TNA Impact Results – 5/20/10

Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
May 20, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Coming off the heels of Sunday’s “Sacrifice” PPV we are back live (well not really live) for Impact! Rob Van Dam is still the World Heavyweight Champion, The Band are still the tag champions, Doug Williams is once again the X-Division Champion, Madison Rayne retired Tara, and Abyss now ‘owns’ Chelsea for 30 days.

Tonight’s show kicks off with highlights from Sacrifice and then we cut to the arena where Mike Tenay lets us know that the first official rankings will be revealed tonight. At the announce table Mike Tenay says that there will be a huge announcement regarding the Main Event for tonight and Taz says that Kurt Angle will be returning tonight!

Eric Bischoff’s music hits and “Easy-E” makes his way out to the ring accompanied by the unbelievably gorgeous Ms. Tessmacher (formerly Brooke from the Extreme Expose in WWE’s version of ECW). Ms. Tessmacher sure fills out that skirt, okay I’ll stop. Bischoff has a sheet with him and is standing in front of some billboard type pictures in the ring with “Top 10 Contenders” on it. He says tonight he will reveal what we’ve all been waiting for, the Top 10 Heavyweight Contenders Rankings. Bischoff says the TNA Championship Committee comprised of Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, and Bischoff himself used three basic critera to comprise the Rankings. 1st, fan voting on 2nd, career and championship records. 3rd, win-loss records in TNA. In the back we see Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter watching on a monitor with other TNA Officials. Bischoff reveals the 10th Ranked Heavyweight: SAMOA JOE!

Joe walks out wearing a suit and then a quick video package hyping up Joe are shown. #9 is “The Freak” ROB TERRY (boy that’s a slap in the face to Joe). Terry limps out (selling his knee injury) and then a video package hyping him is shown. #8 is none other than DESMOND WOLFE. #7 is “THE POPE” D’ANGELO DINERO (who Bischoff says is one of Ms. Tessmacher’s favorites) and Pope makes his way out fresh off of shoulder surgery. Word is he COULD (not guarnteed) be back by Slammiversary. His video package mentions that “many say it’s only a matter of time before this gifted athlete wins his first World Championship”. #6 is ABYSS, all of the guys are lining up on the stage as they come out and of course Abyss is the only one so far that isn’t wearing a suit. #5 is none other than Mr. Anderson! He gets a pretty good pop from the crowd. #4 is JEFF HARDY, oh yeah he got a big pop. #3 is former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, “The Phenomenal” AJ STYLES! #2 is none other than the returning “Olympic Hero” KURT ANGLE! Kurt doesn’t come through the tunnel for some reason and Bischoff seems to be surprised by this. A “We Want Angle!” chant starts up now. The top ranked contender and the man who will face Rob Van Dam at Slammiversary for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship (that means no King of the Mountain?!): STING!

Sting’s music hits and the “Icon” walks out to the ring bypassing the other contenders on the stage. Tenay says that Jeff Jarrett has suffered a partially torn Rotator Cuff due to Sting’s attack at Sacrifice. As Sting gets in the ring the fans chant “we want a recount” at him. Bischoff congratulates Sting on being named the #1 Contender and wishes him luck in his match against RVD at Slammiversary. Bischoff says tonight Sting will have an opportunity to prove that he will be a fighting #1 Contender because tonight Sting will be facing Jeff Hardy one-on-one in the Main Event! Sting grabs the microphone and asks Bischoff if he really thinks he won’t do the same thing to Hardy that he did to Jarrett. Sting says that Bischoff, Hogan, and Dixie wanted ‘change’ and then Sting nails those signs in the ring with his bat and says “that’s change right there.” Sting says he thinks Bischoff needs to change the way he walks and then hits Bischoff in the gut with the bat and then nails him in the knee with it! Hogan and Dixie are watching in the back and Hogan says “I gotta go” and walks off. In the ring Abyss hit’s the ring but eats a hardy meal of bat for his troubles courtesy of the Stinger. Sting knocks Abyss out of the ring and then Jeff Hardy sneaks in behind Sting and snatches the bat from him. Jeff dares Sting to try him now while Pope & Terry check on Bischoff on the outside. Jeff tosses the bat down and then pulls of his shirt and dares Sting to come fight him now! Sting gets in Hardy’s face and Hardy slaps him! Sting answers with a kick to the balls! Sting picks up the bat and Rob Van Dam’s music hits!

