TNA Impact Results – 5/13/10

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
May 13, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Back on Thursday nights Impact kicks off with a video recap of last week’s forgettable final Monday edition of Impact.

Eric Bischoff’s music hits and Mr. Bischoff makes his way down to the ring. Bischoff says he’s loves each and every one of the fans and then welcomes the World Heavyweight Champion: Rob Van Dam to the ring! RVD’s music hits and the “Whole F’N Show” makes his way out to the ring. Bischoff talks about the Rankings Poll and mentions that over half a million voted in the first week. He says Jeff Hardy is one of the top names on the poll (last I checked the top two names were Desmond Wolfe & Matt Morgan but lets remember that this was taped last week when Hardy was right behind Wolfe) and he knows that RVD wants to be a fighting champion so Bischoff says RVD vs. Hardy for the belt should go down tonight! RVD likes it but there’s one problem with it. Bischoff says he’s been calling Jeff all day and no one can find him so he has no choice but to give RVD the night off. RVD says he’s enjoying being TNA Champion and the best part of being champion is defending it and proving that he is the best. He says no days off for him and he says the fans expect “the whole F’n show” so that’s what he wants to give them. “Let’s get ready to fly!”, out comes AJ Styles.

AJ walks down to the ring while RVD talks trash at him the whole time. AJ tells RVD to watch his mouth because there are children present and he says RVD should try and be a role model like AJ. A big “AJ sucks” chant erupts. AJ says if RVD wants to wrestle then that’s great because AJ is in the mood to hurt somebody. AJ asks RVD if he really thinks the fans came to see him. He says they came to see AJ and nobody else. The fans start chanting “RVD” and AJ screams “ME” every time they chant RVD’s name. AJ says that he IS TNA and TNA is AJ Styles. He says they didn’t come here to see some “Cheech & Chong sideshow.” AJ says if he wants to wrestle they can do it right here tonight. AJ says he knows what everybody is thinking, they’re thinking “AJ you have RVD in three days for the title why would you want to wrestle him today?!” AJ looks at RVD’s legs and says it’s because of ‘those legs’, he’s going to break them tonight and at Sacrifice he doesn’t plan on breaking a sweat when he takes back his TNA World Title. AJ says he will always be the champ and RVD will always be the chump! Jeff Hardy’s music hits now!

Hardy walks out as RVD and AJ look on surprised. Jeff decides to not get in the ring with everybody else and cuts his promo on the ramp. Jeff apologizes for being late but the new timeslot confused him. Jeff says he’s here and he’s ready for his match tonight but AJ tells him too bad because he and RVD already agreed to a match. AJ says, “you can take your little goofy self to the back and paint a picture or something, or whatever it is you do.” AJ is really coming into his own on the mic. Jeff suggests making the match a 3-Way! AJ says nope. RVD tells Eric to make the match and Bischoff agrees to it! Tonight RVD vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy!

At the announce table Tenay & Taz hype up the 3-Way Dance that Tenay calls a “dream match.”

————————–COMMERCIAL BREAK—————————

During the break they air a commercial during the break that hypes up a contest TNA is running now. Fans can video themselves doing their best Ric Flair impersonation and send it to TNA. The winner wins an all expenses paid trip to Orlando for the Slammiversary PPV. Not a bad little prize there so all you Youtube posters can to working.

Back from commercials Borash is backstage with the Beautiful People and he talks about Tara’s challenge last week. Madison says Tara needs to face the fact that she isn’t the champion anymore and she needs to step aside and let the ‘new girl’ run with the ball. Madison says she’ll prove to Tara and everyone that she deserves the title. Velvet says after Sunday all the gold will stay where it belongs because she says so. The whole time Madison & Velvet are cutting their promos Lacey is squirming around. She cuts Velvet off before she can say her “cleansing TNA one ugly person at a time” and says it real quick. She then says she has to pee and runs off. Velvet asks if that really just happened and Madison says she is really pretty though.

