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Media Release
For Immediate Release February 11th, 2013
Media Contacts
Spencer Tapley – VP of Talent & Media Next Generation Wrestling P (403) 850-7568


Wrestling returns to the Victoria Pavilion February 22nd Calgary, AB.
Announcing the full roster of talent appearing at AAA Canada presents: Next Generation Wrestling Friday February 22nd at the Victoria Pavilion on the Stampede Grounds – 1410 Olympic Way SE. Tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster.
Fans will pack the Pavilion on February 22nd to witness international talents collide! The event will feature 28 talents from throughout the world determined to prove themselves in one of the most famous venues in wrestling history.

Scheduled to appear are:

Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion and WWE Intercontinental
Champion – The Friday Night Delight, The Prince of Parkour and The Shaman of Sexy John Morrison Former WWE and WCW World Champion and one of the originators of the NWO Kevin Nash.
Former WWE Tag Team Champion, Current Japanese IWGP Tag Team Champion and third generation superstar Davey Boy Smith Jr.
Co-Owner of AAA Lucha Libre Wrestling in Mexico Konnan.
Third Generation Hart family Member and worldwide superstar Teddy Hart
Former AAA Cruiserweight & AAA Tag Team Champion the incredible gravity defying: “From The Heavens” Jack Evans
The iconic hardcore superstar featured in the film “The Wrestler” – Necro Butcher
The man considered by many to be one of the greatest wrestlers alive today and former Ring of Honor World Champion: Davey Richards
Former TNA Stars – Matt & Nick Jackson – The Young Bucks The high flying masked man – Samuray Del Sol
The infamous Karachi Vice – “The Great” Gama Singh, Abu Weazal, Former TNA X-Divison Champion: “Hot Shot” Johnny Devine, Wavell Starr, & Heavy Metal
More world-class talent includes: Flip Kendrick, Brian Cage, Former TNA X-Division Champions: Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt, Andrew Hawkes, “The Tattooed Terminators” Massive Damage and Darren “The Bomb” Dalton, Chasyn Rance, Pete Powers &
“The Dynamite Duo”: Dynamite Dan and The Dynamite Doll.

AAA Canada is proud to team with Jeff Eisen Design to produce this event that will encompass the experience that is Next Generation Wrestling. Those that can not witness this historic event in person can join the worldwide audience can watch the IPPV stream for only $12.00 with a major credit card. The broadcast starts at 7:30 pm Mountain Time on Saturday, February 23, 2013.

The first NGW World Champion will be crowned in a tournament featuring three “Fatal 4-Way” matches, with 2 combatants from each bout advancing to the “Suicide 6-Way” Main Event to crown the first champion. Over the next 11 days the tournament participants and match pairings will be revealed through Next Generation Wrestling’s Twitter, Facebook & Website !!

AAA Canada presents: Next Generation Wrestling Friday February 22nd at the Victoria Pavilion on the Stampede Grounds – 1410 Olympic Way SE. Tickets are $20, $30 and $40 plus fees and are on sale now at all the Scotiabank Saddledome box office, all Ticketmaster Outlets and online at

Talent appearing on the show is available for interviews.


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Victory Commonwealth Wrestling

February 10
The Legendary El Mocambo (464 Spadina ave.)
Toronto, Ontario

Singles Match: Odjic Thundercloud pinned Moondog Duke (w/ Saki San) by Top Rope Moonsault

Singles Match: Goliath Ayala pinned “Wild” Buck Gunderson after a shot with brass knuckles behind the referees back

Tag Team Match: “The Royal Guards” Prince Said Hussein and The Butcher of Khartoum (w/ Mysterion) pinned “The Dukes of Danger” Cousin Eddie and Uncle Eddie when Mysterion snuck in a shot of some sort of spray into the eyes of Uncle Eddy

After intermission it was revealed that the Main Event Battle Royale would be instead a Commonwealth Rumble in which 2 of the 20 competitors would start the match and a new one would enter the ring every 60 seconds. Eliminations over the top rope with both feet touching the floor until 1 man remains who will be crowned The Commonwealth Openweight Champion.

Singles Match: Colin Douglas pinned Buddy Boone with a Small Package after Buddy missed his Top Rope “Wheat Sheaf” Leg Drop

Singles Match: “Remarkable” Rex Atkins made “The Student” Daniel Parker (w/ his trainer “Dodger” Roger Dodge) submit with an Indian Deathlock

The Commonwealth Rumble:

The match started with “The Student” Daniel Parker who was still feeling the effects of his match with Rex Atkins as the Number 1 Entrant. Entrant number 2 was Goliath Ayala. As wrestlers made their way in and out of the ring (including Stryker and Bradley who eliminated each other at once furthering their rivalry), both Ayala and Parker endured until the final entrant appeared.

This last wrestler was a mysterious masked monster! “The Executioner”! He immediately made a serious impact by eliminating more wrestlers than any other entrant and in a fast and furious succession. These wrestlers were: Odjic Thundercloud, “The Student” Daniel Parker, and “Wild” Buck Gunderson who he heaved onto the previous men on the outside with a Gorilla Press Slam! With a mighty Clothesline he then sent “Remarkable” Rex Atkins to the floor. This left just 5 men in the ring.