RVD walks out (the heels are just watching on the stage) and distracts Sting allowing Hardy to chop block Sting’s knee! Jeff then hits Sting with a Reverse Twist of Fate! Hardy climbs to the top for the Swanton Bomb but Sting rolls out of the ring and bails out. RVD goes into the ring and checks on Jeff.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from commercials replays of what just went down are shown.

In the back cameras watch Hogan talking to Bischoff who is hurting from that attack. Matt Morgan walks in says “now you know how we feel” when Samoa Joe randomly attacked him and nobody did anything about it. Hogan tells Morgan to back off because it’s a bad time. Morgan asks where his rematch is and Hogan says he has his rematch and he needs to go find a partner. When Morgan leaves Hogan says Sting just needs to disappear and Bischoff mutters “quick”.

Non-Title Match
Roxxi vs. Madison Rayne

This is Roxxi’s first appearance since December of 2009! A replay of Roxxi breaking her ankle back in December in a match against Hamada. Madison is fresh off her win over Tara retaining her Knockouts Title and ending the career of Tara. Taz calls it an upset victory. Tenay mentions Roxxi’s history with the Beautiful People. Roxxi & Madison lock up and Roxxi immediately hits her with an arm drag and then follows up with a Lateral Press for a one count. Roxxi follows up with a quick rollup for another near fall and then she follows up with a Hip Toss. 1…2…NO Madison kicks out. Roxxi grabs an armbar on Madison and locks it in. Roxxi then whips Madison into the corner and hits her with a Running Hip Attack in the corner. Roxxi goes for the Running Mafia Kick on Madison but Madison moves out of the way causing Roxxi to get caught up in the ropes. Madison punches Roxxi in the back repeatedly and then she slams Roxxi to the mat and kicks her in the face for a near fall. Madison with Forearm Smashes on the back of Roxxi and then she locks in a Sleeper. Madison rakes the face of Roxxi and gets another near fall. Madison chokes Roxxi on the middle rope now and then puts the boots to Roxxi in the corner. Madison chokes Roxxi on the ropes again and then hit’s a Running Mafia Kick of her own! 1…2…NO Roxxi kicks out! Madison hit’s a series of Forearm Smashes and then she attempts to whip Roxxi into the ropes but Roxxi reverses it and counters into the Voodoo Drop! 1…2…3 and Roxxi pins the champ!

Winner: Roxxi via pinfall (Voodoo Drop)

Tenay questions whether there was a ‘letdown factor’ after Madison’s big win at Sacrifice.

In the back Chelsea is complaining to Desmond Wolfe and says she can’t stand next to Abyss for 30 days. Wolfe turns it around and says he’s the one that has to ‘fly solo’ for the next 30 days. Wolfe says she is his girl and she may have to ‘stand next to him’ but she’s his.

Kurt Angle is shown arriving in the Impact Zone and the cameraman asks why he didn’t come out when he was named #2 contender. He looks at the guy crazy and just walks on.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from commercials a video package paying tribute to Kurt Angle is shown with some rock acting as the soundtrack for it. Different audio clips of Angle talking about his desire to wrestle and his career are played throughout it.

Kurt Angle’s music hits and the former Olympic Gold Medalist makes his way down to the ring to a great ovation.

By the way, Jeremy Borash is handling the ring announcing duties tonight, David Penzer is no longer with the company.

Tenay and Taz wonder about why Kurt wasn’t out here earlier. Kurt grabs the microphone and smiles at the reaction from the crowd. Kurt says sitting at home for the past 30 watching Impact he noticed a lot of changes since he first started in TNA 4 years ago. Kurt says when he first started in TNA he was one of the elite and a “you still are” chant starts. Kurt says with the additions of Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Mr. Anderson just to name a few and guys like Samoa Joe, Eric Young, AJ Styles, and Jay Lethal have elevated their game Kurt Angle is no longer one of the elite. He says Kurt Angle is just another name on the TNA roster. He says Kurt Angle will wrestle for free and it’s never been about money or ego for him. He says it was all about being in the ring and looking his opponent in the eye, putting everything on the line, and one walking way the winner and the other walking away the loser. Kurt says he was bred to be a winner and he will be a winner for the rest of his life. Kurt says he’s going through a little bit of a difficult time right now and says maybe it’s a crossroads in his life or maybe it’s a mid-life crisis, but the fact of the matter is he has done everything possible to accomplish everything in this sport. He says he has done it all and he wonders what he can do to make himself new again. Kurt says he will start from scratch and he is taking himself out of the Top 10 Rankings. Kurt says he will wrestle every single wrestler on the Top 10 Contenders List starting at #10 and ending at #1. Kurt promises that we will see some of the greatest matches of all time during his quest and that is DAMN REAL!

