SHINE #11: One Year, One Title, One Destiny Internet PPV
July 12, 2013
Ybor City, Florida
Commentator: Lenny Leonard
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Chastity Taylor welcomes to the show, then we go to the opening match.

SHINE Title Tournament Qualifying Match, Winner Faces Rain in the First Round: “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Nikki Roxx w/ “The Scream Queen” Daffney vs. “Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto w/Pegaboo vs. Su Yung

Mercedes & LuFisto sporting new longer hair styles. Su very focused coming out, no dancing like usual. Roxx comes out with her new manager, Daffney, sporting matching top hats and bowties. Chastity has Daffney do the pre-match intros for Roxx. Mercedes and Roxx have a staredown and shove aside LuFisto and Su. They attack Mercedes and Roxx and send them to the outside. LuFisto takes down Su and gains a nearfall. Elbow to the head, followed by a right hand. Snapmare, followed by a stiff kick to the back, but Su pops right up! Su backs LuFisto into the corner. Roxx tags in and rolls up Su for a nearfall. Exchange of nearfalls now between the two. Su blocks a right hand, then climbs up the ropes and hits an armdrag. Japanese arm drag, snapmare and a kick to the head for a nearfall. Mercedes and LuFisto tag in and these two past rivals go to town on one another. Exchange of stiff chops in the corner, Mercedes avoids a charge. RUNNING YAKUZA KICK! Mercedes charges, LuFisto catches her with a Flatliner. LuFisto charges, CANNONBALL for a nearfall. Roxx tags in and Mercedes retreats to the outside. Crowd chants for Roxx as Su comes in, but Mercedes nails Roxx from behind, sending Su to the outside. Strike exchange by Mercedes and Roxx and they just go to town on one another from the mount. Su comes in and hits shots to both Mercedes and Roxx, then one to LuFisto. Tree slam by Mercedes to Su, but Su kicks out! Roxx heads up top as Mercedes complains about the count, crossbody for a nearfall. LuFisto heads up top, but Mercedes is sent into her, crotching LuFisto on the ropes. Su with a blockbuster off the middle rope for a nearfall. Roxx with forearms to Su, then Su sends her to the outside. Mercedes and LuFisto fight on the turnbuckles, Mercedes is caught in the Tree of Woe, DOUBLE STOMP, but Su breaks up the pinfall. LuFisto locks in an Indian Deathlock variation on Su, but Roxx comes in and hooks LuFisto in a Dragon Sleeper. Mercedes comes in and applies a hammerlock to Roxx, while using the ropes for leverage. Daffney tries to stop it, but Mercedes goes after her. Roxx nails Mercedes from behind, Exploder for a nearfall. Mercedes blocks the Barbi Crusher, hits two suplexes, followed by an Ego Trip variation, but Roxx gets her foot on the ropes before the count of 3. Mercedes goes out after Daffney, but Daffney nails her with a right hand. The two brawl on the outside while Su sets to dive onto them.

LuFisto comes in from behind, BURNING HAMMER! 1-2-3!

Winner and advancing to face Rain in the 1st Round: “Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto by pinfall (Burning Hammer)

LuFisto celebrates her win while Mercedes and Roxx brawl to the back with Daffney in hot pursuit.

SHINE Title Tournament Qualifying Match, Winner Faces Santana in the First Round: The Amazing Kong vs. Angelina Love vs. “The Huntress” Ivelisse w/April Hunter vs. Kimberly w/Thing

