Thomas Rude sent this in.


San Jose-Wrestling for Charity at the St. John Vianney Community Center: Sledge defeated six other wrestlers to win the Earthquake Elimiation Match…Terra Calaway pinned Nicole Savoy…Idris Jackson pinned JR Kratos…Kikyo Nakamura pinned Tab Jackson…Jeff Cobb pinned Ryan McQueen…Julio Pedroza pinned Kaka Meng…The Henchman (Dalton Frost & KMJ) and Vinny Massaro vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster) and Marcus Lewis…Jeckles pinned Rik Luxury. (6/7/14)



Chicago-Anarchy Pro Wrestling at the Berwyn Eagles Club: Joey Britton pinned D’Angelo Steele…Sunny Ago & Dave Allen defeated Matthew Fontaine & Jack Carpenter…Brad Kevins pinned Damien Tyler…Superbad Vs. Allure went to a Double Countout…The Beast pinned Mike Daniels…Marcello Spade pinned Shane Fury…Jeff Troy pinned Kevin Kross…Enforcers defeated Marcus Cordova & Zexx…Willie Richardson defeated Max by DQ. (5/24/14)


Glen Carbon-Dynamo Pro at The Sports Accademy: Rocket Mapache pinned Brandon Gallagher…Jake Parnell vs. Jackal went to a No-Contest…Billy McNeil pinned Mike Sydal…Mark Sterling & Bradley Charles defeated Brandon Espinoza & Brandon Aarons…Ken Kassa pinned Alexander Rudolph…Jeremy Wyatt pinned Dan Walsh…The Bum Rush Brothers (Shorty Biggs & OuTtKaSt) vs. The Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & David Delorean) went to a Double Pinfall…Ricky Cruz pinned Jake Dirden to become the new Dynamo Pro Heavyweight Champion. (5/10/14)


Rochelle-North American Pro Wrestling at the Hickory Grove Banquet Center: Nate Quest pinned William Jacobs…DOJ defeated Joey Rose in a Grudge Match…Colin Smith & Dave Rydell defeated Ricky the Janitor & El Magnifico…Shark Boy vs. Jack Carpenter went to a Double DQ…Grin pinned Vic Capri…East/West Express (Jeff Luxon & Ryan Kross) defeated Pauly Thomaselli & Hardcore Craig…Aaron Xavier & Joey Britain defeated Steve Boz & Colin Cambridge…Anthony Antonelli pinned Mike Anthony…Machine defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. (5/31/14)



Elkhart-Strong Style Wrestling at the Roosevelt Center: Chase Matthews pinned Rod Street…Jester Yorrick pinned Willie Richardson…Jack Thriller pinned Anthony Toatele…The Arc Angel pinned The Great Akuma…Kharn Alexander pinned Alexander S. Kirk…Dru Skillz & Appollo Starr defeated The Untamed…Brian DeFiance pinned Mark Vandy…Russ Jones & Scotty Young defeated Louis Lyndon & Jun Hado…Sugar Dunkerton pinned Remi Wilkins. (6/7/14)


Franklin-Real Wrestling Action at the Johnson County Fairgrounds: The Legion Crush (Kevin Gale & Chadwick Miller) defeated Jon Murray & the Fiji Wildman…Joey Owens & Dave Davidson defeated Jay Taylor & Jeff Holloway…Roger Lanier pinned Hassan Payne…Anthony Lee pinned Bobby Black…Jeremy Hadley pinned Chase Matthews…Jake Omen & Dash Venture defeated Bobby Rogers & Nate Stone…Flash Flanagan & Michael Hayes defeated Mohomah Ali Vaez & TJ Kemp…King Percival defeated Chris Hall & Appollo Starr…The 8Bit Punks (Damian Cole & Aaron Anarchy) and Gabriel Grey defeated Ground and Pound (Rick Vidol & Steve Sterling Jr.) and Mike King…Revelation (Kenneth James & Bret Havoc) defeated Jack Thriller & Sean Tyler…Dustin Rayz vs. Donny Idol went to a Double DQ. (5/31/14)



