Promoter of Crossfire Wrestling named in new lawsuit

A lawsuit was filed against Nashville based Crossfire Wrestling promoter Marcus Pastorious this week by Adam Will, owner of the Red Rooster Bar & Music. The restaurant is the employer of Pastorious and they claim he has failed to pay back his $20,000 loan which he used to fund the promotion – with interest – by the promised 12/20 date. Another show took place after that date featuring Roddy Piper and other talent, some of which didn’t get paid.

Several wrestlers have revealed they received postdated checks after the show. Pastorious is believed to owe in excess of $60,000. The lawsuit states that Pastorious has defaulted on his loan and has made no effort to to work with him to pay it back. Pastorious claimed recently that the scheduled 3/9 event would be going on as planned and that the group would debut on national television in May.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter