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C*4 presents “RISE ABOVE”
Saturday January 19th, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario
Knights of Columbus

Announcer: The Voice
Commentary: Adam B., Cheeky, Matthew Ryan-Shapiro
Attendance: 300
Referees: Bakais & TJ Wylie

Dark Match
• Leon St. Giovanni scored the win over Jeff Fury & Preston Myles.
• John Greed pinned Jaka, in a very hard-hitting affair.

Main Show
1 ) In a back and forth, exciting tornado tag team match, C*4 Tag Team Champions, TdT, Mathieu St. Jacques & Thomas Dubois, narrowly retained their championship over The Afterparty, Cecil Nyx & Chaz Lovely. Things seem far from over between these two tandems.

2 ) Before the next match, World Intergender Champion, Twiggy came to the ring, along with his lawyer, Matthew Ryan-Shapiro, to berate his scheduled opponent for the evening, Vanessa Kraven. After several minutes of trash talk, Twiggy introduced his opponent, who was revealed to be the returning Giant Tiger, dressed as Vanssa Kraven.

Twiggy and Giant Tiger proceeded to have a farse of a match, which saw Twiggy pin GT, and claim it as a victory over Vanessa Kraven.

However, his celebration was short-lived, as the real Vanessa Kraven made her way from the back. To save himself, Twiggy challenged Kraven to a match, on behalf of Giant Tiger.

In quick fashion, Vanessa Kraven defeated Giant Tiger. As a result of the pre-match stipulations by Twiggy, his restraining order against Kraven is now null and void.

3 ) In a back and forth encounter, Sebastian Suave narrowly (by the closest of margins) managed to pin the debuting Chris Dickinson. Dickinson impressed C*4 fans and management with his ruthless hard-hitting style.

4 ) In a chaotic and fast paced six man tag team match, Jae Rukin, Brenk Banks and Alex Vega, defeated “Superstar” Shayne Hawke, and 3.O.

5 ) In an insane and exciting contest, “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea defeated “Speedball” Mike Bailey. The end saw O’Shea, once again out-smart the match official, and his opponent, and manage to knock out Bailey with a vicious key-board shot. As a result of the match, O’Shea may now use his C*4 Championship shot at a show of his choosing. Also, despite the controversial win, O’Shea does not have to accept a future challenge of Bailey, unless he agrees to it.

6 ) Before the next match, Player Uno came out and called out the man he has feuded with in C*4 for the last 18 months, Stu Grayson, aka, Player Dos.

As the two men went back and forth in a heated conversation, Ethan Page came out from the locker room, and said that he was their to make an impact and that the issues of Uno and Stu were cutting into his time. He then called out his scheduled opponent, “MVP” Michael Von Payton, and said that he would like to team with Von Payton against Uno and Stu.

Before Uno could deny the challenge, Grayson accepted.

In an impromptu tag match, the estranged Super Smash Brothers, defeated Page & Von Payton. During the match, Uno and Stu however, seemed to do as much damage to each other, as they did to their opponents.

After the match, TdT and Suave headed to the ring, however, Uno and Stu, fighting side-by –side, kept them at bay.

7 ) In a shocking upset, “Dirty” Buxx Belmar managed to score a pinfall victory over Franky the Mobster. The match saw both men use their bodies as weapons, as well as bodily fluids. The finish saw Buxx score a hurricane-rana into a roll-up, reversing Franky credibility-statement finisher.

8 ) In a violent, fast paced, and completely insane three-way dance, C*4 Champion, “Ronin” Josh Alexander defeated the challenge of Christopher Bishop and Lionel Knight.

Alexander managed to stay one-step ahead of Bishop and Lionel’s respective quick and high-flying attacks.

The finish came when Alexander double-underhook, pile-drove Bishop through two chairs, and scored the pin.

What is next for Alexander? Who will step up to “The Ronin” and his “Ronin’s Rules”, no-DQ or count-out, specialty defence guidelines, on March 9th?