Taylor Wilde w/ Sarita vs. Tara

As Taylor makers her way to the ring TNA shows a replay of the drama between her (and Sarita) and Tara last week. Tara talks trash to Sarita before the match which allows Taylor to trip her up from behind and then light her up with right hands. The referee has sent Sarita to the back. Tara rolls out to the floor and Taylor dives off the apron with a Flying Cross Body onto Tara on the floor! Back in the ring Taylor avoids a shot from Tara and then whips her into the ropes. Taylor connects with a Back Heel Kick on Tara. Taylor then charges at Tara but Tara sidesteps her sending Taylor through the ropes and crashing onto the ramp. Tara slams Taylor into the ramp and then tosses her back into the ring. Tara goes for the Slingshot Somersault Leg Drop but Taylor moves out of the way. Taylor springs off the middle rope but Tara catches her with a kick in midair. 1…2…3 and Tara gets the pin.

Winner: Tara via pinfall (round kick)

They are playing off that it was Tara’s big knee brace that hit Taylor in the gut. After the match Tara lays Taylor out with the knee brace until Sarita charges in the ring and chases her off.

In the back security is crowded around Chelsea and Wolfe. Wolfe is screaming for the camera to get out and Chelsea is crying.

————————–COMMERCIAL RBEAK—————————-

Back from commercials Christy Hemme is in the back where all the drama with Chelsea is still going down. Christy says that Chelsea is alleging that she was just attacked in the back and as soon as she finds out more info she will let us know.

Douglas Williams vs. Brian Kendrick

Williams is still wearing Kazarian’s X-Division Championship to the ring. This match steams from Williams attacking Kendrick last week. Williams grabs the microphone before the match and says not only is Kendrick crazy but he’s a loser too. Williams says he hasn’t seen Kendrick win a single match so he isn’t worthy of getting a shot at ‘his’ title so that’s why this match will be Non-Title. Kendrick attacks Williams as he turned around to give the microphone back to So Cal Val, but Doug is able to shove Kendrick off. Kendrick comes back with a series of forearms but again Williams shoves him off and then connects with a European Uppercut and a head butt to the chest. Williams connects with another European Uppercut and then he whips Kendrick into the corner. Williams charges in with a Running Knee Strike on Kendrick and then hit’s a Snap Suplex for a near fall. Kendrick comes back with a series of forearms but Williams cuts him off with a clothesline. Kazarian has now walked out and joined Tenay & Taz on commentary as Williams hit’s a Knee Drop on Kendrick. Williams goes for a Scoop Slam but Kendrick blocks it and connects with round kicks to the body. Kendrick comes off the ropes and hit’s a Flying Forearm! 1…2…NO Williams kicks out! Williams rolls out to the floor and as Kendrick reached out to pull him back in Williams grabs his leg and trips him. Williams then slams Kendrick’s leg into the ring apron. Back In the ring Williams locks Kendrick in a Half Boston Crab. Kendrick fights to get to the ropes as Kazarian says he’s going to get what’s his. Williams drops the hold and goes to grab the belt which allows Kendrick to roll him up! 1…2…3!

Winner: Kendrick via pinfall (rollup)

Williams loses the match but holds onto the belt.

In the back Christy says that she heard Chelsea has named her attack. She then approaches TNA Agent Pat Kenney (formerly known as Simon Diamond) and asks him who Chelsea said attacked her. Pat says he isn’t at liberty to say who it was but he can’t believe what he just heard.

————————–COMMERCIAL RBEAK—————————-

In the back Christy says she has further details but they aren’t details she would have liked to have heard. Christy says she has confirmed who the name is that Chelsea claims attacked her and if these accusations are true it will send ‘shockwaves’ that will be felt for some time. Christy says the police aren’t allowing her to release the name of the attacker until they have the person in custody, but until then she will be standing by.

Handicap Match
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. Generation Me

GM attack Morgan as he tries to get in the ring but Morgan just shrugs them off. Morgan then lays them out with a Double Clothesline. Morgan grabs Max and hit’s the Hellevator on him. Morgan then connects with the Carbon Footprint on Jeremy. Generation Me officially buried. Morgan grabs a microphone and asks Hogan if it looks like he’s playing right now. Morgan says that he told Hogan there would be blood if he didn’t tell Morgan who ‘our’ partner will be at Sacrifice so this is the part where he makes good on his promise.


Morgan grabs Max and tosses him over the top rope and then puts his head against the ring post and tells Max to blame Hogan. Morgan was about to kick Max’s head into the post when Samoa Joe’s music hits! Joe walks out and Morgan waits for him in the ring! Joe lays into Morgan with jabs but Morgan is able to come back and toss Joe into the corner. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint but Joe moves out of the way and connects with a Leaping Enziguri! Joe puts Morgan up on the top rope and hit’s the Muscle Buster! Joe looks at the camera with that psychotic look on his face and walks off. The wolf howls and The Band’s music hits!

