CZW Best of the Best 12 Internet PPV
April 13, 2013
Voorhees, New Jersey (Flyers Skate Zone)
Commentators: Dan Cowhey, Jake Black, Emil J, Drew Gulak
Recap by: Jason Namako of

DJ Hyde out with the BOTB trophy to start the show. DJ getting pissed with the WHAT chants. I 100 percent do not blame them. Stay classy, CZW fans. “Black & Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa being played to introduce the Best of the Best 12 competitors. AR Fox by far got the biggest reaction of the 12 competitors. Dude is ridiculously over with the Voorhees faithful. Larry Legend is introduced to a big reaction to kick off the tournament.

Best of the Best 12 1st Round Match: Biff Busick w/The Front vs. Caleb Konley vs. Jonathan Gresham

Busick taking over in the early going. Sozio of the Front is on commentary and says that The Front is here to commit murder? Okkkkkkkkkk. Gresham making a comeback on Busick. Konley now getting involved with nearfalls on Busick. OMG that release German by Busick on Gresham. Gresham landed clean on his head. Jeez. Hiptoss by Konley onto Gresham into Busick. Konley with an exploder, followed by a tope suicida on Busick. Samoan Driver by Konley on Busick off the top for a close nearfall, before that, Konley hit a missile dropkick on Gresham for a nearfall. Nick Kay of the Front uses a slapjack on Konley, then Busick with a Half & Half suplex to eliminate Konley from the match.

Caleb Konley has been eliminated. (Half & Half by Busick)

Gresham with stiff forearms, followed by a Deadlift German, but Busick is able to kick-out. Busick goes for the Top Rope Half & Half, but Gresham gets out and submits Busick with an Octopus to advance in the tournament.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals of Best of the Best 12: Jonathan Gresham by submission (Octopus)

Thoughts: Decent opener from Busick, Konley & Gresham. All 3 worked hard, but the crowd could give a damn. Again, stay classy, CZW fans.

Best of the Best 12 1st Round Match: Tommy End (WXW) vs. “The Shug” Shane Hollister vs. “Yours Truly” Alex Reynolds

Tornado DDT by Hollister on End on the outside, then Reynolds takes out Hollister with a tope suicida. Schoolboy Driver by Reynolds on Hollister for a nearfall. Reynolds with a hesitation dropkick while Hollister was trapped in the bottom rope for another nearfall. Hollister makes a comeback with a plancha on End and elbows to Reynolds. End comes back with a head kick to Reynolds, followed by one to Hollister. Hollister with a big lariat for a nearfall. End almost pins Hollister & Reynolds both with a double suplex. Shug’s Last Stand (God’s Last Gift) by Hollister eliminates Reynolds from the match.

Alex Reynolds has been eliminated. (Shug’s Last Stand by Hollister)

End then with a roundhouse kick to Hollister to advance in the tournament.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals of Best of the Best 12: Tommy End by pinfall (Roundhouse Kick)

Thoughts: Well, there went my pick of Hollister to win the tournament. Good match, though and great effort by all 3. End looked impressive.

Best of the Best 12 1st Round Match: Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera vs. “The New Flavor” Shane Strickland vs. Rich Swann

HUGE reaction for Swann. I mean, HUGE. Colon goes for a dive, but he gets sandwich-kicked by Swann & Strickland. HEADSCISSORS on the CONCRETE FLOOR by Strickland! Swann gets backdropped onto Strickland on the outside. Colon trolls the crowd by not going for another dive. Awesome. Another sandwich kick from Swann & Strickland. No-hands rana by Swann on Strickland. Chrissy Rivera stops Swann from a dive, but Strickland with a Foxbury Flop on Colon. Toyota-Plex from Strickland, but Colon breaks it up with top rope double knees. Swann with a Lethal Injection and a Standing Shooting Star Press on Strickland for a nearfall. All 3 hit each other with superkicks and all 3 are down. Really good match so far. Blockbuster/DDT combination, but Colon is not able to put Swann & Strickland down for 3. Colon Driver out of the corner eliminates Swann from the match.

