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XWA Pro Wrestling Addicted
Jan 04
Saint John (West)
New Brunwick
– James Steele Defeated Senor Flame

– The Riders Defeated the ELhandsamos. After the match it was revealed that the Riders have gotten a Restraining Order against the R&R Express.

– Jonny Versace defeated Dazzlin Dick Durning when the referee failed to see Dick’s foot on the rope. After the match James Steele hit the ring. Versace’s private security held him down while Versace added insult to injury.

– Julius Fantana defeated Chip Chambers. After the match Chip and Dale had some heated words.

– Ryan Heath and Wesley Pipes went to a draw for the Vacant XWA Heavyweight title. Heath first made Pipes submit but the new XWA GM told Heath that submissions were not allowed and the match restarted as a No DQ match. Pipes hit Heath with a chair. Heath took control again and right when it looked like Heath had victory in his grasp Jeffrey Graves pulled the Referee from the ring. He then declared the match a draw. Kotsab would then come out to try to cash in his Roll the Dice briefcase on the vacant title. Graves would then inform everyone that there would be a tournament held over the next three months to determine the new XWA Heavyweight Champion


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!BANG! TV Report – Professional Wrestling – What Does it Take?

The rewards of a career on Professional Wrestling are great but the competition is intense.

Major companies are looking for someone trained In wrestling technique specific to their company.

Television Performance (In Ring and Interview Skills) is critical to your success as a professional wrestler.

You must also must know how the wrestling business works behind the scenes. Communication skills and Business Acumen within the Wrestling Business are a must.

The Funking Conservatory offers an all inclusive training program for “in ring wrestling skills, television performance, and communication skills within the Fraternity of Professional Wrestling.

It you are going to get a tryout with a major professional wrestling company you must have training.

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The “Seven Levels of Hate” documentary chronicling the Best-of-Seven series between Colt Cabana and Adam Pearce has entered the edit phase, now set for a Summer 2013 release. In conjunction with the launch of his new Facebook fan page (, Pearce has released a sneak peek into the film, entitled, “The Phone Call”.

The new clip can be viewed at:

Independent Wrestling icons for more than a decade, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana and “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce have shared a storied past.
From their early days in suburban Chicago to their controversial “throwing down” of the NWA championship in Australia, this documentary traces the steps of their journey as both men share the story from their own perspective and for the VERY FIRST TIME. Watch as Pearce and Cabana give an unprecedented personal account of everything that went into making #7LevelsOfHate a historic master-class of pro wrestling storytelling and one of the most controversial yet critically acclaimed wrestling rivalries of 2012 and beyond.
Seven different matches. Seven different stipulations. Seven different cities around the world.
This is the story of independent wrestling’s greatest rivalry.


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Coastal Pro Wrestling Presents “ONE FORCE”
The Tidal Wave known as Coastal Pro Wrestling crashes into Hammonton, NJ as we head to the Rollway Skating Rink on Saturday March 9th, with a 7:30 pm bell time.

Several titles will be on the line that evening.

Current Coastal Iron Man Champion Ricky Reyes will be facing the number one contender for the belt, “The American Psycho” Alex Payne! Reyes plans on showing Payne why he’s called “The Cuban Crippler”, but Payne has virtually assured a victory.

Regardless of who gets the pin, there will be a challenger for the Iron Man Championship at the next show, as Coastal has signed a 4 man match to determine who will get the next title shot. 4 of the most exciting wrestlers in Coastal will vie for the spot, as Braydon Knight, Josh “Absolute” Adams, Jael Rose, and former Iron Man Champion Kevin “Mister” Tibbs have been invited to participate. All have accepted except Tibbs, who feels an elimination tournament is beneath him. Regardless, he has said he will advise Coastal management of his intentions on the night of the show.

Jersey Shore wrestling legend & Coastal Heavyweight Champion Biggie Biggs has his toughest challenge to date. Coastal recently posted a poll to decide who is the number one contender to get a title shot at the Chop Daddy, and were overwhelmed by votes for the French Canadian star Edouard Gillette. Not many are familiar with him here in the states, but Coastal was sufficiently impressed with him to give him the title shot.

A Coastal Womens match has been added to the card, and while the participants will be announced soon, we can tell you that the referee for that match will be none other than one of the toughest women to ever enter the squared circle, coming straight from a battle against her nemesis Awesome Kong..Pryme Tyme Amy Lee!

The very popular Coastal star “Second to None” Alex Anthony will have his hands full, as he faces former Boardwalk Mafia member, and the not so popular “The Heretic” Bobby Youngblood. A victory for either will move them up the ladder for a title shot in the Coastal rankings.

In a battle of up and coming stars, Andy Header will be squaring off against Ty Hagen.

Other Coastal stars scheduled to appear that evening include Daisy Murder, Vicious Vin Ceres, Spanky 123, Phil Varlese, “The Nemesis” Damien Alexander, Mike Walker, and many more surprises! This show will be taped for an upcoming TV broadcast, so bring your signs & loud voices. Most important, BE THERE for the excitement that is known as Coastal Pro Wrestling. BE PART OF THE COASTAL EXPANSION!

Tickets for this event are available at Rollway Skating Rink in Hammonton, or online at

Be sure to see our profile on the PWI 2012 Rookie of the year Veda Scott, who will make her debut for Coastal Pro Wrestling on March 9th.