The Band walks out to the ring and Kevin Nash is holding his Feast or Fired briefcase! Oh damn I forgot he won that! Nash earned a TNA Tag Team Titles shot in Feast or Fired this year, damn. Nash is cashing his shot in and Hall will be his partner.

TNA World Tag Team Championships
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan (c) vs. The Outsiders

Nash doesn’t even bother hitting Morgan with anything and just covers him for the pin.

Winner & NEW Tag Team Champs: The Outsiders via pinfall

Nash and Hall celebrate with their newly won titles. This is the first time in 10 years these two have held titles together.

————————–COMMERCIAL RBEAK—————————-

Back from commercials Neal and Moore are discussing the Title Match at Sacrifice (this is on the documentary-style camera angle) and Moore says that Hall & Nash have had their time. It’s their time now.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match
Team 3D vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. Ink Inc. vs. Motor City Machine Guns

On paper this match looks damn good. Storm and Shelley will kick this match off. Storm forces Shelley into the corner and goes for a right hand but Shelley blocks it and then nails him with a stiff forearm. Shelley then nails Roode off the apron and connects with another series of forearms on Storm. Shelley attempts to whip Storm into the ropes but Storm reverses it and goes for a Forearm Smash. Shelley slides underneath Storm’s legs and then ducks a clothesline attempt. Shelley locks in a Waistlock and Storm reverses it but Shelley is able to reach out and tag Sabin into the match. Storm rolls Shelley up but Sabin comes in and grabs Storm and tosses him to the floor! Roode comes in but he eats a Double Backkick from the Guns. Shelley fakes a Slingshot Plancha and instead lands on the apron as Storm moved out of the way. Shelley then stands on the middle rope with his legs spread and Sabin hit’s a Suicide Dive through Shelley’s legs onto Storm on the floor! Sabin rolls Storm back into the ring and covers him for a near fall. Storm comes back with a poke to the eyes and then slams Sabin to the mat. Devon reaches in and blind tags Sabin while Roode tags in on the other side. Roode and Devon trade right hands in the middle of the ring but Devon gets the better of it until Roode nails him with a knee to the gut. Roode tries to whip Devon into the ropes but Devon reverses it and then goes for a Backdrop, but Roode stops and kicks Devon in the chest. Roode then comes off the ropes again but Devon nails him with a Powerslam! 1…2…NO Shelley breaks it up by poking Devon in the eyes! Devon tags Bubba into the match and 3D whip Roode into the ropes and nail him with a Double Flapjack! Bubba sets up for the Bubba Bomb but Shannon Moore blind tags himself in. Moore climbs to the top and hit’s a Flying Cross Body onto Roode for a near fall! Moore tries to whip Roode into the corner but Roode blocks it and kicks Moore in the gut. Roode then whips Moore into the corner but Moore floats over into a Headscissors on Roode. Roode then tosses Moore over the top to the floor! Storm goes out and tosses Moore into the guardrail and then beats on him before tosses him back into the ring. Roode puts the boots to Moore and then tags Storm back in. Beer Money whips Moore into the ropes and hit him with a Double Back Elbow. Storm rolls Moore backwards right into a Wheelbarrow from Roode. Roode Wheelbarrow Slams Moore right onto a Codebreaker from Storm! 1…2…NO Bubba breaks it up! Storm connects with an uppercut on Moore and then tags Roode back in. Storm holds Moore while Roode beats on him. Roode connects with a Snapmare Takeover and then he puts More in a Rear Chinlock. Moore fights out of it with rights to the body and then he comes off the ropes and hit’s a Sunset Flip! 1…2…NO Roode kicks out! Roode gets to his feet and destroys Moore with a Clothesline. 1…2…NO Sabin breaks it up! Storm tags back in now and he connects with a series of Knee Strikes to the face on Moore. Storm hit’s a Snapmare on Moore and then he locks him in a Rear Chinlock. Moore fights to his feet again and breaks the hold with back elbows. Moore attempts to get to the ropes but Storm grabs him by the Mohawk. Moore turns around and nails him with a forearm smash and then he comes off the ropes and hit’s a Wheelbarrow Bulldog! Both men are down now! Storm tags in Roode who grabs Moore by the foot just as Moore was about to reach Jesse Neal. Roode drags Moore back to the center of the ring but Moore kicks him off and quickly tags in Neal! Neal nails Roode with a series of clotheslines and back elbows. Neal whips Roode into the ropes and hit’s a Backdrop! Neal knocks the Guns off the apron and then hit’s a Back Suplex on Roode! 1…2…NO Storm breaks it up! Storm then knocks 3D off the apron and then he and Roode lay into Neal. Beer Money whip Neal into the ropes and go for a Double Clothesline but Neal ducks out of the way. As Beer Money were whipping Neal into the ropes Bubba was able to blind tag Roode! Bubba comes in and lays Beer Money out with a Double Clothesline! Neal rolls up Bubba to his shock! 1…2…NO the Guns are able to come in and break it up! The Guns sandwich Bubba with Double Roundhouses to the head! Devon in now and he hit’s the Guns with right hands and then he comes off the ropes but Shelley catches him with a Drop Toe Hold. Sabin then hit’s an Elbow Drop and then Shelley with the Rolling Bridging Reverse Crossface holding Devon’s head up into the air allowing Sabin to connect with a Sliding Dropkick right to the face! Shelley drops down to his knees and Sabin leaps off Shelley’s back with a Dropkick knocking Storm off the apron! Shelley goes for a Slingshot Cross Body over the top on Roode and Roode moves out of the way, but Sabin was able to catch himself and land on the apron. Sabin goes for the Running Punt Kick on Roode but Roode catches his foot and then trips him with it slamming Sabin hard into the apron. Shelley does connect with a Slingshot Cross Body over the top onto Roode on the floor! Back in the ring Neal is beating on Devon in the corner when Bubba comes over and absolutely lights Neal up with a stiff forearm. Bubba lifts Neal up on his shoulders and Devon dives off the top with a Doomsday Device! 1…2…NO Moore breaks it up! Moore with forearms on both members of 3D but Bubba cuts him off. Bubba slams Moore into the corner and then they set up for the 3D but Neal hits Devon with a Forearm to the back of the head. Bubba slaps the hell out of Neal! Bubba then charges at Moore in the corner but Moore moves out of the way and then climbs to the top and hit’s the Mooregasm! Neal then Spears Bubba! 1…2…3!

