2/22 AAA Next Generation Wrestling Results in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

* Bobby Sharp def. Brady Malibu and Scotley Crue.

* Evan Adams & Big Jess Youngblood & Kat Von Heez def. Cam!!!kaze & Alex Plexis & Nicole Matthews.

* The New Karachi Vice (Johnny Devine & Wavell Starr) def. TNT (“Dynamite” Dan Myers & Pete Powers).

* Teddy Hart and John Morrison def. The Young Bucks.

* Jack Evans and Samuray del Sol def. Flip Kendrick and Sonjay Dutt.

* Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Cage def. Kevin Nash and Trent Barreta.

* The Tattooed Terminators (Massive Damage & Darren “The Bomb” Dalton) def. The Karachi Vice (Necro Butcher & Heavy Metal) and The Young Bucks.

* John Morrison won a six-way match over Samuray del Sol, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Cage to win the NGW World Title.

Source: PWInsider.com


James Slyk passed along this live report:

Just got in from the Next Generation Wrestling event from the Victoria Pavillion here in Calgary. It was a star-studded affair with Teddy Hart, Davy Boy Smith Jr., Kevin Nash, Brian Cage, Trent Barretta, and John Morrison, who became the first NGW world champion tonight. It was a fantastic show from start to finish; the hard core match was real old school wrestling, spilling out into the crowd then back into the arena. Lots of incredible spots as well, one in particular I couldn’t see very well (being on the far side of the ring for this one) featuring Teddy Hart doing a spot off a ladder placed between the ring apron and barricade that just had the crowd screaming “Holy Sh*t” after.

They have announced another show at the old Pavillion for Friday April 12 2013, featuring a triple threat main event between John Morrison, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans for the NWG world championship belt. If this show promises to be as good as the one tonight, good luck getting a ticket. It was also announced that if you go to their website at nextgenerationwrestling.com, the show tonight will be broadcast over PPV internet on their website Saturday night February 23 at 7:00PM local (Mountain) time.