Lowell-Chaotic Wrestling at the Polish American Veterans’ Club: Elia the Great pinned Jimmy Preston…Mark Shurman & Scotty Slade defeated Brian Fury in a “Pick Your Poison” Match…Vern Vicallo pinned Psycho…Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia defeated Julian Starr & Mikey Webb…Chase Del Monte & Sean Burke defeated Warbeard Hanson & Adam Booker…Kasey Ray pinned Mistress Belmont…Thomas Penmanship & Brian Milonas in a “Pick Your Poison” Match went to a No-Contest. (5/30/14)


New Bedford-House of Bricks at the Dias Field: Mack Attack (Monters Mack & Trainee #1) defeated JB Tickle & Everett Briggs….Lumberjake & Shawn Candido defeated Dan Terry & Tim Lennox…Evan Siks pinned Robbie Araujo…David Armando Nieves Flores pinned Shay Cash…Ramona Romano pinned Anthony Greene…Aaron Amadeus pinned Gary Gold…The High Class Cartel (Rich Bass, Matt Storm & Mike McCarthy) defeated The Fabulous Baker Boys (Johnny Fabulous, David Baker & Devin Baker). (5/31/14)


Stoneham-Chaotic Wrestling at the Stoneham High School: Chase Del Monte pinned Warbeard Hanson…Matt Taven pinned Scotty Slade…Brian Milonas pinned Jimmy Preston…The Stoneham Spartan eliminated Adam Booker to win the Chaotic Countdown…Julian Starr & Mikey Webb defeated The Logan Brothers (Bryan & Matt)…Kasey Fray defeated Alexxis…Mark Shurman pinned Brian Fury to become the new CW Heavyweight Champion. (5/31/14)



Gladstone-UPW at the UPW Underground: Jason the Terrible pinned Darkchild…Kaz Karter pinned Super Yooper…Bryan Skyline pinned Atlas Hightower…Brad Sharpe defeated Tyler Jackson by Submission…TW3 pinned Brock Hall…Peter B. Beautiful defeated Randi West in a Death Match…Slick Rick pinned Jordy Lee…Devan Nash pinned Joseph Schwartz to become the new Alternative Champion…Johnny Smash pinned Brett Powers…Joey Avalon pinned Mark Priebe. (5/31/14)



Fenton-Dynamo Pro Wrestling at the Stratford Bar & Grill: The Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & David Delorean) defeated Jack Gamble & Jake Parnell…Evan Morris pinned Ace Hawkins…Brandon Espinosa pinned Brandon Aarons…Ricky Cruz defeated OuTtKaSt & Bradley Charles in a Three-Way Dance…Mark Sterling pinned Da’Marius Jones…Jeremy Wyatt pinned Mike Sydal…Jake Dirden vs. Elvia Aliaga went to a No-Contest. (5/3/14)


St. Louis-Dynamo Pro Wrestling at the Off-Broadway Music Venue: Brandon Aarons pinned Ace Hawkins…Brandon Espinosa pinned Rocket Marpache…Jake Dirden defeated Brandon Gallagher & Everett Connors…The Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & David Delorean) defeated The Bum Rush Brothers (Shorty Biggs & OuTtKaSt) to become the new Dynamo Pro Tag Team Champions…Ricky Cruz pinned Alexander Rudolph. (5/27/14)



Las Vegas-Vendetta Pro Wrestling at the 2014 Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion at the Gold Coast Casino: Steve Anthony pinned Joey Ryan…Virgil Flynn defeated Marcus Lewis, Matt Carlos and Funny Bone in a Four-Way Match…La Rosa Negra won the Vendetta Vixens Gauntlet Match…SU/KA (Sunami & Kadin Anthony) defeated Parental Discretion (Mike Menace & Mike Rayne), Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal) & EGO (Broseph Joe Brody & Nathan Graves)…Jeckles pinned Tokyo Monster Kahagas…Vintage Dragon defeated Johnny Devine & Chasyn Rance in a Three-Way Match…Shane & Shannon Ballard defeated The Keepers of the Faith (Gabriel Gallo & Dom Vitalli)…Sean Casey defeated 38 other wrestlings in a “Royal Rumble” Style Battle Royale to win the 2014 Casino Royale. (6/1/14)