In the back Christy Hemme is standing by with Ric Flair and Beer Money. Christy asks Ric who he thinks will be Jay Lethal’s mystery partner tonight in the match against Beer Money. Ric says he really doesn’t care and then gives her a little suggestion and that is when she interviews him never mention his name in the same breath as anybody and that includes Kurt Angle (as the interview started she mentioned that it was interesting what was going on with Kurt). Ric says two weeks ago, imitation is not the best form of flattery in his eyes and says there is only ONE Ric Flair. Ric says he took it as an insult now he made another big mistake in interfering in AJ’s match Sunday. Ric says AJ was bringing home the gold and Ric lives and breathes the gold. Flair says he doesn’t care who Lethal picks because he’ll have to wrestle TNA’s muscle, Beer Money. Kazarian bursts in the door and says he would like to speak to Flair for a minute. Beer Money stop him but Flair says it’s okay and then he tells Beer Money to go take care of Lethal. Flair asks Hemme if it’s true that she got married “without living the legend.”

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Rob Terry says he was informed by the doctors his knee is injured in 4 different places but nothing will stop him from going out there and fighting Orlando Jordan tonight. Terry mentions that he has only been in TNA for year and he is already TNA Global Champion so it doesn’t matter if he has an injury or if he’s pain and in fact he kind like the pain. He says he’s going to go out there and knock Jordan’s teeth down his throat. Terry’s accent isn’t too thick so it doesn’t bug me as much as Brutus or Doug’s do.

Non-Title Match
“The Wild Card” Orlando Jordan vs. “The Freak” Rob Terry

Jordan is lowered down to the ring awkwardly, fitting for an awkward guy. Terry has his knee taped up and limps the whole way to the ring. Jordan looks like he is actually wearing lipstick, lord. Jordan attacks Terry just as he gets into the ring and shoots in for a Single Leg Takedown, but Terry just shrugs him off. Jordan then goes after that leg again but Terry stops him with big right hands and then he follows up with a Back Elbow followed by a clothesline. Jordan goes after that leg again but this time Terry forces Jordan into the corner and hooks up with Jordan. Hebner tries to separate them and gets knocked down in the process when Jordan shoves him. Jordan then charges at Terry but gets back dropped. Terry follows up with a vicious Shortarm Clothesline. 1…2…NO Jordan kicks out. Terry goes to pick Jordan up but Jordan kicks Terry right in the knee and then he chop blocks the knee! Now Jordan puts the boots to Terry stomping on that knee over and over. Jordan continues to beat on that knee and he pulls down the knee pad that Terry had covering his tape and he starts beating on it more. Jordan locks in a Heel Hook and then drops down slamming Terry’s leg to the mat wrenching the knee. Jordan locks in a Knee Lock and then the referee calls for the bell saying it was a judgment call dude to the injury.

Winner: Jordan via referee stoppage (Knee Lock)

Jordan keeps the hold on after the bell and doesn’t let go into referee’s come out and pull him off. Jordan starts to leave but turns around and comes back in stomping on the knee and then locking in the Knee Lock again.

In the back Jay Lethal discusses his tension with Flair. He says Flair just took his impression wrong and he wasn’t trying to disrespect him. Lethal says he grew up loving Flair and then someone knocks on the door and RVD walks in. RVD suggests he be the partner of Lethal tonight and Jay says sure. RVD says it’s thanks for having his back at the PPV.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from commercials Jeff Hardy is preparing for his match (that means putting on face paint for him) and talking to the camera. Jeff says that when he was a kid he had a trampoline in the backyard where he would emulate Sting. Hardy says it was Sting who inspired him to paint his face and he always dreamed of wrestling Sting.

