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01.30.2013 Bell Gardens, CA – Santino Bros Wrestling is currently drawing more fans & new students into our illustrious dojo every week with its Thursday Night Weekly Showcase!

This weeks show upcoming Jan 31 at 8:30pm features a main event of PPRay Pretty Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas vs the team of Willie Mack & Famous B! Also in action, Los Bandidos Rico Dynamite & Tito Escondido w/ Sylvia vs Order 66 Robby Phoenix & Damien Arsenick, VooDoo Kaos will be in the house, along with Pinky Santino, The Hobo, Steve Pain, Che Cabrera and more!

Limited seating, $10 donation at the door. Doors open at 8pm, bell time is 8:30pm. For more info, call 323.896.3017!


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Fresh off of our interview with Blk Jeez, The Wrestling Guys were preparing to interview CZW promoter DJ Hyde, focusing on his recent trip to Japan.
Then the bombshell hit. CZW issued the following press release: – CZW is announcing that CZW, LLC and Pancoast Productions, Inc. have agreed to terminate their business relationship. Pancoast Productions, Inc. was the parent company of our preferred DVD and iPPV vendor, HybridEnt.TV. Pancoast Productions, Inc. and HybridEnt.TV should be contacted directly with questions regarding the status of orders made through them. This separation has caused CZW to cancel the ‘Ultraviolent Underground’ event scheduled for February 2, as this iPPV was to be streamed exclusively on HybridEnt.TV. According to CZW Vice President Maven Bentley, “CZW will miss the dedication brought to all projects by the Pancoast Productions, Inc. team and wish them well in their future ventures.” will continue to have vendors linked that carry CZW products so our loyal followers may continue to get their fix of ultraviolence. As CZW enters into its fourteenth anniversary on Saturday, February 9, many changes will be coming to the Combat Zone. Bentley added, “as we evolve into our next phase, we ensure fans our in ring action will remain LIKE NOTHING ELSE!.” All energies are focused on CZW ’14′, the fourteenth anniversary event, on Saturday, February 9, 2013, in a deadly doubleheader with Women Superstars Uncensored. WSU begins at 4 pm, CZW at 7:30 pm.

So, the focus of the interview became the recent news concerning the cancellation of the “Ultraviolent Underground” event, and why the long standing relationship between CZW and Hybrid EntTV was ending. This is an epic interview not only for CZW fans, but for fans who want a better understanding of the behind the scenes part of the pro wrestling business.
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PRESS RELEASE : CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows) are now officially associated with the UK charity Bliss (for premature and special care babies)

CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows) are now officially associated with Bliss (for premature and special care babies) – “For babies born too soon, too small, too sick”. To go to their website, visit today.

For those keeping count, this means CAWS Wrestling are now associated with, and raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust, The FireFighters Charity, and now Bliss.

CAWS Wrestling is the UK’s only 100 percent, non profit, charity and fundraising, professional wrestling promotion; we are Luton, Bedfordshire based, but always willing to travel anywhere for a show. Please enquire via our official website’s contact form, as we are also always available for all forms of media opportunity, and if you have a good cause or charity or event, that you’d like us to raise money for.

CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows)
“Raising Money For Worthwhile Causes, Via The Fun & Family Entertainment World Of Professional Wrestling”