Brian Westcott

Las Vegas-Vendetta Pro Wrestling at the 2014 Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion at the Gold Coast Casino: Bobby Sharp won the 31-Man Second Chance Battle Royal…Billy Blade pinned Sledge…Short Sleeve Sampson, Terry Calaway, Kiara Dillon, Tab Jackson, Allie Parker & Andrea the Giant defeated Shannon Ballard, Samantha Slides, Kat Von Heez, Melissa Coates, Arlene James & Sage Sin Supreme in a 12-Person Intergender Match…Matt Riviera & Greg Anthony defeated Matt Hardy & Americos…Rik Luxury pinned Dylan Drake…Santana Garrett defeated La Rosa Negra & Cheerleader Melissa in a chickfight Gauntlet Three-Way Elimination Match…Sean Casey pinned Bobby Sharp to win the 2014 Cauliflower Alley Cup…Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) defeated Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)…Rob Conway pinned Satoshi Kojima to become the new NWA World Heavyweight Championship. (6/2/14)

Brian Westcott


Blacklick-Pro Wrestling Live at Crossfit Future: Bruce Grey pinned Jeremy Madrox…Damien Kass pinned Aaron Andrews…Devline Anderson pinned Sless Taylor…Duke Beefhammer defeated Brandon Fields in a Bill Watts Rules Match…The Black & Blue Crew defeated Beast Mode…Levi Connors pinned Dirk Extreme. (5/31/14)


Dayton-Combat Zone Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: Sozio pinned Nate Wings…Drew Gulak pinned Aaron Williams…BJ Whitmer pinned Greg Excellent…The Killer Death Machines (Neveah & Jessicka Havok) defeated LuFisto & Kimber Lee…Shane Strickland pinned Caleb Konley…The Juicy Product defeated Los Ben Dejos…Biff Busick pinned Danny Havoc…OI4K defeated AR Fox & Rich Swann…DJ Hyde defeated Ron Mathis in a Panes of Glass Match. (5/31/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena: Benjamin Kimera pinned Kyron…Dangerzone (Austin Bradley & Kyle Maverick) defeated Jon Murray & Ron Mathis…The Fight (Draven & Jerrod Harris) defeated Pompano Joe & Jeremiah…Lufisto pinned Samantha Heights…Matt Taylor defeated Tom McClane & Duke Beefhammer…Great American Beast pinned Dave Crist…Jim Hutchinson pinned Ganger…Aaron Williams defeated Jake Crist & Gerome Philips in a Triple Threat Match. (7/4/14)


Fairfield-Northern Wrestling Federation at the UAW Hall: Big Jim Hutchinson pinned Big Rig…T-Money & Samson defeated Crazy Ed & the Executioner…KYRON defeated Jordan Lachey & Chuck E. Smooth in a Triple-Threat Match…The Revolution defeated Miguel Sanchez, Anthony Bryant & Angel…The Stewner Brothers defeated Dirty South to become the new NWF Tag Team Champions…Nasty Russ defeated Brody Cormick by DQ…Jay Donaldson pinned Sean Harddrive…The Rock-A-holic pinned Pompano Joe. (5/31/14)


Jackson-Revolutionary Championship Wrestling at the YMCA: Cosmic Connection pinned BEAST MODE…Tommy Chill pinned Bruce Grey…Corey Mason defeated Duke Beerhammer & Randy Allen in a 3-Way Match…Jimmy Malloy pinned Cyrus Poe…Ron Mathis & Devlin Anderson defeated Chad Cruise & DDK…Tyson Rogers pinned Dirk Extreme…Sera Feeny pinned Heather Owens. (6/6/14)