In the back Shannon Moore is trying to stop Jesse Neal from confronting Team 3D but Neal bursts into their locker room anyway. Neal asks Bubba what the hell he was doing Sunday when he attacked him. Devon tells Neal he needs to relax and then Bubba says he needs to lower his voice and backup. Bubba tells Moore to stay out of it and then asks Neal if he thinks now that he got ONE Tag Titles shot he can bust into their locker room and get in his face. Neal says he thinks Bubba is just a little jealous but Bubba says he is one half of the worlds most famous tag team and he’s wrestled all over the world. Bubba tells him to use his brain before he talks. Neal then tells Bubba to keep his distance from now on and this enrages Bubba who goes after Neal but Devon holds him back. Moore has to hold Neal from going after Bubba too! Devon tells them to get the hell out and Bubba tells Devon that he told Devon what would happen with this kid.

Beer Money Inc. vs. Jay Lethal & “Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam

Lethal and RVD is definitely an odd pairing. Lethal has new entrance music and is back to wearing conventional tights and ring gear. No more Black Machismo apparently. Roode attacks Lethal before the bell and slams him into the corner. Roode beats on Lethal in the corner but Lethal comes back with chops on Roode. Roode grabs a headlock on Lethal but Lethal shoves him into the ropes and then hit’s a Hiptoss followed by the Cartwheel into a Sliding Dropkick! Lethal charges at Roode but Roode backdrops him over the top rope onto the apron. Lethal lands on his feet and then shoulder blocks Roode through the ropes and climbs to the top but James Storm shoves him off! Roode then throws Lethal into the corner and tags in Storm. Beer Money put the boots to Lethal and then Storm elbow drops both legs of Lethal. Storm pulls Lethal to his feet and throws a series of Knee Strikes and then comes off the ropes with a Running Clothesline. 1…2…NO Lethal kicks out! Roode tags in now and Beer Money whips Lethal into the ropes and nail him with a Double Backdrop. Roode taunts RVD and then chokes Lethal behind the referees back as he stops RVD from coming in. Tenay says that he has news regarding the Rankings. Every man will move up a spot in the Rankings then an 8-Man X-Division Battle Royal going down later tonight will determine who takes the 10th spot. Storm tags in again and nails Lethal with a big right hand as Roode holds him. Storm whips Lethal into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Lethal ducks it and hit’s the Handspring Back Elbow! Lethal tags in RVD and Storm tags in Roode! RVD with clotheslines for both Roode and Storm. RVD hit’s a Running Spinning Heel Kick on Storm in the corner and then Roode tries to kick him, but RVD catches his foot and then he goes for the Step-over Heel Kick. Roode sees it coming and blocks it by punching RVD in the ribs as he spun around. Roode whips RVD into the corner and charges but RVD hits him with a back elbow and then climbs to the top! RVD dives off with the Flying Back Kick! 1…2…NO Storm kicks out! Beer Money whip RVD into the ropes but Lethal was able to blind tag RVD as he hit’s the ropes! Beer Money goes for a Backdrop on RVD but he kicks Roode in the face and then nails Storm with a spinning heel kick! Lethal up top and he connects with a Missile Dropkick on Roode! Lethal follows up with the Lethal Combination on Roode and then RVD hit’s the Rolling Thunder! Lethal locks Roode in the Figure Four, an obvious slap in the face to Flair, and RVD hit’s a Slingshot Cross Body over the top onto Storm on the floor! In the ring Roode taps out!

Winners: RVD & Lethal via submission (Figure Four)

After the match Ric Flair comes down and immediately starts brawling with Lethal! Flair lights Lethal up with chops but Lethal comes back with chops of his own! Flair trips Lethal and then puts the boots to him. Lethal comes back and they brawl down the tunnel! RVD looks on at this but doesn’t get involved. RVD slaps hands with the fans at ringside and then a fan that is crouched down in a Sting mask throws a chair at him! The fan takes the mask off and it’s Sting! Sting grabs the chair and blasts RVD with it again! Sting walks off leaving RVD laying.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from commercials Jeff Hardy is in the ring. Jeff says he has made a living by walking to the beat of a different drum (that’s an understatement) but the fact is noone knows what goes on in his mind. Someone at ringside yells “THANK GOD” and Jeff says “yeah” to it. Jeff says that he grew up idolizing Sting and now he is TNA with him. Jeff dares Sting to try and figure him out in the next hour because he and his creatures of the night will take Sting beyond his wildest imagination.

In the back security knocks on Desmond Wolfe’s door and they tell him “it’s time.” Wolfe tells Chelsea it’s time to go and he tells her everything will be alright. She leaves with security as Wolfe trails behind and Wolfe tells them if one hand is laid on her they’ll have to deal with him.