Kimberly comes out with a backpack, revealing 3 different Thing dolls that are gifts for her opponents that she puts on all 4 corners of the ring. Kong takes the doll and smacks it away. THAT WAS MEAN!! Kimberly is very upset at this, getting in the face of Kong. Kimberly and Ivelisse attacks Kong before the bell and double-team her. Love goes after Kimberly, hip-toss and an elbow drop for a nearfall. Kong tags in, double back elbow. Ivelisse has tape on her right shoulder as Kong sends Kimberly face-first off her Thing doll. Ivelisse comes in and goes after Kong, but Kong with a Mongolian Chop. Ivelisse sent into Kimberly, Love with a running knee, Kong with an avalanche, Love gains a nearfall. Knees to the ribs, neckbreaker to Ivelisse for a nearfall. Ivelisse sent into the corner, Kong tagged in. Kong chokes Ivelisse with her boot, back club. Kimberly and Ivelisse then take over, begin double teaming Love. Double dropkick in the corner, followed by a double boot. Kimberly with a cover, but Ivelisse breaks it up. Kimberly grabs one of the Thing dolls and taunts Love with it. Inverted curb stomp for a nearfall. Love fights back, Ivelisse in. Love avoids a double team, crossbody to both Kimberly and Ivelisse. Baseball slide by Kimberly to Kong, belly-to-belly by Ivelisse to Love for a nearfall. Ivelisse goes after Kong, Kong comes back, spinning backfist for a nearfall. Kong places Ivelisse on the turnbuckles, but Hunter hops up on the apron. Ivelisse with a sleeper, but Love fights her off, but in the process, rakes Love’s eyes. Kong grabs Love, IMPLANT BUSTER! Kong realizes what happened, SUPERKICK by Ivelisse! Shoving match between Kimberly & Ivelisse, series of reversals.

Ivelisse off the ropes. CODE RED!! 1-2-3!

Winner and advancing to face Santana in the 1st Round: “The Huntress” Ivelisse by pinfall (Code Red)

Kong helps Love to the back while Ivelisse and Hunter celebrate her win.

Saraya Knight comes out and demands respect because she is a former SHIMMER champion. Jessicka Havok is just a warm-up and I will be the 1st SHINE champion and there isn’t anything anybody can do about it.

SHINE Title Tournament 1st Round Match: “Sweet” Saraya Knight vs. “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok

Saraya immediately goes after Havok before the bell. Havok takes over, sends Saraya into the ring post. Saraya with a low kick, followed by a back club. Havok with forearms, Saraya lifted up and driven back-first into the ringpost. Crowd chants for Havok as back in, she hits a running knee to Saraya. Havok chokes Saraya in the corner, but Saraya fights her off. Another low kick, then a running one in the corner. Saraya charges, hesitation low dropkick. Havok comes back with a clothesline for a nearfall. Havok chokes Saraya, right hands from the mount. Backbreaker for a nearfall. HUGE SLAP by Saraya, Havok responds with her own! SLAP EXCHANGE, SARAYA with another LOW KICK!! Another hard slap, Saraya tells Havok to bring it. Both hit each other with slaps, then at the same time, hit each other with low kicks and both are down. Havok lifts up Saraya, Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Havok screams out in frustration, lifts up Saraya and begins to climb the ropes. Saraya fights out, counters out with a Sunset flip powerbomb for a nearfall, but Havok powers out of the pin attempt and sends Saraya to the outside. Saraya wants no more, but Havok goes out after her.

Havok is sent into the stage, then they go up the stage and continue brawling while the referee is pleading with them to get back in. Saraya nails Havok with a chair, but Havok comes back and sends Saraya back-first into a wall. Referee is showing both women a lot of leeway as they continue brawling on the stage. Saraya nails Havok in the back with another chair. Havok fights back, but Saraya grabs her and THROWS HAVOK OFF THE STAGE!! Saraya with more slaps to Havok and sends her face-first off a chair. Havok is sent off the bar, but Havok fights back with a FLURRY of right hands! Havok fires up, but Saraya nails her in the ribs with a BAR STOOL! Back clubs by Saraya as the crowd wills on Havok. Saraya is draped across a chair as Havok with multiple low kicks. Saraya bites at Havok’s leg, then we get another slap exchange. They finally make their way back into the ring. Saraya with a double leg drop for a nearfall. Soccer kick to the back, then Saraya stands on Havok’s throat. Saraya guillotines Havok throat-first across the bottom rope, then baseball slide kicks her to the outside. Back they go fighting on the outside as Saraya with yet another low kick. Havok lifts up Saraya and SLAMS HER ONTO A PLATFORM!! Saraya kicks Havok off the platform and grabs a steel pipe. Saraya whacks Havok across the back and chest with it multiple times. They fight again on the top part of the stage as Saraya sends Havok face-first off a chair. Havok fights back, FRONT-FACE PILEDRIVER ON THE STAGE!! HOLY CRAP!

