MLW to bring back WarGames match this September, New pro wrestling series debuts on Amazon Prime


MLW head Court Bauer issued the following on Monday night, announcing the return of the WarGames Match to the company at their event on September 6.

This will be the first time MLW has held WarGames since its relaunch, but the not the first time in the history of the company as they ran a famous WarGames Match involving WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk and current NXT trainer Steve Corino in 2003.

MLW has a TV taping later this week for beIN Sports in Florida and then their “Battle Riot” show on July 19 in New York City, which will air as a 2-hour special on beIN Sports on July 27.

New pro wrestling series debuts on Amazon Prime

The following was issued on Monday, announcing a new 12-episode pro wrestling series entitled “Dojo Pro” on Amazon Prime where the winner of this 12-episode gauntlet-style series will earn a ROH TV Title Match.

Dojo Pro – in Partnership with Ring of Honor – Launches A New Opportunity for Pro Wrestlers to Climb Into the Spotlight on Amazon Prime Video.

New professional wrestling television series Dojo Pro makes its world premiere on Amazon Prime Video. Dojo Pro is the ultimate professional wrestling opportunity that culminates in a shot at a major championship title – but with a dynamic twist.

Like all industries, advances in technology and new media have changed the sport of Professional Wrestling, and how new wrestling stars are being discovered.

Differentiating itself from other wrestling programs, Dojo Pro is a gauntlet-style competition in which 13 independent wrestlers – including indie stars like the “Bad Boy” Joey Janela, Shane Strickland, and former World Champion James Storm – fight their way up the ladder.

Every match has real stakes which not only impact the competitors’ future in Dojo Pro, but with one of the top wrestling companies in the world, Ring of Honor. The winner of each match receives the coveted Dojo Pro White Belt – their ticket to advance and face the next hungry competitor. The loser is immediately eliminated. At the top of the ladder waits the Dojo Pro Black Belt, and a guaranteed title shot for the Ring of Honor World Television Championship.

“Ring of Honor is excited to partner with Dojo Pro on their first season,” said Joe Koff, COO of Ring of Honor Wrestling. “Dojo Pro is an incredible new take on how professional wrestling is presented. Just as RoH has always been committed to showcasing new talent, Dojo Pro gives the world access to impressive independent wrestlers that they may not have seen, as well as amazing matches. And at the end of the competition, Dojo Pro could even introduce us to a new Ring of Honor World Television Champion.”

But to get both the Dojo Pro Black Belt and the Ring of Honor title bout, the last wrestler standing will have to overpower and out-wrestle the Dojo Pro No. 1 seed, and daunting Olympic athlete, Jeff Cobb.

Dojo Pro presents pro wrestling in a unique way that respects the viewers’ time. Each of the 12 episodes run under 30 minutes and the gauntlet style format is easy to follow, quick to digest and completely binge-able. Dojo Pro is committed to providing a combat sports experience that the whole family can enjoy together, on their schedule.

“Dojo Pro has created a unique viewing experience that is made for the modern era,” said Eric Bischoff, Fmr. Executive Vice President of WCW. “Releasing on Amazon Prime Video not only means it can be watched anywhere on any device, but it is a show that was specifically created to be enjoyed that way. You can binge Dojo Pro or watch it on your lunch break. As a friend of the production team, it has been fun to see the show develop and I’m excited to see the reaction from the audience.”

Dojo Pro, and it’s panel of advisors, have hand-selected independent wrestlers from all over the world for this new competition, and ranked them based on a list of criteria – with the most important trait being potential. Since Dojo Pro will be available internationally, it was important the competition have worldwide appeal.

“I’ve been thrilled to work with Dojo Pro as their International Consultant,” said Legendary Professional Wrestling Manager and recipient of the 2018 Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award, Kazou Sonny Onoo. “My background in the world of martial arts and pro wrestling made me uniquely qualified to help with blending the traditional and modern elements of combat sports from around the world. I’m actively working with the team to expand distribution worldwide. My goal is to facilitate Dojo Pro in showcasing some of the best American talent to an international audience.”

Along with intense matches, viewers will get to know each wrestler, and see first-hand what this chance means to them. For many of these competitors, Dojo Pro is a long-sought after opportunity to propel their career into the spotlight. Any wrestler from any background has a chance to overcome the odds and become a champion.

Dojo Pro Season 1 is available for free to Amazon Prime Members right now on Prime Video in 12 binge-able, single match episodes, each under 30 minutes. It is high-octane, title-shot entertainment for busy fans and families. This is a new kind of wrestling show. This is Dojo Pro.

This was the much-speculated pro wrestling show that filmed back in March in Nashville where no details were announced following the tapings. The show features former Impact star James Storm and current top independent talents Joey Janela, Jeff Cobb, MJF