NXT Live Results

6/8 NXT Live Results: Derby, England

NXT was part of the Download Festival in Derby, England on Friday. The company held first round matches for the upcoming WWE United Kingdom Tournament.

Officially advancing to the next round includes: Ashton Smith, Flash Morgan Webster, Zack Gibson, Travis Banks, Jordan Devlin, Joe Coffey and Dave Mastiff.

Other NXT matches took place, but we were not able to get official results. If you attended live and can pass on results, please send them to: AdamMartin@wrestleview.com.

You can check out the official tournament results below:

* Ashton Smith def. Joseph Conners.

* Flash Morgan Webster def. James Drake.

* Zack Gibson def. Amir Jordan.

* Travis Banks def. Ligero.

* Jordan Devlin def. Tyson T-Bone.

* Joe Coffey def. Tucker.

* Dave Mastiff def. Kenny Williams.

Source: Prowrestling.net