Havok goes for a cover, but its not a falls count anywhere match. Havok lifts up the dead weight of Saraya and brings her back into the ring, while high-fiving fans. Back in, Havok with a cover, but SARAYA BARELY KICKS OUT!! Havok cannot believe it as she nails Saraya with forearms, but Saraya comes back with yet another low kick. Saraya goes to the outside and grabs a chair, while lying in wait.

Havok doesn’t see her, but then Saraya nails her in the head with the chair and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals: Jessicka Havok by DQ

ANOTHER CHAIRSHOT TO THE HEAD BY SARAYA!! Saraya then unloads on Havok’s legs with chairshots as Havok is writhing in pain. Multiple referees come out and have to grab an arm and an leg each of Saraya to get her out of the ring. Havok tries to go after her, but she cannot stand. Crowd gives Havok a loud ovation, but the damage may have been already done. Havok tries to stand again, but the leg buckles yet again.

SHINE Title Tournament 1st Round Match: Leva (dressed as the Dark Spider-Man) vs. “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim

Big reactions for both Mia & Leva. They shake hands before the bell. Side headlock by Mia into working on the arm. Leva reverses after doing a cartwheel. Mia does the same thing and steps over to take Leva down. Leva counters out, roll-up for a 1 count. Another side headlock by Mia, followed by a shoulder tackle. Armdrag into an armbar. Leva comes back with her own shoulder tackle. Arm drag, then both block each other’s hiptoss attempt. Both do the fake-out move in the ropes, ala TJ Perkins, on opposite sides and we have a stalemate.

Shoulder tackle by Mia, series of evasions, then Leva with a spinning headscissors. Mia blocks a Sunset flip, Leva avoids 2 kicks, but not a 3rd as Mia connects with a chest kick for a nearfall. Mia with a half-crab, but Leva counters out. Mia with a kick to the throat, then hooks Leva in a bridging Indian Deathlock. Leva fights out, then both exchange strikes from their knees before they get to their feet. Snapmare by Mia, followed by a stiff kick to the back, then one to the chest. Leva avoids a basement dropkick, sliding lariat for a nearfall. Mia takes down Leva, Boston Crab applied. Leva fights out, but Mia with forearms. Mia with a boot to the face, but Leva avoids a charges and Mia is hung up on the ropes. Leva with a front dropkick to a draped over Mia for a nearfall. Mia with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Series of overhand chops by Leva, but Mia blocks a rana attempt, BUCKLE BOMB!! Mia charges, Leva gets her boot, then hooks Mia in the Tarantula. Yim yells that it is her move as Leva heads up top, MUSHROOM STOMP! Running boot for a nearfall. Strike exchange with Leva gaining advantage. Mia blocks a suplex, sends Leva into the corner. Mia charges, front dropkick in the corner. Leva avoids another charge, front dropkick of her own. Mia avoids a running boot, sends Leva to the outside. Mia sends Leva back in, but Leva goes out the other side. Mia goes after her, but Leva nails Mia with a right hand. On the outside, Leva sends Mia face-first off a wall. Leva climbs up on the stage, SOMERSAULT SENTON connects!

Back in, Leva gains a nearfall. Leva sets for the Superhero Kick, but Mia avoids it. Series of strikes, German for a nearfall. Mia goes for another German, but Leva fights off. Mia sent into the ropes, STANDING SLICED BREAD, but Mia kicks out! Leva with a series of kicks, but Mia catches one, SIT-OUT POWERBOMB, but now its Leva who kicks out! Mia sets up Leva near the corner and heads up top. Leva stops her and heads up top as well. Leva with a headbutt, PEPSI PLUNGE!!! Leva with the arm over, but MIA KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Leva cannot believe it as Mia gets up. Mia blocks the Superhero Kick, RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! Mia blocks another Superhero Kick, then the Sliced Bread. Leva is placed up top as Mia with a kick to the back.

German Suplex out of the corner! 1-2-3!

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals: “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim by pinfall (Corner German Suplex)

Mia checks on Leva afterwards and Leva is not happy, but then embraces Mia in a sign of respect.

