Wrestleview raises over $2,000 for Baby Lilliana with the annual Christmas podcast

Wrestleview.com presented its annual Christmas party podcast (above) over the weekend, dubbed the “Chrimbus Craptacular”, to help raise money for baby Lilliana.

Baby Lilliana, the daughter of Mike and Victoria Tedesco, was born with a condition called lipomyelomeningocele that will have to be corrected through surgery. Donations were taken for the Tedesco family to help offset any expenses incurred by them as the baby goes in for spinal surgery.

Here is some brief information on what lipomyelomeningocele is:

Lipomyelomeningocele is a condition in which an abnormal growth of fat attaches to the spinal cord and its membranes.

Lipomyelomeningocele arises from an event very early in an embryo’s development. About the third week after conception, a sheet of cells called the neural plate folds to form a tube called the neural tube. The top of the neural tube becomes the brain, and the rest of the tube becomes the spinal cord. Lipomyelomeningocele occurs when an error in the closure of the neural tube allows a type of cell called mesenchyme to contact the inside of the neural tube. These cells prevent the tube from closing properly, disrupting the formation of meninges (membranes, or coverings) and bones around the spinal cord.

Thanks to a great tradition started years ago, Wrestleview was able to raise over $2,000 to go towards baby Lilliana.

The official total raised was: $2,101.25!

This smashed our total last year of over $1,100. We can’t thank everyone enough who helped donate on Saturday night to this great cause!

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