Abyss’ horrible music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Abyss grabs the microphone and says Desmond Wolfe has something someone that he owes him so ‘let’s do this.’ Wolfe walks trails behind security as they drag Chelsea out to the ring. Taz mentions how concerned Chelsea seems to be. Taz, she is about to be raped by a 300 pound monster, think. Abyss says it’s pretty ironic because Sunday he made Desmond his “bitch” and tonight Abyss is taking Wolfe’s! Oh damn! Wolfe snatches the microphone from Abyss and then says what we have here is a scent of false security because if Abyss thinks he’s going to let Chelsea go with Abyss. Wolfe says it’ll happen over his dead body and then he kicks Abyss in the nuts! Wolfe then lays out security! He connects with a Knee Strike to one of them and then a Pump Kick to the other. Wolfe pulls out a bottle from Chelsea’s bag and then breaks it on the ring post! Wolfe threatens to cut Abyss with it, those darn hooligans, and then actually slices Abyss’ arm with it! Chelsea begs Wolfe not to cut him again and Wolfe says she’s the one that wanted this. Wolfe is about to cut Abyss with it again but Chelsea begs him off and Abyss turns him around, slaps the bottle out of his hand, and hit’s the Black Hole Slam! Abyss corners Chelsea in the corner and then drags her away!

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Back from commercials The Band is standing in the ring. Young is dressed in his wrestling gear while Nash and Hall are in their street clothes. Young says he understands the boos from the fan because he has everything and the fans have nothing. He’s in The Band and they’re not. Young says they’re like brothers and Hall and Nash are the only two men in the business he has anything in common with. Young says Nash is an a** kicker and he’ll tell you what he’s going to do and then do it. Young says Nash gets criticized for it because there is nobody else in the business with the balls to do it, except for he and Hall. Young says they’re not in TNA to play some cool tunes or entertain the fans, they’re in TNA to make the big bucks. Young says they’re going to take everything and leave nothing on the table. Young says they’ll tell you first because there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Ink Inc.’s music hits and they make their way out to the ring.

“Prince of Punk” Shannon Moore w/Jesse Neal vs. “Showtime” Eric Young w/The Outsiders

Young attacks Moore at the bell and puts the beat down on him. Young whips Moore into the ropes and then charges but Moore floats up and over Young. Moore follows up with a series of Arm Drags and then a dropkick. Moore hit’s an Atomic Drop followed by a big right hand. Moore hit’s a Leg Drop and gets a near fall. Moore nails Young in the corner with a shoulder block and then he goes for a right hand, but Young blocks it and then nails Moore with a series of rights of his own. Young whips Moore into the opposite corner where Moore springboards off with a Springboard Cross Body Block for a near fall! Moore hit’s a series of forearms and then comes off the ropes but eats a big Running Back Elbow from Young. 1…2…NO Moore kicks out! Young hit’s a Scoop Slam on Moore and then climbs to the top. Young hit’s a Flying Elbow Drop for another near fall. Young chokes Moore on the ropes now and then Nash starts to hit Moore with one of the Tag Titles but Earl Hebner stops him. Young hit’s a Snapmare Takeover on Moore and then locks him in an Armlock. Moore fights to his feet and breaks the hold with a big forearm followed by a Springboard into the Wheelbarrow Bulldog! Moore follows up with a clothesline and then a dropkick followed by a spinning heel kick! Moore attempts to whip Young into the corner but Young reverses it and then charges in on Moore. Moore nails Young with a back elbow and climbs to he top and hit’s the Halo! 1…2…NO Young kicks out! Bubba Ray walks down to the ring but Neal Spears Bubba on the ramp! Neal and Bubba exchange right hands as Devon comes up and pulls them apart. In the ring Moore attempts to whip Young into the ropes but Young reverses it and Hall hits him with a title belt in the back as the referee was watching Neal & Bubba brawl! Young grabs Moore and hit’s the Piledriver for the pin.

Winner: Young via pinfall (Piledriver)

After the match Neal checks on Moore but Bubba climbs into the ring and attacks Neal. Bubba hit’s a Running Big Boot to the back of Neal’s head and then he slaps Neal hard. Bubba tells Neal that he brought Neal in and he’ll take him out. Devon and Bubba argue in the ring.