SHINE Title Tournament 1st Round Match: “The Radiant” Rain w/April Hunter vs. “Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto w/Pegaboo

Rain goes after LuFisto with stomps in the corner as the bell sounds. LuFisto comes back and grabs Rain’s nose, nailing it with a chop. Japanese arm drags, slam, somersualt senton for a nearfall. Seated surfboard applied, Rain gets out, waistlock applied. Rain sends LuFisto throat-first into the top rope, followed by a clothesline. Cravate applied, followed by knees to the head. Running bulldog with the cravate for a nearfall. Rain distracts the ref while Hunter goes after the previously injured knee of LuFisto. Rain goes after the leg now, wrapping it up in the ropes. Rain goes back to the cravate, cravate neckbreaker. Half crab applied, but LuFisto makes it to the ropes. Rain again distracts the ref so that Hunter can get some cheapshots in. Rain chokes LuFisto, snapmare and an overhead kick for a nearfall. LuFisto blocks the Implant DDT, CRADLE SUPLEX!

LuFisto blocks right hands, hits a flurry backing Rain into the corner. Kobashi-style chops, followed by a front dropkick for a nearfall. Crowd chants for LuFisto as Rain rakes the eyes. LuFisto avoids a charge, avalanche connects. Facewashes, LuFisto with a head of steam, DIRTY FACEWASH for a nearfall. LuFisto blocks a right hand, hooks Rain in a Crossface, but Hunter leans on the ropes and the ref tells LuFisto to break. LuFisto becomes distracted, Backstabber by Rain, but LuFisto kicks out! LuFisto again blocks the Implant DDT, Russian Leg Sweep. LuFisto heads up top, diving headbutt, but Rain kicks out! LuFisto calls for the end, Rain slips out of the Burning Hammer. Hunter hops up on the apron to distract LuFisto.

Rain comes in from behind, roll-up while hooking the tights for the victory.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals: “The Radiant” Rain by pinfall (Roll-up)

Rain and Hunter celebrate their win while LuFisto is left dejected, but says to the camera that she will be back to avenger her loss to Rain.

SHINE Title Tournament 1st Round Match: “The Huntress” Ivelisse w/April Hunter vs. Santana w/Amber O’Neal

Santana brings out her tag partner Amber O’Neal from the WOW promotion to combat April Hunter. Santana takes over on Ivelisse in the beginning, baseball slide kick. Santana with right hands on the outside, Ivelisse sent back in. Hunter gets involved with Santana, but O’Neal gets in-between them. Back in, Ivelisse hot-shots Santana across the top rope for a nearfall. Hair-mare, followed by hard chest kicks. Ivelisse guillotines Santana across the bottom rope for a nearfall. Ivelisse chokes Santana, but Santana fights back. Santana sent onto the apron, but hits a boot. Ivelisse catches a kick, but Santana with a split to avoid her. Ivelisse sent to the outside, but pulls Santana off the apron, sending her crashing off of it face-first. Santana sent into the steel steps, then sent back in where Ivelisse gains another nearfall. Ivelisse hooks Santana in the Kondo Clutch, but Santana is able to make the ropes. Ivelisse chokes Santana with her boot, Santana fights back, but Ivelisse lifts her up, Finlay Roll for a nearfall. Santana sent face-first off the mat, one-woman flapjack right into a half crab. Ivelisse drags Santana into the center, then grapevines both legs into more of an Indian Deathlock. Ivelisse pulls at Santana’s hair as Amber wills on her partner. Santana fights out, then catches Ivelisse with a Divorce Court on Ivelisse’s taped up shoulder. Santana with an arm drag, a hooking clothesline and a dropkick. Russian Leg Sweep for a nearfall. Ivelisse comes back with a hook kick for a nearfall. Ivelisse cannot believe it, but Santana comes back with the back handspring elbow in the corner. Ivelisse placed up top, Santana gets herself on the top and they exchange strikes. Ivelisse gains control and takes her out of the corner with the Boston Crab applied. Santana counters out, exchange of pinfalls. Soul Food by Santana, but Ivelisse avoids the Shining Star Press.

Trouble in Paradise Style Kick! 1-2-3!