We all look forward to March 9th, 2013, when we continue our exciting sixth season, as we present “LEVEL UP 2013”.

[b]Already set to appear, C*4 Champion, “Ronin” Josh Alexander, ROH World Champion, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, and making his C*4 return, international superstar, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin!


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He’s partly responsible for the HOTTEST phrase in pro wrestling today, and WE GOT HIM!

Fresh off a weekend wrestling show that has created the phrase “Steelhorsing”, and made it one of the top trends worldwide on Twitter, one half of that match appeared on 30 Minute Radio with The Wrestling Guys.

John & Phil were lucky enough to spend some time with Tommy Taylor. Tommy talks about his career and his time as a WWE developmental wrestler, but the bulk of the interview is spent discussing his match this past weekend in Sanford, Florida against NY born wrestler SteelHorse Vachon. All the details of that evening are covered, including the atmosphere in the locker both before and after their match, exactly when things got out of hand, and the sequence of events after the match.

We even asked Tommy if he would consider a rematch against Vachon! Give this one a listen, it’s free streaming now.


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NASHVILLE, TN (Wednesday, January 23, 2013) — Two of the most innovative personalities in the wrestling industry have been added to the lineup for Nashville Pro Wrestling’s debut event Saturday, Feb. 23.

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) founder Jerry Jarrett and longtime wrestler and author Dutch Mantell will sign autographs and chat with fans as part of an all-day sports festival at the Nashville Convention Center. The event — the 104-5 The Zone SportsFest — is an annual fan-focused exhibition that includes Nashville Pro Wrestling action, along with nationally known sports celebrities, coaches, guest speakers, vendors, giveaways and more.

Jarrett is a pioneer in the wrestling industry, and as a promoter and owner of two Memphis-based wrestling groups helped establish Memphis and Nashville as epicenters of pro wrestling throughout the 1970s and ’80s. In 2002, he founded TNA, which has established itself as one of the most-watched wrestling companies worldwide.

Mantell, memorable for his in-ring rivalries with Jerry Lawler throughout the 1970s and ’80s, has been intrumental in talent development with some of today’s top stars in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He’s also the author of two successful books, “The World According to Dutch” (2009) and “Tales From a Dirt Road” (2010).

Jarrett and Mantell will be joined by Warren “Wolfie D” Wolfe, who along with Jamie Dundee helped establish PG-13 as a successful tag team in Memphis and later in WWE and other companies.

In-ring action also will be featured as part of the Nashville Pro Wrestling debut event. The lineup of top independent wrestling talent from across the Midwest and Southern U.S. will include Matt Cage, Elements of Wrestling, Brandon Espinosa, Dyron Flynn, Ace Hawkins, The Hollistars, Christian Rose, Matt Yaden and more. Matchups and exact times will be announced soon.

All advance SportsFest tickets are just $5 and include access to the entire event, which begins at 8:30 a.m. Adult tickets the day of the event are $10. Find more ticket information and the latest event updates at or at

Nashville Pro Wrestling is a locally owned company founded in 2011 with an emphasis on a highly athletic, contemporary style of professional wrestling. Visit for company information, wrestler bios, photos and more.


NWA Top of Texas sent this in.