As The Executioner brooded over his eliminated prey on the outside, Ayala schemed in a corner and Mysterion’s Royal Guards who successfully eliminated many others in tandem immediately targeted Colin Douglas. But the veteran Colin was ready for their plan and was able to turn the tables as he eliminated both Guards in a remarkable reversal.

With the remaining 3 men staring each other down in the ring Mysterion was beside himself on the outside due to his men being out of the title picture. The Mentalist was eager for revenge. He produced a briefcase and offered the thousands of dollars inside it to either The Executioner and Ayala, but only if they first made Douglas pay. The two accepted Mysterion’s deal.

Ayala’s brass knuckles that secured his win against Gunderson earlier now came into play again as he and The Executioner beat Douglas to a bloody pulp. The Executioner finally grabbed Douglas who stood (barely) on the outside by the throat. But before he could send Colin to his doom on the floor, Ayala seized the opportunity to be the man who would not only get the Gold but also Mysterion’s cash. Ayala shoved The Executioner to the outside with the help of Douglas.

Despite his battered and bloody state, Colin Douglas was able to overcome the odds and toss Ayala over the top rope to the outside.

Winner and the first ever Victory Commonwealth Wrestling Openweight Champion: Colin Douglas

Victory Commonwealth Wrestling returns to El Mocambo (464 Spadina ave.) in Toronto on St. Patricks Day March 17!


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CHIKARA: “All the Agents and Superhuman Crew.”
Goodwill Beneficial Association Hall in Reading, PA
February 9, 2013

1. The Colony of Fire Ant and assailANT defeated The Swarm of deviANT and Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant walked out on deviANT.
2. Dasher Hatfield pinned Delirious with a quick pin. Delirious attacked Hatfield post-match.
3. The Batiri defeated Los Ice Creamsby pinfall.
4. Frightmarepinned Ophidian, following a distraction by Amasis.
5. Jigsaw andThe Shard defeated Sugar Dunkerton and Icarus by pinfall after Jigsaw connected with a double stomp off the top rope onto Dunkerton.
6. Green Antsubmitted CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston in a non-title contest, with the Texas Cloverleaf. Kevin Steen came out during the contest to taunt the champion and after the match; Kingston vs. Steen at “While the Dawn is Breaking”was changed to a championship bout by Wink Vavasseur.
7. Kevin Steen and The Young Bucks defeated 3.0and Gran Akuma by pinfall.
8. Hallowickeddefeated Chuck Taylor by pinfall after the Go to Sleepy Hallow and a Yakuza Kick.

*Before the main event could begin, Tim Donst and Jakob Hammermeier stormed out. Donst stated that wrestling isn’t cool, heart, fun, or awesome, but that it was miserable, and if there was any justice he would be champion. Donst then proceeded to cut the hair of his loyal friend, Jakob Hammermeier.*

9. Archibald Peck defeated Mr. Touchdown by pinfall after a diving headbutt, in a No Disqualification Bout.

CHIKARA: “While the Dawn is Breaking.”
The Palmer Center in Easton, PA.
February 10, 2013

1. Mr. Touchdown retained his Young Lions Cup against Saturyne by pinfall, after the Flea Flicker in 12:05.
2.Jakob Hammermeier defeated Gran Akumaby pinfall in 5:55, after knocking Akuma off the ropes.
3.Tim Donst was disqualified against Archibald Peck for a low blow, in 6:38. Veronica Ticklefeather came out during the contest and caught the eye of Donst and after the contest, Donst said that Veronica was not useless like Jakob.
4.The Colony defeated F.I.S.T. by submission in 17:38, when assailANTlocked Sugar Dunkerton in a modified CHIKARA Special. After the bout, Dunkerton had words with his longtime partner, Dasher Hatfield and there appears to be some problems between the two.
5.Kobald defeated Dasher Hatfield by pinfall in 12:55, after a distraction from Delirious.
6.Jigsaw,deviANT, and The Shard defeated Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked, and Frightmare by pinfall. Jigsaw was able to isolate Frightmare and execute a Jig-N-Tonic assisted by a top rope double stomp from The Shard, at 15:22.
7.Eddie Kingston defeated Kevin Steen by pinfall in 15:20, to retain the CHIKARA Grand Championship. After the contest, Green Ant came down to congratulate the champion on his title defense and to challenge Kingston to a championship match. The challenge was accepted for March 9th in Orlando, Florida at “The Watchmaker.” Kingston then slapped the respectful challenger, setting the tone for the championship bout.

*During a fan giveaway, Ophidian came down when a fan won a mask of his nemesis. Ophidian then attacked a section of fans wearing Amasis masks. This seemed very unusual, as officials and staff members put themselves in physical harm to stop the attack. Then the real Amasis appeared to haunt Ophidian again. A hush fell over the crowd and many fans removed their Amasis masks for the rest of the evening.

8.3.0 defeated The Young Bucks, two falls to one, to return to the promised land by winning the Campeonatos de Parejas. The first fall was in favor of The Young Bucks and came at 6:22. The second fall quickly evened things up for 3.0 at 7:08, and the deciding championship fall occured at the 21 minute mark. During the contest, the Devastation Corporation with Sidney Bakabella came out to scout for their upcoming title bout with the winners.

*This event concluded the season opening weekend for CHIKARA and will be made available by Smart Mark Video. CHIKARA returns to action March 8th and 9thin Tampa and Orlando, Florida.*