Massillon-The Dustin Batdorff Invitational 3 at the Rivertree Christian Church: Ernie Ballz won the Kick-Off Reverse Battle Royal…Jeremy Madrox pinned Juice Jennings…Matthew Justice & Chris Stark defeated James Avery & Benjamin Boone…Matt Taylor defeated Remi Wilkins, Takahashi & Aaron Williams in a 4-Way Scramble…Mikey D pinned Jimmy Shane…Joey Vengeance pinned Robby Starr…Ron Mathis pinned Rickey Shane Page…Sherman Tank, Jeff Cannon & Levi Connors defeated Kaden Assad, Zakk Spadez & Bruce Grey in a Six-Man Tag Team Match…Matt Taylor defeated five other wrestlers to become the 2014 DBi Champion. (5/30/14)


Middletown-Legends of the Square Cirle at the LSC Arena: Chris Ledbetter & Hot Wheels Fugly defeated Arcell & Tim Lutz…Todd Mullins pinned Crush Simmons…Mike Brody & Chris Morgan defeated Steve Anderson & Ryan Wylde…Akb 2 pinned Hijack…Brutal Bellman pinned Nightshadow…Ryan Stone pinned La Black…West Brothers & Sgt Ledbetter defeated Un-Americans & Tanu in a Middletown Street Fight. (6/7/14)


New Straitsville-Southern Championship Wrestling at the Moonshine Festival: Halo pinned Mac Diesel…Rok Wyler pinned Flex Taylor…Spade pinned Bobby Watson…Mike Howerton pinned Jake…Mark Mattox pinned Rockin’ Redneck…Rockin’ Redneck won the Top Rope Battle Royal to win the Moonshine Cup. (5/23/14)


Norwood-Ascension Pro Wrestling at the Punch House: Zac West pinned Nightshadow…Berlin defeated Dewey Brown & Hijack in a Triple Threat Match…Richie O’Ryan pinned Arcell Martin…Tim Lutz pinned Tanu…Love & War defeated Big T & Sgt. Ledbetter…Brutal Bellman pinned The Phoenix…Jay West pinned Chris Morgan to become the new APW Challengers Champion. (5/24/14)



Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Michael Dunn pinned Mark Dunnavant…Forsaken pinned Larry Cooter…Jeremiah Plunkett pinned Shaun Fatal….Ringmaster defeated Mikey Dunn by DQ…Lawarence & JP Jones defeated Shane & Steve Morton to become the new ASW Tag Team Champions. (5/31/14)


Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: The Masked Superstar pinned Michael Dunn….Tyler Bivins defeated Ray Dunnavant & Cody Morton in a Triple Threat Match…Jeremy Flynt pinned Kilo…Larry Cooter & Shaun Fatal defeated JP Jones & Lawrence by DQ…The Ringmaster pinned Mikey Dunn to become the new ASW United States Champion. (6/7/14)



Salt Lake City-Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero at the UCW Zero Arena: Zack James pinned The Durango Kid…Jayson Bravo pinned The Shadow Fox…Stevie Slick pinned Chase Earl…The 801 District (Los Mochi Paco & Junior X) defeated Team BAD (Braiden Austin & Dante Acosta)…Lacey Ryan pinned Sierra Rose…Dom Vitalli pinned Jason Jaxon….Dallas Murdock, Manny Fresh & The Dark Angel defeated Kad, Bronson & Rocky Ocean…Martin Casaus pinned Gabriel Gallo. (5/31/14)


Norfolk-Vanguard Championship Wrestling at Norfolk Masonic Temple: Brandon Scott pinned Bo Nekoda…Chatch pinned Jean Jean Lebon…RH3 defeated Country Kidd by Knockout to become the new VCW Commonwealth Heritage Champion…Shorty Smalls pinned Mark Denny…Jay Steel & The Reason defeated The Firm (Mr. Class & John Kermon)…Diamond Victor Griff defeated Devin Lopez by Submission…James Dallas Hall defeated Mugabi by DQ…James Dallas Hall defeated Jerry Stephanitsis by Submission…Dirty Money pinned Sean Denny. (6/7/14)