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As reported earlier, Samoa Joe has been added to the live PPV tonight.


Ring of Honor Wrestling® (ROH) will make its return to Las Vegas on Sunday March 1st, 2015 as it presents its 13th Anniversary super event at 7:30 p.m. ET / 4:30 PT live from the Orleans Hotel and Casino.

High Stakes Four Corner Survival for the ROH World Championship
Jay Briscoe ( c ) v Michael Elgin vs Tommaso Ciampa v Hanson

As the calendar changed from 2014 into 2015 the ROH World Championship picture was one of chaos. You had former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin, Hanson and “The Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa all coming off impressive years with what they believed were claims as the #1 contender to ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe. The 3 challengers would do battle in a #1 contenders match on ROH Television which ended with no clear winner. That forced ROH matchmaker Nigel McGuinness into a corner. How could he pick one contender above all with no decisive winner? ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe, never one to back down from a challenge, made Nigel’s decision very easy. Briscoe would let Nigel and the world know he was “All In”! He wanted all 3 men in one match live on Pay Per View. The Four Corner High Stakes Survival for the ROH World Championship is exactly as it states. Can Elgin reclaim what he says should be his? Can Hanson cap off an amazing year in ROH by winning the biggest prize in professional wrestling? Can Ciampa stay focused long enough to fulfill what he deems to be his destiny? Briscoe is bringing everything he has and will be ready for everything. The stakes are high and the richest prize in the sport is on the line in our main event at Ring of Honor’s 13th Anniversary Spectacular, live on Pay Per View.

ROH World Television Championship
Jay Lethal ( c ) w/ Truth Martini vs Alberto El Patron

When this match-up is mentioned among fans it is usually prefaced as a dream match. This coming Sunday that dream match will become reality. Upon his arrival in ROH, Alberto El Patrón wanted an opportunity to speak with his fans on ROH Television. Alberto proclaimed that he was finally among the best wrestlers on the planet and he wanted a shot at the most important title in professional wrestling, the ROH World Championship. Lethal and Truth Martini took offense to this with Lethal believing that he is the measuring stick and holder of the most important title in ROH as the World Television Champion. This rivalry has taken on a personal twist as Lethal feels Alberto overlooked him as a champion. El Patrón believes Lethal has challenged his manhood, something for which Alberto will not stand. Can Lethal add Alberto El Patrón to the record list of contenders he has defeated? Can Alberto El Patrón make history by ending the historic reign of Lethal?

ROH World Tag Team Championship
reDRagon ( c ) v IWGP Jr Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks

The rivalry between reDRagon and The Young Bucks has reached literally global levels of acclaim and competition. They have battled each other in three nations while trading two internationally recognized championships between them: the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship and the ROH World Tag Team Championship. Both of these teams have become known for their cocky arrogance as well as incredible athleticism. They each truly believe they are THE best in the world. Every match between them raises the stakes even higher. After being voted the 2014 ROH Match of the Year, you know these teams are bound and determined to win in 2015 as well! With the bar already set so high, we can promise you that March 1st will be a special and unforgettable night of professional wrestling.

IWGP Heavyweight Champion “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs ACH

AJ Styles, the leader of the vaunted Bullet Club, has been on a roll since returning to Ring of Honor a little over a year ago. He has turned back some very tough challenges and his opponent at the 13th Anniversary Spectacular will be no different. ACH is young, hungry, rambunctious and motivated. AJ has publicly that his goal in 2015 is to win the ROH World Championship. ACH also has aspirations to capture the most important prize in professional wrestling. These two high-flying superstars will meet in Las Vegas, live on pay Per View and bring the battle into the stratosphere.

Moose vs Mark Briscoe

Though former NFL Star Moose has been in Ring of Honor for only a short time, he has made it known that ROH gold is his destiny – and he wants the chance to get it as soon as possible. The streetwise Stokley Hathaway and vivacious Veda Scott have their monster primed for gold and don’t want to wait. Recently, at a Ring of Honor event in Dayton, Ohio, Moose showed up unannounced to watch the main event, a dream tag team encounter between The Briscoes and Matt Sydal & ACH. While at first it seemed he was scouting the main event scene, after the match, Moose attacked The Briscoes and Sydal! After a spear recently on ROH Television, Moose has now left Mark Briscoe laying two times and the ROH Original isn’t going out like that. Mark recently stated he has hunted many things, but Moose isn’t one and he is coming hunting this Sunday for the biggest Moose in professional wrestling

Cedric Alexander vs Matt Sydal

Cedric Alexander is seems to be one step away from greatness at any moment, while #Reborn Matt Sydal is in a fight to get to the very top of ROH for the first time. These two athletically gifted individuals will be battling not just to be the winner but to also position themselves as a true contender to the ROH World and Television Championships.

The Kingdom vs The Addiction vs The Bullet Club

You have the destructive IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions in Doc Gallows & Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson, you have the flashy Addiction in Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian and you got the brash Kingdom in Matt Taven & Michael Bennett all clashing for tag team supremacy. The Addiction need a big win like this to set them on the path towards championship gold. The Bullet Club just regained the IWGP Tag Team Championship and are looking to lay waste to anyone that steps up. The Kingdom is on a roll with a huge win last weekend in tag team Armageddon over the Briscoe Brothers and want to keep moving forward. All 3 want to shine in Las Vegas, a victory here puts the winners on a collision course with the ROH World Tag Team Champions!

Maria Kanellis w/Michael Bennett vs O.D.B w/Mark Briscoe

The hatred between the Briscoes and The Kingdom is certainly not a new development. Maria Kanellis is the Queen of the Kingdom and is used to getting her way. She has developed a reputation of using The Briscoes’ lack of willingness to come into physical contact with her to her advantage. Time and time again Maria would stick her nose into The Kingdoms/Briscoe Brothers business. The Briscoes finally made a call to even the odds. That call was to the toughest, most-down-and-dirtiest broad they know, O.D.B (One Dirty Briscoe) ! Her credentials and capabilities speak for themselves. She is internationally known as a star of women’s wrestling and one of the most uniquely talented athletes of all time. Maria is scared stating over and over that she is not a wrestler. This Sunday night, she will not be able to run. O.D.B. is coming to handle business Briscoe style!

“Mr ROH” Roderick Strong vs BJ Whitmer

After a year of functioning as a unit in The Decade, BJ Whitmer and Adam Page decided it was time to kick Roderick Strong out of the group. Whitmer would take to media outlets and accuse Strong of being egotistical and self-centered. Strong would remind BJ of everything he has in ROH while Whitmer he has never been seen as “the man”. Words would turn into violence as Whitmer and Strong have now taken any chance available to get their hands on each other. At 13th Anniversary these two will tear into each other in front of the world. Can the bully, BJ Whitmer, prove his relevance to “Mr. ROH”? Can Strong finally shut Whitmer’s mouth and move past The Decade?

Ring of Honor’s 13th ANNIVERSARY is without a doubt a must-see event! If you can’t be there live, you can watch on Pay-per-View. For a list of provider click HERE. To purchase your tickets for March 1st in Las Vegas, click HERE!