ROH Supercard of Honor Results – 4/1/22 (Five Title Matches)

ROH Supercard of Honor Results
April 1, 2022

Garland Texas (Curtis Culwell Center)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We go live to the Curtis Culwell Center with Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman on commentary. This is the first show under Tony Khan as the new owner. The original logo and set is being used.

“Swerve” Strickland vs. Alex Zayne

Both men start with a lock up. As both men attempt high flying kicks, the crowd chants for Strickland and Zayne, who goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Swerve has Zayne locked up as Zayne breaks the hold. Swerve goes on the top rope and Zayne jumps up on Swerve, who counters with a TKO on the top rope. Swerve hits a bullseye on Zayne who falls to the floor. Zayne is back in ring and goes for a pin on Zayne, but only gets a two count. Swerve has Zayne locked up, but Zayne hits Swerve to break the hold, then hits Swerve with a clothesline. Zayne has Swerve in the corner and hits him with a chop to the chest. Zayne has Swerve on the top rope and takes him down. Zayne goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Swerve has Zayne in a crab, but Zayne gets to the rope to break the hold. Swerve is on the outside. Both men are the apron. Zayne hit a crazy move with flipping Swerve over his head to the floor as the fans went nuts. The ref begins to count, as Tony Khan is keeping the 20 count. Both men are back in the ring. Zayne hits a crazy flip on Swerve from the top rope. Zayne goes for the pin, but only gets a two count as the crowd chants this is awesome. Swerve goes to the top and hits Zayne with a Swerve stomp, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Zayne hits Swerve with a big knee to the jaw. Swerve then hits Zayne with a JML Driver for the 1, 2, and 3.

Winner by pinfall: “Swerve” Stickland

Tully Blanchard comes out to introduce his new member of TBE Enterprises, which is Brian Cage.

Ninja Mack vs. Brian Cage

Mack tried to jump on Cage who picks up Mack and drops him on the outside apron. The bell rings and Cage hits Mack with shoulder tackle. Cage has Mack in the corner and hits him over and over. Mack attempted to get some offense on Cage, but was grabbed and tossed by Cage. Mack is picked up again and tossed across the ring by Cage. Cage taunts the crowd who boos. Mack attempts to come back with some offense, but Cage grabs him and drops him again. Cage puts Mack in a drill claw for the pin.

Winner by pinfall: Brian Cage

Jay Lethal vs. Lee Moriarty (with Matt Sydal)

Moriarty goes for a kick but Lethal moves. Both men trades lock ups. This is a technical style match so far. Both men roll up, and Moriarty goes for a pin, but only gets a two count, as the crowd chants go Lee and go Lethal. Lethal has Moriarty locked up. Lethal attempts a lethal injection, but misses as Moriarty goes for a three count, but only get two. Both men hit each other with chops. Moriarty hits Lethal in the jaw and then goes for a three count, but only gets two. Moriarty hits Lethal with a kick to the spine, then goes for a pin, but only gets a two counts. Lethal hits Moriarty with a backbreaker. Lethal hits Moriarty with elbow drops to the knee. Lethal has Moriarty in a leg lock, but Moriarty breaks the hold as Lethal continues to hit Lethal with kicks to the leg and knee. As Moriarty attempts to come back in the ring, Lethal drops kicks Moriarty. Lethal then dives through the ropes to his Moriarty. Lethal hits Moriarty with a baseball slide, then another dive to keep Moriarty on the outside. As Lethal goes for another baseball slide, Moriarty goes back in the ring and then has enough to hit Lethal with a kick as both men go to the outside. Both men get back in the ring as and exchange blows. Lethal hits Moriarty with kicks to the knee and the back of the leg. Both men exchange blows again. Moriarty out of nowhere clotheslines Lethal. He goes for the pin on Lethal, but only get the two count. Lethal gets Moriarty to the top rope. Moriarty counters Lethal’s attempted suplex from the top, but his leg gives out. Lethal hits Moriarty with a Lethal combination and then goes for the pin, but Moriarty kicks out at two. Lethal hits Moriarty with a kick to the face, and then a cutter. Lethal goes to the top rope for an elbow drop, then Moriarity attempts a pin. Both men go for several pin attempts with several near falls. As Matt Sydal was talking with the ref, Lethal hit Moriarity with a lowblow as the crowd boos, then hits the Lethal injection for the pin on Moriarty as the crowd boos loudly. Lethal seems disgusted with himself as his hand is raised and continues to seems upset during the replay.