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

8-Man X-Division Battle Royal
“The Future” Kazarian vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. “Notorious 1-8-7” Homicide vs. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick

The winner of this match moves into the #10 spot in the Heavyweight Rankings. Everybody goes at it as the bell rings! Action all over the place and its hard to keep up with. Red hit’s a dropkick on Homicide and he almost goes out but he’s able to hang onto the ropes. Red goes for the Red Eye off the top on Kazarian but Kaz blocks it! Kaz then grabs Red and viciously lifts him up off the mat over the top rope to the floor in one motion. He tossed Red like a rag doll to eliminate him. Kaz is showing some heel tendencies here. GM whips Sabin into the ropes and then nail him with a Double Backkick. Jeremy then lifts Max up into the air into a dropkick on Sabin! Sabin goes through the ropes but not over them. Jeremy nails Shelley with a nasty Spinning Enziguri in the ring! Max charges at Shelley but Shelley side steps him and Max goes over the top rope but lands on the apron. Max then nails Shelley with a big right hand that knocks Shelley to the mat. Sbain then comes out of nowhere leaping off of Shelley’s back into a dropkick that knocks Max off the apron eliminating him! Jeremy goes for a German Suplex on Shelley but he blocks it and then Sabin pulls him away. Sabin nails Jeremy with a Spinning Back Kick and then the Guns whip him into the corner. Sabin whips Shelley into Jeremy but Jeremy backdrops Shelley over the top rope. Shelley lands on the apron and then attempts a Leaping Enziguri but Jeremy blocks it with his arms and then hit’s a Springboard into a dropkick out of the corner that sends Shelly to the floor eliminating him! Sabin clotheslines Jeremy over the top rope now eliminating him but Sabin was able to hold onto the ropes and pull himself back in. Ric Flair walks out onto the stage and Kaz sees him. Kaz nails Sabin with a forearm and then attempts to whip him into the ropes but Sabin reverses it. Kaz holds onto the ropes so Sabin charges at him and Kaz backdrops him over the top rope. Sabin lands on the apron and hits Kaz with a shoulder block through the ropes. Sabin then gets ready for a springboard move but Kaz cuts him off with a Leaping Enziguri that knocks Sabin off the apron to the floor eliminating him! Homicide attacks Kaz from behind now and whips Kaz into the corner. Taz asks where Kendrick is and I forgot he was even in the match, Tenay says he hasn’t been eliminated yet though. Homicdie charges at Kaz but Kaz gets his foto up and then climbs to the top. Homicide nails Kaz with an Uppercut and climbs up with him but Kendrick comes out of nowhere and shoves Homicide off the top rope down to the floor eliminating him! Kaz kicks Kendrick and then whips him into the ropes and hit’s a huge Backdrop! Kaz looks over at Flair and nods but this allows Kendrick to come back and attempt to toss Kaz over the top! Kaz lands on the apron and then nails Kendrick with a forearm and climbs back into the ring. Kendrick goes for a clothesline but Kaz ducks and then hit’s a Springboard Back Elbow! Kaz tosses Kendrick over the top and eliminates him! Kaz is the winner!

Winner & NEW #10 Ranked Heavyweight: Kaz

———————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————–

Main Event
“The Icon” Sting vs. “Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy

Yes, this is yet another first time ever matchup being aired on free TV. There is about 10 minutes left in the show so don’t bet on a classic here. Sting and Jeff circle each other and then they lockup. Sting forces Hardy into the corner where the referee breaks them up. Sting then nails Hardy with a back chop and then a back elbow. Jeff comes back with a series of back hands and then a mule kick! Jeff with a clothesline and Sting rolls out of the ring. Sting stalls at ringside so Jeff nails him with a Sliding Dropkick through the ropes! Jeff then attempts a Slingshot Cross Body over the top but Sting rolled back into the ring so Jeff crashes into the floor. Sting rolls back out and tosses Jeff onto the ramp and slams Jeff’s leg against the ramp. Sting grabs Jeff by the leg and slams his leg into the ramp again and then taunts him. Sting throws Jeff back into the ring and puts the boots to him. Sting rakes the eyes of Jeff and then kicks him in the knee. Sting stomps on the knee and then rakes his eyes again in the corner. Sting follows up with the Stinger Splash and then he goes for a second one but Jeff moves out of the way and connects with a clothesline. Jeff follows up with an Atomic Drop followed by the Leg Drop to Sting’s groin. Jeff with a Sliding Dropkick for a near fall. Jeff throws Sting into the corner and then he goes for the Whisper In The Wind but Sting moves out of the way! Sting immediately locks Jeff in the Scorpion Death Drop! Jeff fights the hold and is able to get to the ropes and break the hold. Sting grabs Jeff by the leg and pulls him back to the center of the ring. The referee was checking on Jeff and when Sting pulled Jeff it knocked the referee out of the ring. Sting grabs Jeff and goes for the Scorpion Death Drop but Mr. Anderson comes out of nowhere and hits Sting with a Scorpion Death Drop of his own! Jeff covers Sting and Slick Johnson rolls back into the ring, 1…2…3!