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Results from January 26 Event
– Jack Logan came out, much to the displeasure of the crowd. He called the security and the referees into the ring, and then called out Nathan Briggs and BioHaXxXard. He claimed he was the biased referee last week and did his job, and that at the event on February 16, Nate and Bio would have their rematch against End Of Days for the Tag Team Championships. Jack also kept mentioning that he was trying to break Nate, and Nate kept going for Jack, yelling for Jack to fight him personally!
– In a 15 minute match, WildCard got a surprise pin over The Josh Jackson at 7:14 after Chris Brown came out and distracted Josh. After the match, Josh would yell at the referee for missing all that went down. Nolen Phillips would come out to calm his tag team partner.
– In a 15 minute tag team match, Dameon Blood and Pierce Price (DTF, Down To Fight) defeated the team of “The Punisher” Shane Garrett and “The Highlight of Your Night” Ryan Justice at 13:15.
– Shawn Sanders made his way out to the ring, and claimed that he was cashing in his rematch clause for the TOT Heavyweight Championship, held by Benny Benitez, tonight. Cody Jones then made his way to the ring, and reminded everyone that he was the 2012 Seasons Beatings Battle Brawl winner, and was the number one contender to Benny’s championship, and challenged Benny tonight. This brought out Jason Erra, who reminded everyone that he went a full 15 minutes with Benny last week, and the match ended in a draw, and he was the rightful man for the title match. Benny and JoJo Benitez, accompanied by Lee Knight, came out. Benny said that he was going to do what he did with each of them, and leave them beaten down. They then challenged Erra, Sanders, and Jones to a match tonight, and they agreed, even allowing the Benitez Brothers to find a partner. Austin Riley came out to answer said spot in the main event tonight.
– In a 15 minute match, Chris Brown (with WildCard) defeated Bubba Gene Husky at 10:34. As the bell rung, Nolen Phillips came out to help Bubba and even the field. WildCard would distract the ref and Bubba long enough for Chris to set up to hit the superkick, while Nolen was distracted trying to get rid of WildCard.
– In a 20 minute match, Jastin X defeated newcomer Aaron Harms at 11:55 via submission.
– “The Hitmaker” Lee Knight would make his way out to the ring and would announce that he has signed new clients in TOT Tag Team Champions End Of Days, CoCo Ramierez and Nemesis. Lee would run down Nate and Bio, who would come out and brawl with EOD. CoCo would get the upper hand and and blast both Nate and Bio with his Tag Team Belt.
– In our 1 Hour Six Man Tag Team Main Event,

The Kings of Saturday Night are at it again! We have the best talent, a great venue, and the most awesome fans in the Texas panhandle! We offer our fans a show that is different from the rest, with some of the most exciting action seen today. Plus, backed by the National Wrestling Alliance, the world’s oldest governing body of professional wrestling promotions, the talent is not only from around the globe, but much of the talent has been featured around the world! Check out our Warriors in action!
This past Saturday, we thought we might hear an explanation from Jack Logan, who had claimed End of Days, CoCo Ramirez and Nemesis, as true tag team champions after they defeated Nathan Briggs and BioHaXxXard in their Tag Team Tables Match from two weeks ago. Instead, he claimed he put Nate and Bio together for Bio to destroy Nate. He even claimed he booted his son-in-law’s tag partner because of the actions the Nate had pulled on Jake Logan for the past year. He said he was still honest, and that on February 16, he had signed Nate and Bio for their rematch against EOD for the tag team belts. Nathan believes this is just personal attacks on him, and has even gone so far as to challenge Jack to a fight. What will happen in this battle of two tag teams, and a man who still claims “We Don’t Know Jack”?
Three men claim they are the rightful number one contenders to the TOT Heavyweight Championship held by Benny Benitez. Those men are “Sexy” Shawn Sanders, who still has a championship rematch clause in his back pocket, Jason Erra, who went toe-to-toe with Benny Benitez to a time limit draw, and Cody Jones, who won the right to challenge Benny after winning the Season’s Beatings Two Ring Battle Royal. One man who will argue these claims is Benny himself, who has beaten Shawn for the belt, has had his share of run-ins with Cody, and has proven that Erra is no challenge for him. Can any of these men knock Benny off of his throne and become the new TOT Heavyweight Champion?
It seems as though The Josh Jackson is running into a bit of bad luck. Since losing the TOT Light Heavyweight Championship to JoJo Benitez, Josh has yet to win the belt back, and has since run into a losing streak against guys like Chris Brown and WildCard in the past two weeks. He has since gone to blame referee Aaron, and even his tag team partner Nolen Phillips. Is there something more to this situation than we see?
It all goes down, and much more, this Saturday night! We’re located at 2650 Dumas Drive – right off the Dumas Highway, and right across from Wonderland Park, in the old Hamlet Shopping Center! We open the doors at 7PM, and we get things started at 7:30PM! Tickets are $10 for Adults over 13 and $5 for Children under 12! We also offer free tickets to children under 5! And, as a way to show our support to our fighting men and women, ALL military are FREE with their military ID!
The Warriors Always Come Out When They Hear The Call! Come See Why Not Only Are We The Kings Of Saturday Nights, But Also The Birthplace Of Future Immortals! – –