Winner by pinfall: Jay Lethal

After the match Jay tries to explain his actions to Matt Sydal. Then Lethal kicks the crutches and goes after Sydal’s injured leg as the fans boo. Sonjay Dutt comes in to get Lethal off Matt. Sonjay walks with Lethal to the back to talk sense into Lethal. It looks like we have a heel turn for Jay Lethal.

-Interim ROH Women’s World Championship Match to crown an interim champion: Willow Nightingale vs. Mercedes Martinez

Both women lock up. Willow has Mercedes in a head lock with her legs. Mercedes then slaps Willow to break the hold. Mercedes slaps Willow across the chest. Willow puts Mercedes down and attempts a pin, but only gets a one count. WIllow picks up Mercedes for a scoop slam, then goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Mercedes does triple butterflies on Willow, then Mercedes has Willow locked up for a submission, but Willow grabs the bottom rope to break it up. Mercedes then has Willow in a body scissors. Willow gets out the hold and then attempts to Mercedes down. Mercedes counters with knees to the face, then Mercedes hits Willow with strikes to the face. Mercedes hits Willow with chops. Willow then hits Mercedes with a thrust kick as both Women are down. The ref counts. Both women are down exchanging kicks. Both women are back up to their feet. Willow hits Mercedes with clothesline. Both women exchange blows, then Willow hits Mercedes with forearms, as Mercedes comes back with clotheslines. Mercedes goes for an air raid crash, and attempts the pin, but only gets a two count. Mercedes hits Willow with elbows her neck. Willow hits Mercedes with a pounce. Willow hits Mercedes with a corner cannonball, then goes for the pin, but Mercedes puts her arm under the rope to break the hold. Mercedes has Willow up for an OD drop, goes for the pin, but only gets a two! Mercedes is frustrated at this point. Mercedes comes back with blows to the back of Willow. Both women are the top rope and Mercedes tries to drop Willow. Mercedes is caught on the rope as Willow hits Mercedes. Willow goes to the top rope for a moonsault on Mercedes. Willow attempts the pin, but only gets a two as Mercedes kicked out. Mercedes has Willow in the Mercedes Sleeper as Willow submits.

Winner by submission and Interim ROH Women’s Word Champion: Mercedes Martinez

After the match both women hug as the crowd cheers. Willow and Mercedes go to the back together.

-ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: The Briscoes defends against AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR

Both men trash talk as the ring introductions are being done by Bobby Cruise.

As the match begins to start the crowd chants “Holy S—” Neither team adhere to the code of honor. The crowd is going is going bonkers and is split on both teams. As Cash and Mark are locked up, the crowd chants this is awesome. Cash hits a firemen’s carry takeover on Mark. Mark tags in Jay, the crowd chants “Tag Team Wrestling!” Dax and Jay are now in the ring and are going face to face trash talking each other. Both men are locked up. Both men break the hold. Dax has Jay in a head lock, but Jay countered with a head scissors. Dax gets out of it and spit in Jay’s face and then walks to the outside of the ring with a smirk on his face. As Dax is back in the ring, Jay hits him with a shoulder tackle. Jay goes for another, but Dax counters. Jay then hits Dax with a clothesline as Dax falls to the outside. Dax gets a chair and throws it in the ring and Jay catches it. Dax is back inside the ring and tags Cash. Jay attempts offense, but Cash counters with a back elbow. Jay hits Cash with a big elbow as Jay tags in Mark and hits Cash with huge chops to the chest and then suplexes Cash. Cash then hits Mark and tosses toward his side of the ropes and tags in Dax, who goes for the pin, but only gets the two count. Mark and Dax get into a chop battle. Dax then comes back with a closed fist and knocks Mark down. Dax tags in Cash. Mark makes it to the corner to tag in Jay who then has Cash in the corner and hits him with kicks. Jay tags in Mark. Jay takes Cash to outside, and then Cash. Mark leaps over the rope with an elbow drop onto Dax on the outside. The action has spilled to the outside. The ref is trying to get both men back in the ring. FTR has Jay under a table. FTR snaps Jay’s head on the table. Jay is busted open and bleeding from the forehead. Cash then hits Jay as blood splatters from his head. Dax had Jay in a head lock as Jay continues to pour blood from the head. Dax is covered with blood from Jay. Dax has Jay on the top rope and hits him with chops. Jay counters with a headbutt, but Dax comes back and takes him out with a knee. Dax Superplexes Jay from the top rope as both men are down. Cash comes in a takes out Jay. As Cash distracts the ref, Dax hits Jay in the face. Cash tags Dax back in. Jay attempts to come back and rolls to make the tag to Mark. Mark hits FTR with chops. Jay is out on the floor. Cash is on the outside. Mark grabs Dax and takes him down and goes for the pin, but only gets a two. Dax blind tags Cash and then gets taken out. The Briscoes hits a read neck pile driver on Cash, and goes for the pin, but only gets two, and the fans go nuts. Both FTR hit Jay with big splashes, and a power-bomb Dax goes for a pin, but only get a two as the fans go crazy and chant ROH. Jay hits Dax and goes for a three count, but only gets a two. On the outside both teams take each other out with their finishing moves. There are so many near falls with action all over the place. Jay suplexes Dax off the ring apron to the floor as the crowd goes nuts. Dr. Sampson comes out to check on Dax. Cash is asking if he can still go. Dax says he can go. Mark is busted open. The ref begins the 20 count. Dax gets back in the ring and breaks the count. Cash is trying to help Dax to his feet. All four men are back in the ring and exchange blows. Cash charges at Mark who takes him over the top rope. Mark hits a corkscrew on Cash to the outside. Jay and Dax are in the ring as both men exchange blows, while Mark and Cash are still on the outside. Both men are down as blood pours from their heads. Both men are now back to their feet then are down. Mark hits a froggy bow from the top rope on Dax, then Jay goes for the pin and only gets a two count! Jay has Dax and tags in Mark as they go for the doomsday device, as Jay goes out and then FTR hits their finisher and gets the pin.

