7/13 NXT Live Results: Vancouver, British Columbia (Tag match)

NXT Live Results

7/13 NXT Live Results: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Brett in Surrey passed along this live report.

It was hosted at the PNE Agrodome. It probably holds 3,000. Attendance was somewhere around 1,500 I’d estimate. It’s on the same ground WWE runs their house shows at the Pacific Coliseum (it’s a fair ground with about 3 venues) usually when they come to town.

No Way Jose vs. Kona Reeves

– Great reaction for Jose, he plays really well to the crowd and after the match he got the ref to come in and do a ridiculous dance.

Winner: No Way Jose via Pop Up Punch

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riot & Ember Moon

– All 4 got really good reactions. The heels got big responses to all their actions, the Aussies are fantastic Showmen (showwomen?)

Winner: Ember Moon via Jumping Twisting Stunner

Velveteen Dream backstage taped promo, he didn’t get much reaction, then he ripped off Bret Hart with the best their is line, and got huge heat.

Authors of Pain vs. Heavy Machinery

– Neither team got much of a reaction, Paul Ellering was NOT in the house. AOP did however get babyfaced during the match despite their efforts.

Winner: AOP via Side Russian Leg Sweep & Clothesline Combo move (last chapter?)

Aleister Black vs. Velveteen Dream

– Dream got some big heat when he went to the top to attempt a dive to the outside but instead jumped back in and waved the crowd off. Also when he went for a sharpshooter. Competitive match between the two which surprised me, but Dream got some good heel heat.

Winner: Black with the spin kick to a springboard spinning cross body by Dream


Lars Sullivan vs. Some Jobber who looked like D’Angelo Wiliams (name inaudible)

– Nothing match, no heat for either except for the post match double finisher.

Winner: Lars with a pickup and slam…rather unimpressive.

Women’s Title Match
Asuka vs. Nikki Cross

– Both got good reactions. Asuka got a huge pop, 2nd best of the night. Everyone on their feet with their phones. Sadly they didn’t keep the heat. Pre and Post-match had good heat, but they lost it during.

Winner: Asuka via pinfall

Main Event Tag
Roderick Strong & Drew Macintyre vs. Cien Almas & Bobby Roode

– Right before the match 2 people ringside got in a fight and taken away in cuffs, which distracted from the first 3 entrances a bit. Then Roode came out last obviously to a HUGE ovation as a Canadian. Things died down and he asked for a mic. Started to cut a very babyface promo “As a kid in Toronto, everyone says you have to see Vancouver etc etc”. You can fill in the rest, he worked the crowd up up up, then brought us all down with the Vancouver SUCKS line. Tremendous reaction, everyone loved it, most of the crowd saw it coming and popped huge. He insulted the crowd for cheering a garbage city and the match kicked off. Strong hit an Angle slam at one point to a big pop, as did Macintyre when he did a few 3MB mannerisms.

Winners: Drew Macintyre and Roderick Strong via Claymore Kick to Almas

End was a bit of a dud, it came with Roode and Strong on the floor after a bad clotheslines spot. Crowd left happy as the faces won but with a largely adult crowd I think we all would’ve left happier had Roode won even if he had cheated.

Overall it was a fun, intimate show, unlike other WWE shows even at the Pacific Coliseum. This was low rent, Indy feel but with guys we all know. My only complaint was instead of 2 lighting breams, there should’ve been 4, the whole place felt a bit dark because of it, and the facility maybe doesn’t have AC or it wasn’t turned on, because it was hot and sweaty in there. They ring announce (no idea on his name, not a regular TV guy) said they’d be back, but not when.

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