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals: “The Huntress” Ivelisse by pinfall (Paradise Style Kick)

Ivelisse and Hunter celebrate her win, then Ivelisse gives a little nudge to Santana, almost in a sign of respect as she leaves. Amber raises Santana’s hand as she gets to her feet.

SHINE Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: “The Radiant” Rain w/April Hunter vs. “The Havok Death Machine” Jessicka Havok

Havok comes out, noticeably limping on her injured leg. All of a sudden, Saraya nails Havok in the leg with a steel chair! The assault continues by Saraya, nailing Havok in the leg multiple times with a chair. Referees and Lexie Fyfe come out to call for security to remove Saraya from the building. Referees & Fyfe check on Havok, but Havok wants to continue, but she can’t stand.

Fyfe tells the ref to begin the 10 count and after a valiant effort, Havok is unable to make in the ring before the 10 count.

Winner and advancing to the Finals: “The Radiant” Rain by count-out

Havok yells at Fyfe afterwards while Fyfe is trying to explain herself. Crowd is not happy about this. Havok wants no assistance by the referees as she continues to have words with Fyfe. Havok continues to refuse assistance as she limps to the back. Havok yells to the camera that she is coming after Saraya.

SHINE Title Tournament Semi-Final Match: “The Huntress” Ivelisse w/April Hunter vs. “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim

Ivelisse only had 6 minutes of rest in-between matches. Both go for kicks in the early going. Ivelisse with forearms, but Mia shoves her off. Forearms by Mia, but Ivelisse shoves her off. Ivelisse goes for the leg and takes Mia down. Exchange of front chanceries, but Mia avoids a dropkick. Mia avoids Ivelisse again going for the leg, chest kicks, Codebreaker, followed by a front dropkick. Ivelisse avoids a running boot, but sent onto the apron. Mia with a kick that sends Ivelisse to the outside. Mia with a head of steam, but Ivelisse avoids a tope dive and Mia goes SPLAT on the hardwood floor as her foot got caught on the rope.

Ivelisse sends Mia into the apron, big chop. Mia comes back with forearms, big chop of her own. Ivelisse with a savate kick to the ribs, Mia sent off the apron again. Back in, Ivelisse gains a nearfall. Headscissors applied, followed by the Skullcrusher. Mia gets out, kick to the head. Ivelisse comes back with back clubs. Ivelisse chokes Mia, rolling snapmare, followed by a chest kick for a nearfall. Crowd wills on Mia as she fights back. Ivelisse with knee strikes, then does a roll-through into a butterfly lock. Mia gets to her feet and gets out of the hold. Belly-to-Belly by Ivelisse for a nearfall. Ivelisse is getting frustrated as she stands on Mia’s back while in the ropes. Ref is distracted by Ivelisse as Hunter gets involved with a leg drop on the apron. Ivelisse gains another nearfall. Mia fights back, but Ivelisse catches a kick. Ivelisse with a series of strikes, followed by a big kick to the head for a nearfall. Ivelisse chokes Mia as she is visibly getting frustrated. Kicks to the back, but that fires Mia up. Chop exchange, but Ivelisse with a back club. Mia catches an Ivelisse kick and single-leg takes her down, almost Fireman’s Carry style.

Forearm and chop exchange, Mia gains advantage. Back club and an axe kick, followed by a spinning roundhouse kick. Mia sets up Ivelisse, LUCHA STRONG, but Hunter hops up on the apron to distract the ref. Mia goes after Hunter, but Rain comes in. Mia fights off Rain and sends her onto the apron. Ivelisse regains control, then goes to check on Rain, but Rain nails her with her cast, thinking it was Mia.

Mia covers Ivelisse and gets the win.

Winner and advancing to the finals: “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim by pinfall

Rain cannot believe what happened as Hunter has to hold Ivelisse back, who is vehemently angry. Rain tries to explain herself and eventually calms Ivelisse down. Crowd wants them to “hug it out”, but Ivelisse walks away. Rain leaves with kind of a sinister smile on her face, as if that was her plan all along.

Daffney & Nikki Roxx come out with Solo Darling. Daffney says that she has been impressed with the talent that has come into SHINE over the last year. Now, some people are making it difficult, so I have looked for women who will fight for justice and will rid SHINE of the SHINE-negians. Daffney wants Solo Darling to join her squad to right these wrongs and Solo accepts. Solo & Roxx dance in the ring as they are now part of Daffney’s All Star Squad, or………….well you get the picture.