Winners: Ink Inc. via pinfall (Spear)

Taz says the student just took the teacher to school. Oh man Moore is badly bleeding from the ear after the match. At some point during the match Moore’s earring was ripped off and it looks nasty.

In the back the Documentary style camera is with Flair. Flair says tonight is a big night for them because AJ gets in the ring with RVD and Hardy and he feels a little riff between Hardy and RVD brewing. Flair says he’s been barred from ringside but that doesn’t matter to him because AJ doesn’t need him. He says AJ is the face of TNA and he will be the champion again. Flair says RVD will limp his way to Sacrifice.

————————–COMMERCIAL RBEAK—————————-

Back from commercials Hardy is getting ready for the Main Event when RVD walks in and says ‘you got a little something….all over your face’ (talking about Hardy’s face paint) and they joke about the face paint. Hardy thanks RVD for giving him the match tonight and RVD says they are taking TNA over. Jeff mentions him becoming the World Champion will be cool too and they say they’re going to break AJ tonight.

TNA Global Championship
“The Freak” Rob Terry (c) vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Abyss’ music hits but he doesn’t come out. We cut to the back where Abyss is being arrested! Abyss says he didn’t do anything and asks where Hulk and Dixie are. He asks who the hell he assaulted. The cops drag Abyss to a cop car and load him in it.


As the cops are loading Abyss in the car Desmond Wolfe comes out of nowhere and blasts Abyss! Wolfe screams “I’ll kill you” as the cops pull him away. One of the cops even pulls a baton out on him. Abyss screams at Wolfe that he didn’t do anything and he says this is a mistake. Hulk Hogan walks up and Abyss swears that he didn’t do anything and Hogan says he doesn’t know what’s going on but he’ll find out. Abyss says the cops want him to take his mask off but he can’t do it. Hogan says he knows Abyss didn’t do anything and then he takes Abyss’ mask off (with Abyss’ back to the camera) and puts his hood over his head so the camera can’t see his face.

