Ashley Pugh asks for prayers for family involved in accident that killed her husband Jay Briscoe, campaign launched

Josh Wharton, who is part of fundraising campaign for the Briscoe family announced on his Facebook, that a GoFundMe campaign has been launched for the Ternahan family children after their mother passed away in the incident where her truck struck Jay Briscoe’s truck, killing Jay.

“It’s been a tough week for our community, but also has been heartwarming to see the outpouring of love towards the Pugh family during this tragedy. Once again-Jamin touched so many lives across the world and that has been evident by the daily tributes, comments and love we’ve all witnessed. The girls are still progressing, as God continues to hear all of our prayers.

Unfortunately this has not been the case for the other family, as there have been numerous rumors and information out there-which has led to attacking/degrading comments on social media that the family has seen. Her children will read these at some point.

Jamin, Ashley, the Pugh family, myself and K.c. do not stand for this. In a time of tragedy, pointing fingers does not reverse what has been done.

The driver of the other vehicle has 2 young children, and we all should be showing the same love and compassion for them as we have done for the Pugh’s. Be reminded that their world has also been turned upside down undeservingly, and there is a huge hole left in their family.

I am sincerely asking that everyone stop with the negative comments and feelings towards them. Let me remind you all that none of us, and I know myself better than anyone-have things we are not proud of. We all struggle with something.

To judge an entire life by the outcome of this tragedy is not who we are. Only love can conquer hate. Instead of expressing harsh feelings, pray for them.”

Ashley Briscoe, Jay’s wife, posted the following to her Facebook:

“Please pray for the precious babies who also lost their mother. Josh could not have put this into better words. We can not be angry. This was all Gods timing. Jamin’s life had a great purpose and we are watching it all be played out. I can’t even put into words the outpouring of love and support we are experiencing. We are so thankful and blessed!”

Transcript source: PWInsider