SHINE VP of Talent Lexie Fyfe comes out with the SHINE Title belt as its time to crown the first SHINE champion. Lexie takes the match beforehand and says she is tired of the cheating that has gone on in this tournament. It is the 1 year anniversary and we are about to crown a SHINE champion. VALKYRIE’s cheating ways will not happen, so Ivelisse and April Hunter are barred from ringside. Rain is begging on her knees to reconsider, but Fyfe says they can count them out, causing Rain to lose. Rain is almost in tears as Hunter and Ivelisse leave the ringside area, although Hunter makes a “Pinkies Up” motion, hmmmm.

Main Event in the Finals of the SHINE Title Tournament: “The Radiant” Rain w/April Hunter & Ivelisse vs. “The Blasian Barbie” Mia Yim

Rain attacks Mia as the bell sounds and unloads with stomps in the corner, followed by choking Mia with her boot. Rain chokes Mia in the ropes, followed by a hair-mare. Rain continues with stomps, followed by another hair-mare. Again, Rain chokes Mia with her boot in the corner. Mia fights back, then avoids a charge and rolls up Rain for a nearfall. Rain with forearms, but Mia with a clothesline. Dropkick and a big boot for a nearfall. Mia hooks Rain in the bridging Indian Deathlock. Rain grabs the ref’s hand to avoid tapping, then is able to make the ropes. Mia guillotines Rain across the bottom rope, followed by back clubs. La Magistral for a nearfall. Mia with a front chancery, then takes Rain down. Boston Crab applied, but Rain makes it to the ropes. Mia with forearms, but Rain comes back with a front dropkick for a nearfall.

Cravate applied, followed by a cravate neckbreaker for a nearfall. Rain wraps up Mia’s legs and hooks Mia in a surfboard. Rain gets a nearfall, overhead kick for another nearfall. Mia fights back, but Rain with a knee to the ribs. Running boot, but Rain had her feet on the ropes, so no pinfall was counted. Rain stomps away, drops her weight down across the back of Mia, then locks in a Camel Clutch. Mia gets her feet on the ropes and Rain uses all of the ref’s 5 count. Rain continues to stomp away at Mia, then sends her into the corner. Shotgun Knees, followed by a front dropkick in the corner. Rain taunts the crowd, then chokes Mia in the ropes. Mia goes to the apron, Rain hot-shots her. Mia fights back, hot-shots Rain across the top rope, but Mia crashes down to the outside. Mia takes a drink from one of the fans to fire up, then gets back in and hair-mares Rain.

Snapmare, chinlock applied. Mia switches to a Dragon Sleeper as the crowd chants for Rain to tap. Mia adds a body scissors to the hold, but Rain is able to grab the bottom rope. Strike exchange by the two from their knees, followed by big chops from Mia for a nearfall. Rain blocks a clothesline, neckbreaker, then floats over into a front guillotine butterfly lock with a body scissors. Mia gets to her feet, cradle gutwrench suplex for a nearfall. Another strike exchange, Mia fires up with a forearm. Big boot and a dropkick for a nearfall. Rain rakes the eyes, but Mia holds onto the ropes to block the Implant DDT. Mia gains a nearfall, axe kick, Mia takes Rain down. Kawada Kicks from Mia, followed by a kneelift. Another kneelift, followed by a boot. Forearms by Mia, followed by her series of strikes, ending with the spinning backfist. German, but Rain is too close to the ropes and the ref stops his count. Mia sets up Rain, but Rain gets the knees right into the face of Mia to avoid Lucha Strong.

Implant DDT! 1-2-3!

Winner and the FIRST SHINE Champion: “The Radiant” Rain by pinfall (Implant DDT)

Rain celebrates her title win with VALKYRIE. Rain leaps into Ivelisse’s arms in an embrace. Rain taunts the fans as she celebrates her title win.


That’ll conclude the SHINE #11 iPPV. Hope to have a written review of the show up this weekend, podcast review next week on the Wrestleview Radio Network. Have a good weekend, everyone!