At the announce table Tenay and Taz discuss what just happened as Rob Terry remains in the ring looking surprised. Orlando Jordan comes from out of the crowd (wearing pink tights) and attacks Terry from behind! Jordan nails Terry with a low blow and he let his hand linger there a little too long for my liking. Jordan rolls out to the floor and grabs a pipe and nails Terry with it! Jordan pulls something out of his tights and it looks like a deck of playing cards. He holds up a “Wild Card” and lays it on Terry’s back.

————————–COMMERCIAL RBEAK—————————-

Back from commercials a replay of Jordan’s attack on Terry is shown and Jordan has a microphone in the ring. Jordan says it’s about time that he cut the foreplay. He says he does what he wants to, says what he wants, and acts how he wants to because he is TNA’s “Wild Card.” The fans are crapping on him. Jordan asks the fans if they really want him to leave and then he says he’ll offer a chance for our ever fantasy to be realized. He offers an Open Challenge to anyone in the back to come take him out of the ring right now. Tomko’s music hits and the “Problem Solver” makes his way out to the ring.

“The Wild Card” Orlando Jordan vs. “Problem Solver” Tomko

Tomko shoots in on Orlando and lifts him up and slams him into the corner. Tomko then lifts Jordan back up and nails him with a Spinebuster. A big Spinebuster. Tomko taunts Jordan but then Jordan shoots in on him and hit’s a Double Leg Takeover. Jordan mounts Tomko and reigns down right hands as Taz mentions Jordan’s amateur wrestling background. Jordan charges at Tomko in the corner but Tomko moves out of the way and then hit’s a Press Slam into a Fall Away Slam! Tomko goes for a Powerslam but Jordan shoves Tomko into the corner and then connects with a dropkick. Jordan chokes Tomko on the middle rope and then nails him with right hands. Jordan hit’s a Snapmare Takeover and then locks in a Rear Chinlock. Jordan releases the hold and then kicks Tomko in the back. Jordan lifts Tomko up and hits another Snapmare Takeover and then locks in another Headlock. Tomko gets to his feet and fights off the hold with back elbows and then lights Jordan up with a knife edge chop. Tomko hit’s the ropes and Jordan leapfrogs him but turns around right into a vicious Lariat! 1…2…NO Jordan kicks out! Tomko goes for a Chokeslam but Jordan punches Tomko’s arm away and then connects with the Black Ice (Backstabber)! 1…2…NO Tomko kicks out! Tomko comes back as Jordan was pulling him off the mat and lifts Jordan up into the air for a Spinebuster, but Jordan locks in a Guillotine Choke! Tomko passes out in the hold and Jordan gets the win.

Winner: Jordan via referee stoppage (Guillotine Choke)

In the back Hogan is talking to someone (off camera) about what just went down with Abyss. Lacey Von Erich then walks in and tells Hogan to watch what she has on her camera phone. Hogan watches it and looks pissed.

————————–COMMERCIAL RBEAK—————————-

Back from commercials Eric Bischoff is talking to Tara and says she is going to wrestle again tonight against Sarita. Bischoff asks what’s wrong with her attitude lately. Tara says we’ve just seen a sample of what she’s going to do at Sacrifice.

Sarita vs. Tara

Earlier tonight Tara beat Taylor and used her knee brace to destroy her after the match. Sarita meets Tara on the ramp with forearms and kicks. Sarita then slams Tara into the ramp and literally kicks her OFF the ramp. Sarita grabs Tara by the hair and pulls her back onto the ramp. Sarita then tosses Tara into the ring. Tara rolls right back out and Sarita follows her and rights her up with chops and then slams her into the ring steps. Sarita dropkicks Tara on the floor and then rolls her back into the ring. Sarita climbs to the top and dives off as Tara charged at her and leaps over Tara landing on her feet. Sarita then connects with a clothesline followed by a Back Elbow. Sarita follows it up with a crazy Hammerlock Suplex! Sarita charges at Tara again but Tara monkey flips her over the top rope. Sarita lands on the ramp and then hit’s a Slingshot Splash! Sarita puts the boots to Tara and then grabs her knee brace and pulls it off! The referee pulls her away and Sarita accidentally hit’s the referee as she was trying to get away. Tara then lays Sarita out with the knee brace and gets the pin as the referee turned around.

