Jeff Jarrett on Starrcast airing on FITE TV, Conrad Thompson, His big year in 2018

Jeff Jarrett’s Mike Tedesco spoke with TNA founder and Global Force Entertainment President/CEO Jeff Jarrett live at Starrcast in Chicago during ALL IN weekend recently.

Here are a few highlights from the interview.

On FITE TV capturing all the panels and events at Starrcast:

“We’ve been able to sort of capture the raw – yes, it’s being streamed and televised and the natural elements. But it’s been raw and uncut. Who would have thought a karaoke session would be streamed across the globe?”

On his big year in wrestling in 2018:

“(Pulling out his smartphone) This is a January calendar. It was a Sunday morning, January 7, when I got the call from WWE about the Hall of Fame. Ever since January 7, things have been a complete whirlwind. February 18/19 is when they made the announcement, April 6 was the actual ceremony and induction. In May we announced the FITE deal with Global Force and FITE. Then the one man tour in July. I’m skipping June! I shouldn’t have skipped June because that’s AAA. I was originally supposed to be at Starrcast to only do two things: sign autographs and sit in on a TNA panel.”

On being involved with Starrcast and it reminding him of the TNA days:

“Being here, being part of this, you know, at TNA in the early years I’ll say, we were very fan interactive. Conrad (Thompson) is a fan. This is the first thing he’s ever promoted. He’s not a wrestler, he’s not a promoter, he’s not a manager, he’s not in production, he’s not in marketing, he’s a fan. So this entire thing was put on by a fan. It’s fan oriented, it’s fan driven and you can tell the vibe here, the electricity…at my core, I’m a wrestler and I’m a promoter. But at the core I’m still a huge wrestling fan.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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