Winners and new ROH World Tag Team Champions: FTR

After the match FTR go to the shake the hands of The Briscoes. The fans give both teams a standing ovation. FTR puts the titles down and give a bow to The Briscoes and then both men shake hands and hug as the fans chant ROH. The fans chant Thank You Briscoes and both men get emotional then out of nowhere, the Young Bucks come in and superkick The Briscoes. As The Young Bucks go for the Meltzer driver on Jay, FTR comes out to make the save. Dax grabs a mic and trash talks The Young Bucks and calls The Briscoes the best tag team of all time. FTR challenges The Young Bucks. The Young Bucks tease a match, then say its perfect for Wednesday night on Dynamite. The Young Bucks trash talk the fans as they say they left ROH, started a new company then bought ROH. Dax grabs the mic again and says Wednesday night won’t be a gymnastics routine.

ROH World Television Championship Match: Rhett Titus (c) defends against Minoru Suzuki

Rhett put his hand out for the code for honor. Suzuki kicks Rhett’s hand. Suzuki slaps Rhett. Rhett then has Suzuki locked up, but Suzuki breaks the hold with going to the ropes. Both men are now on the outside. Suzuki tosses Rhett back in the ring. Suzuki has Rhett in a headlock on the mat. Rhett grabs the bottom rope to break up the hold. Rhett comes back with a forearm on Suzuki. Rhett grabs Suzuki and then has Suzuki in a leg lock, as Suzuki counters and has Rhett in an ankle lock. Rhett grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Suzuki tries to come back, but Rhett comes back. Suzuki comes back and piledrives Rhett and just like that we have a three count and a new ROH World Television Champion. The fans seems shocked. Suzuki acts like he going to hit Rhett with the belt but doesn’t. It was noted by the commentary team that this is Suzuki’s first title in the U.S.

Winner and new ROH World Television Champion: Minoru Suzuki

-ROH Pure Championship Match: Josh Woods defends against Wheeler Yuta

The action starts fast. Woods has Yuta in an ankle lock. Yuta goes to the rope to break the hold. Woods has Yuta in a body lock. Yuta comes back and has Woods in a lock trying to force his bodyweight down on Woods. The hold is broke. Since this for the Pure Championship, there is a lot of mat wrestling. Yuta has Woods head locked up with his legs. Woods counters with pushing on Yuta. Woods takes down Yuta and puts him in an ankle lock. Yuta breaks the hold. Yuta has Woods in a hold. Woods breaks the hold by going to the bottom rope. There is a lot of technical wrestling in this match as the mat action back and forth. Woods has Yuta in a wrist lock. Yuta comes back with a forearm. Both men are exchanging blows. Woods comes back with a big open slap. He attempts to pin Yuta, but Yuta kicks out at two. Yuta comes back and hits a DDT on Woods. Both men are down. Yuta hits Woods with open palms to the chest area. Yuta goes to the top rope and hits Woods who rolls to the floor. Yuta dives out between the ropes and hits Woods. Bothe men are back in the ring. Yuta drop kicks Woods, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Woods come back with the offense and German Suplexes Yuta, who then counters. Woods had Yuta in a front face lock and then hits Yuta with a spiral suplex on the ropes. Woods goes for the pin, but Yuta uses his last rope break under Pure Rules. Yuta comes back with strikes on Woods and rolls him up and pins Woods.