Winner: Tara via pinfall

After the match Tara beats on Sarita some more with the knee brace before leaving.

In the back AJ Styles prepares for the Main Event.

————————–COMMERCIAL RBEAK—————————-

Back from commercials a great video package highlighting Sting’s heel turn and his beef with Jarrett is shown.

Main Event
Non-Title 3-Way Dance
“Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam (c) vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

This WILL be a Non-Title Match. There’s about 30 minutes left in the show so hopefully we get a lengthy match here. AJ is so damn awesome he was talking trash with a fan at ringside and I mean literally he got nose-to-nose with the guy and dared him to hit him. Classic heel stuff rom AJ. Taz says, “that guy might want to get back to stocking shelves at the super market.” AJ flicked sweat at the guy before he left ringside. All 3 guys circle each other and then RVD & Jeff talk and point at AJ. AJ realizing that he is outnumbered her strikes first with chops and right hands on both Jeff & RVD. AJ goes for a kick on RVD but RVD catches his foot and then spins AJ around right into a nasty spinning heel kick from RVD right on the button. Jeff then hit’s a clothesline on AJ as he gets to his feet. RVD and Jeff grab AJ and whip him into the ropes and hit a Double Hiptoss. Jeff picks AJ up and hit’s a Scoop Slam and then RVD hit’s a Corkscrew Leg Drop! Jeff covers AJ, 1…2…nope RVD pulls him off. RVD and Jeff laugh it off this time and then Jeff tries to kick RVD! RVD grabs his foot but Jeff Mule Kicks him with the other one! RVD rolls out to the floor and then Jeff turns his attention back to AJ. AJ comes back on Jeff with chops and then he attempts to whip Jeff into the ropes, but Jeff reverses it and hit’s a backdrop. 1…2…NO AJ kicks out! RVD back in the ring now and nails Jeff with a kick and then a Superkick! RVD follows up with a Spinning Back Kick sending AJ into the corner and then he pulls AJ out of the corner and hits him with another Spinning Back Kick. RVD picks Jeff up and hit’s a Vertical Suplex! RVD then grabs AJ and hit’s a Vertical Suplex on him and floats over into a lateral press. 1…2…NO Jeff breaks it up! Jeff grabs RVD and hit’s a Sitout Front Suplex and then he grabs AJ and hits him with a Sitout Front Suplex! Jeff grabs RVD and hit’s a Diamond Cutter! Jeff grabs AJ and hit’s a Hangman’s Neckbrearker! Jeff covers RVD and gets a near fall before AJ pulled him off. AJ puts the boots to Jeff and then nails RVD with right hands and forearms. AJ whips Jeff into the corner and then catches one of RVD’s legs as RVD went for a kick and hit’s a Dragonscrew Legwhip. RVD hit’s a Corner Splash on Jeff in the corner and then whips RVD into the corner. RVD goes for a Floatover thinking AJ would charge in but AJ did not and then he chop blocks the back of RVD’s knees. AJ grabs that leg and pulls him to the center of the ring and locks in the Figure Four! Jeff breaks it up with a Leg Drop on AJ. Jeff climbs to the top but AJ is able to get to his feet and knock Jeff off the top down to the floor! RVD then comes out of nowhere with a nasty Monkey Flip! On the outside Mr. Anderson comes out of nowhere and clotheslines Jeff! RVD is perched on the top rope and goes for the Flying Back Kick but AJ pulls the referee into it! RVD looks out and sees Anderson. RVD comes over and makes the save for Hardy kicking Anderson in the head and then he throws Anderson into the guardrail. AJ comes out of nowhere with a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Anderson, Hardy, & RVD! AJ then grabs RVD and DDTs him on the floor! AJ grabs RVD and rolls him back into the ring and covers him! AJ uses the ropes for leverage, 1…2…3!