Winner: Jeff Hardy via pinfall

After the match Mr. Anderson raises Jeff’s arm and then claps for him. Jeff shoves Anderson asks him what the hell he’s doing. Anderson calls for his microphone to be lowered down but Sting nails him the bat from behind! Sting blasts Hardy with it and then blasts Anderson again! Sting goes back and forth between them hitting them with the bat!

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s show seemed a lot more focused then past couple of weeks thankfully but still not a great show.

The Rankings Rundown to open the show was good. I liked that they had everybody come out and played a video package for everyone. That was cool and the whole segment was pretty good. Sting’s beat down of Bischoff was awesome too. My biggest beef with this is that it means no King of the Mountain (unless they do it for the X-Division Title again this year) which is going to be a bummer because it will be the first Slammiversary without one.

Roxxi and Madison was an okay match but just too short. Good to see Roxxi back and giving her a win over Madison actually was a good thing in my opinion. The Knockouts division is really depleted right now with all the injuries as well as Tara leaving the company. They need to establish some girls at the top of the division other than Madison and BP.

Angle’s promo was pretty good tonight and I love the thought of him going down the list but if it means he just mows down the list not so good. It definitely gives him some potentially awesome and fresh matchups though. I know yet another Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle match has a lot of people salivating (including myself).

The thought of Kaz with Ric Flair and interesting to me and seems like a cool idea. Kaz needs something new and this could be it for him. They need to give this group of AJ and Flair a name though, soon.

Jordan and Terry wasn’t horrible but it was no better than their match at the PPV. Jordan just creeps me right the hell out and does nothing more for me.

RVD & Lethal vs. Beer Money was a decent match but I absolutely hate the idea of Beer Money jobbing to a thrown together team made up of singles wrestlers. That just sucks. With that said, Lethal is finally getting the push AS HIMSELF that I was hoping for. It’s time for Jay to run with the ball.

The Abyss and Wolfe angle overall is just disturbing to me. So we’re supposed to believe that Abyss can do ‘whatever he wants’ to Chelsea? How is TNA supposed to be cool with that? Anyway if Abyss actually got cut with that damn bottle (instead of cutting himself with a blade because I didn’t see any blood on the bottle) he is out of his damn mind.

Young and Moore had a good little match but again just too short. I’m just not sure about Young with The Band. It just seems thrown together and dumb to me. He wanted to kill them a month ago.

The Battle Royal also seemed very thrown together but if Kaz getting the #10 spot means we get a Kaz vs. Kurt match soon then I’m all for it. That could be beyond great.

The Main Event was okay for as long as it lasted but like I figured it wasn’t going to be much of anything. I’m loving the heel Sting but we’re going to need a reason why he turned heel because I’m getting tired of the “why Sting” stuff.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Heavyweight Rankings Rundown
Match of the Night: RVD & Lethal vs. Beer Money (**)
Overall Grade: C +

Quick Results:
1) Roxxi def. Madison Rayne
2) Orlando Jordan def. Rob Terry
3) RVD & Jay Lethal def. Beer Money
4) Eric Young def. Shannon Moore
5) Battle Royal: Kazarian def. Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Amazing Red, Brian Kendrick, Homicide, Max Buck, & Jeremy Buck
6) Jeff Hardy def. Sting

Official TNA Top 10 Heavyweight Rankings

1) Sting
2) AJ Styles
3) Jeff Hardy
4) Mr. Anderson
5) Abyss
6) D’Angelo Dinero
7) Desmond Wolfe
8) Rob Terry
9) Samoa Joe
10) Kazarian

Slammiversary VIII Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Sting