Winner and new ROH Pure Wrestling Champion: Wheeler Yuta

After the match, Woods shakes Yuta’s hand. Woods then puts the title around Yuta’s waist. The commentary team then runs down the card for Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite. The Young Bucks vs. FTR will be for the ROH World Tag Team Championships.

-ROH Unification Championship Match: Jonathan Gresham vs. Bandido (w/Chavo Guerrero Jr.) 

Both men shake hands as the bell rings. The fans begin to chant Bandido then chant Gresham. Both men lock up and then break the lock. Bandido does some Eddie Guerrero moves and then the fans begin to chant Eddie. Bandido puts Gresham in a head lock with his legs but Gresham gets out of it. Both men are in a test of strength with wrist locks. Gresham goes to the turnbuckle for a clean break. Gresham is down as Bandido attempts to pull up Gresham, but Gresham uses his foot to block it. Gresham comes back with a drop kick on Bandido. The fans begin to chant let’s go Gresham – Bandido. Bandido hits Gresham with a drop kick. Bandido is on the apron as Gresham sweeps the leg, then does a flying drop kick to the back of head of Bandido who hits the floor. The ref begins the 20 count. Bandido is back in the ring at eight. Gresham comes back in and has Bandido in an arm and wrist lock. Gresham goes for the pin but only gets a two. Gresham comes back again and bends Bandido’s wrist over his shoulder, then attempts a pin, but only gets a two. Gresham puts Bandido in a cross face, but Bandido breaks the hold by getting to the bottom rope. Bandido comes back and had Gresham in a surfboard, but Gresham counters and attempts the pin, but only gets a two. Gresham comes back with an ankle lock on Bandido, who then makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Gresham attempts an octopus, but Bandido tries to get out of. Gresham locks it in, but Bandido gets to the ropes to break the hold. Gresham has Bandido in a wrist lock. Bandido breaks the hold, but Gresham comes back. Bandido hits the top rope and does a corkscrew simulator on Greshman. Bandido then picks up Gresham in a jackhammer like hold and is holding Gresham up for a minute then drops Gresham to the mat as the fans go crazy and chant HOLY S—. Bandido then goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Gresham comes back and then clotheslines Bandido. Gresham continues the offense and attempts a pin on Bandido. Gresham then hits Bandido and has him down. Gresham has Bandido in an ankle lock, then the octopus. Bandido gets out of it as Gresham hits elbows to his ear. Bandido falls to the ropes to break the hold. Bandido heads to the floor. Gresham flew over the ropes and Chavo pushed Bandido out of the way. Bandido and Gresham go back in the ring. Bandido hits Gresham with a shining wizard and goes for the three count, but only gets a two. Both men roll each other around for attempted pins. The fans begin to chant this is wrestling. Both men are back to their feet and exchange strikes to the face. Bandido kicks Gresham. When the refs back is turned, Chavo hits Gresham with the title. Bandido is upset and demands the ref to toss Chavo out. The ref tosses Chavo out. Gresham comes off the top rope and misses. Bandido goes for the pin, but only gets a two. Bandido then goes for another drop, goes for the pin, but only gets two. Gresham then goes for pin, but only gets a two. Bandido has Gresham up and hits him with a knee and then hits Gresham with a 21 plex. Bandido goes for the pin, but Gresham kicks out as the fans go crazy chanting ROH. Bandido kicks Gresham twice across his jaw. As Gresham gets to his feet, Bandido kicks him again. Gresham then rolls Bandido up for the pin.

Winner and ROH Unified Champion: Jonathan Gresham

Both men hug as Bandido claps and then leaves the ring. Gresham has the mic as he holds both titles. As Gresham begins to speak, Jay Lethal comes out to challenge for the ROH Championship. Lethal tells Gresham to say yes. Gresham says that Lethal’s current actions shows he has changed. Lethal then calls Lethal a piece of crap. Sonjay Dutt comes out to push off Lethal, but then Sonjay Dutt turns on Gresham. Lee Moriarty comes out, but Dutt and Lethal are too much. Lethal hits Moriarity with a lethal injection. All of sudden, Samoa Joe’s old music hits as Somoa Joe htis the ring as the fans go bonkers. As Dutts back is turned, Somoa Joe put Dutt in a sleeper. The fans start chanting Joe’s gonna kills you. Joe then has Gresham in the ring and shakes his hand and they announce Samoa Joe will be on this Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite as Joe grabs the mic and the show goes off the air.

ROH Supercard of Honor is available to purchase on FITE TV for $29.99. We will have a full review of the show sometime after the show goes off the air.