Winner: Styles via pinfall (DDT on the floor)

AJ talks trash to the camera after the match as he walks off and Van Dam recovers in the ring. Anderson mockingly says “I’m so sorry” from the ramp. Jeff Hardy asks someone at ringside for a microphone. Hardy calls Anderson a “circus clown without the makeup” and then tells him to get to the ring right now so they can ‘do this.’ Anderson starts to come to the ring but stops and turns around. Hulk Hogan’s music hits and Hogan walks out! Hogan won’t let Anderson go back down the ramp. He mocks Anderson and then Anderson swings at Hogan but Hogan blocks it and then nails Anderson with a big right hand. Anderson turns around right into a right from a charging Jeff Hardy! Hardy tosses Anderson off the ramp into the guardrail!

————————–COMMERCIAL RBEAK—————————-

Back from commercials Anderson has turned the tide on Hardy slamming him into the ramp. Anderson nails Hardy with right hands and then Hardy comes back tossing Anderson into the guardrail. Hardy grabs Anderson and tosses him into the broadcast spot. He grabs a table and lays Anderson out on it. Hardy climbs up on to the Announce Table (imagine a 20-foot ladder that’s about how far up Hardy was) and he dives off with a crazy Swanton Bomb crashing through Anderson and the table! EMT’s and security come and check on Anderson as TNA shows about 10 replays of the Swanton. I believe that was the first time Jeff Hardy has dove off something high since coming to TNA. That’s got to be a record for him.

We cut to the footage of the incident that went down earlier that Lacey recorded. Desmond rips Chelsea’s dress and says it has to look like she’s been assaulted. So obviously Wolfe set it up. She rehearses her lines about what she’s going to tell the cops.

Tenay and Taz discuss what we just saw and Tenay says Wolfe’s plan has obviously backfired.

A hype package is shown putting emphasis on AJ-RVD for Sacrifice. Good little hype video.

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s show was better than last weeks but still not the solid show that I think TNA needed on it’s return to Thursday nights.

The opening segment was pretty good. AJ Styles was dead on tonight and was great on the mic, outshining everyone else. It really is pretty extraordinary to compare AJ Styles (promo-wise) from 2004/2005 and now. Being around great promo guys like Christian, Kurt Angle, and Ric Flair the last few years has obviously done what it was supposed to do.

Tara’s stuff tonight got her over as the b*tch heel nicely but it didn’t do Taylor or Sarita any favors. They weren’t exactly buried because Tara didn’t use the most legal of tactics to beat them but still. At least they were showcased tonight though.

The Abyss stuff was dumb. I liked the emotion Desmond showed but it means nothing after you find out it was all a scam. And what the hell is up with Lacey being the snitch? She’s a heel.

Kendrick and Williams had a decent little match and it’s nice to see Kendrick finally get a win, but nothing special here. Kaz and Williams should have an excellent match at the PPV though.

Morgan and GM did noone any favors other than Joe who looked extremely dominant. I don’t understand the logic in giving The Band the tag titles. Kudos to TNA for having a little continuity with the Feast or Fired case which TNA has not been the best at in the past (I think Abyss has like 4 World Title shots from the 2003-2005 time span that he never got to use) but The Band has not looked very strong as of late. I mean Team 3D dominated the hell out of them in every match they had. Outsiders vs. Ink Inc. doesn’t seem too interesting either.

The 4-Way tag was excellent and the best match of the night. All 4 teams looked good and Ink Inc. definitely got a nice rub going into the PPV.

The Jordan-Terry thing does nothing for me. The guy is solid in the ring but that gimmick just isn’t my thing. Don’t take my word for it, though, I hated the Goldust gimmick while everyone else claimed it was “groundbreaking.” Tomko might as well just go back to Japan because TNA is doing him no favors.

The Main Event was okay but come on, 6 minutes for that big of a 3-Way? If we get a 3-Way down the line between them on PPV then fine but that really was a dream match and it we got a short screwy finish match. Good brawl afterward with Hardy and Anderson though.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening segment
Match of the Night: Tag Team 4-Way (***)
Overall Grade: C –

Sacrifice Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. AJ Styles
-Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett
-Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy
-TNA World Tag Titles: The Outsiders (c) vs. Ink Inc.
-TNA X-Division Title: Kazarian (c) vs. Douglas Williams
-Chelsea vs. HOF Ring: Desmond Wolfe vs. Abyss
-TNA Global Title: Rob Terry (c) vs. Orlando Jordan
-TNA Knockouts Title vs. Career Match: Madison Rayne (c) vs. Tara
-TNA Tag Titles #1 Contenders 3-Way: Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D vs. Motor City Machine Guns