Results from January 19 Event
– Announcer Rocky Jimenez attempted to conduct an interview with “Old School” Chris Wolfe. Before Chris could even say anything, Paula Fate interrupted. She mentioned the open challenge Chris had issued in the back, and said she had two men who could destroy him, bringing out Shane Garrett and Ryan Justice. Ryan asked Chris who his partner was, and Nolen Phillips would answer the challenge!
– Ryan Justice and Shane Garrett defeated Chris Wolfe and Nolen Phillips at 12:49 in the match.
– Chris Brown defeated Josh Jackson in 8:22 of the 15 minute match. Afterwards, The Lost Boys looked as though they were going to attack Josh, but Nolen Phillips would come out to try and make the save, but the Lost Boys were still able to get the upper hand. Dameon Blood would come out, and The Lost Boys would leave the ring. Dameon would challenge Austin Riley to a match for later tonight, and Austin would accept.
– Jason Erra took on TOT Heavyweight Champion Benny Benitez in a non-title match that ended in 15 Minute Time Limit Draw.
– In a non-title Fatal Four Way match, Jastin X defeated Bubba Gene Husky, WildCard, and TOT Panhandle Champion Jake Logan in 8:47. Afterwards, Jastin claimed that he was coming after Jake’s Panhandle Championship.
– Dameon Blood defeated Austin Riley in 8:50 of a 15 minute match. Afterwards, The Lost Boys came out and attacked Dameon until Pierce Price came out to save Dameon. They presented a tag team contract, making Down To Fight an official tag team in Top Of Texas. They then proceeded to staple the contract to the rear end of Austin Riley.
– In a gruesome and bloody Tables Match for the TOT Tag Team Championships, End Of Days (CoCo Ramirez & Nemesis) defeated Nathan Briggs and BioHaXxXard in 25:49 to become the NEW NWA Top Of Texas Tag Team Champions when Nemesis hit a back body drop on Nate into a table! After the match, Jack Logan proclaimed that true champions were now holding the belts, and claimed the Bio and Nate held down Jake Logan. He said he didn’t have to explain, but that next week the End Of Days were upon us.

The Kings of Saturday Night are at it again! We have the best talent, a great venue, and the most awesome fans in the Texas panhandle! We offer our fans a show that is different from the rest, with some of the most exciting action seen today. Plus, backed by the National Wrestling Alliance, the world’s oldest governing body of professional wrestling promotions, the talent is not only from around the globe, but much of the talent has been featured around the world! Check out our Warriors in action!
This past Saturday night we witnessed the dawning of the End Of Days, when Nemesis and CoCo Ramirez captured the TOT Tag Team titles. The monstrous tag team spent most of the end of 2012 trying to gain the belts. But, with the aid of some wooden tables, the two brawlers were able to capture the belts away from Nathan Briggs and BioHaXxXard. Who looks to be the first challengers to this destructive duo?
Nate and Bio lost the Tag Team Championships, but that wasn’t the big shock of the night. CoCo and Nemesis finally toppled the tag division, but that wasn’t the big shock. The most interesting moment last Saturday was when Jack Logan showed everyone in The WrestlePlex that they really didn’t know Jack, when he excitedly handed the belts over to Nemesis and CoCo. He even claimed that Nate and Bio held back Jake Logan. Why has Jack decided to travel down this dark path and turn his back on the fans?
Two of TOT’s favorite guys are back in the tag team division! Earlier this year, Dameon Blood, who took an unexpected leave of absence from wrestling in Amarillo in mid 2012 and vacated the former HardCore Championship, made his welcomed return to The WrestlePlex. But his return was shadowed by Austin Riley, who took any advantage he could to get a victory over Dameon in multiple talent matches. Dameon had enough, and challenged the leader of The Lost Boys to a singles match. After Dameon got a mark in the victory column, WildCard and Chris Brown sought to attack Dameon and help their leader. This would mark the return for Peirce Price, who just so happened to have a new tag team contract for him and Dameon, reuniting Down To Fight! What kind of challenges will the fan favorite team face in 2013?
It all goes down, and much more, this Saturday night! We’re located at 2650 Dumas Drive – right off the Dumas Highway, and right across from Wonderland Park, in the old Hamlet Shopping Center! We open the doors at 7PM, and we get things started at 7:30PM! Tickets are $10 for Adults over 13 and $5 for Children under 12! We also offer free tickets to children under 5! And, as a way to show our support to our fighting men and women, ALL military are FREE with their military ID!
The Warriors Always Come Out When They Hear The Call! Come See Why Not Only Are We The Kings Of Saturday Nights, But Also The Birthplace Of Future Immortals! – –