Taguchi, Tatsuhito Takaiwa, Shinjiro Ootani, and Naoki Sano def. Tiger Mask, The Great Sasuke, Tatsumi Fujinami, and Jushin Thunder Liger
— El Desperado, Taichi, Minoru Suzuki, and Zack Sabre Jr. def. BUSHI, Shingo Takagi, EVIL, and SANADA via Submission
— YOSHI-HASHI, Toru Yano, Tomohiro Ishii, and Hirooki Goto def. Chase Owens, Yujiro Takahashi, Bad Luck Fale, and KENTA
— David Finlay and Juice Robinson def. Tanga Loa and Tama Tonga to win the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship
— Jon Moxley def. Lance Archer in a Texas Death Match to win the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship
— Hiromu Takahashi def. Will Ospreay to win the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Championship
— Tetsuya Naito def. Jay White to win the IWGP Intercontinental Championship
— Kazuchika Okada def. Kota Ibushi to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

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