Rich Swann has been eliminated. (Colon Driver by Colon)

Swerving Destroyer (Spinning Destroyer Piledriver from corner) by Strickland, but Colon kicks out! Strickland misses the Swerve Stomp and Colon rolls up him while hooking the tights to advance in the tournament.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals of Best of the Best 12: Alex Colon by pinfall (Roll-Up with the tights)

Swann & Strickland shake hands afterwards and the crowd does a “Swerve” chant for him. Well deserved.

Thoughts: Really good match. All 3 worked very hard and woke a somewhat dead crowd up. Hats off to them.

Best of the Best 12 1st Round Match: Andrew Everett (Chiva Kid) vs. The Uhaa Nation vs. CZW Wired Champion “The Whole Foxin Show” AR Fox

Big reactions for Uhaa & AR. Nice armdrag & dropkick by AR on Uhaa. Double dropkick by Everett on Fox & Uhaa. SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS by EVERETT and he landed on his feet! By gawd. LO-MEIN RAIN by Fox on Uhaa & Everett! Such a sick move. Uhaa sends Fox into the front row with a pump kick. Then, Everett with a springboard rana, springing off the 2nd rope inside the ring on Uhaa. Double Powerbomb by Uhaa, then Fox & Uhaa with a powerbomb/backstabber combo, but somehow Everett is able to kick-out. Belly-to-Belly/German combo suplex by Uhaa on both Fox & Everett. Uhaa with the Michael Elgin release German while in the sleeper hold spot on Fox & Everett. Fox with a comeback on Everett, but Everett blocks Lo-Mein Pain and hits a reverse rana. Everett misses the Double Rotation Moonsault and Uhaa hits the Uhaa Combination to eliminate him. Jeez, that move is a sight to see.

Andrew Everett has been eliminated. (Uhaa Combination by Uhaa Nation)

Top-Rope Release German by Uhaa on Fox! Uhaa blocks a Meteora and hits a Slingshot Sit-Out powerbomb for a nearfall. “This is awesome” chants. Ace of Crushers, followed by the Fox-Ton Bomb, but Uhaa kicks out! Uhaa goes 2 the top, but Fox hits Lo-Mein Pain out of nowhere to advance in the tournament.

Winner and advancing to the semi-finals of Best of the Best 12: “The Whole Foxin Show” AR Fox by pinfall (Lo-Mein Pain)

Thoughts: Best match of the show so far. Hats off. Really good finishing stretch between AR Fox & Uhaa. Nation hasn’t missed a beat, guy is hella impressive.

It appears Matt Tremont will be the mystery opponent, but Joe Gacy comes out to rip on Tremont. Brings up Nick Gage and that sets off the Bulldozer. Tremont & Gacy brawl to the match, while Rory Mondo comes in from the crowd and attacks Mathis, so he will be the mystery opponent.

Fans Bring the Weapons: Rory Mondo vs. Ron Mathis

THUMBTACK BAT SHOTS by MATHIS! DDT ONTO A CAR BATTERY BY MONDO! Mondo drills Mathis multiple times with a XBOX, followed by a Guitar Hero Guitar. Mathis is bleeding profusely. Mondo gets antiqued with flour, then Mathis with an STO on the ring apron. Tiger Driver by Mathis for a nearfall. Cane shot by Mondo, followed by the Life Cutter on a chair, but Mathis kicks out. There is, no joke, a FRUITY PEBBLES BOX WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE! Mathis is hit with a PBC PIPE WRAPPED WITH THUMBTACKS! Ouch. TOMBSTONE OFF THE TOP ONTO A GUARDRAIL by Mathis gets him the victory and a spot in Tournament by Death.

Winner: Ron Mathis by pinfall (Top Rope Tombstone onto a Guardrail)

Thoughts: Solid brawl with some unique weapons. Final tombstone was sick.

Mathis definitely hurt his ankles with the final Tombstone. Mondo having to be helped out of the ring. Neck looks to be in serious pain from the top rope tombstone.


CZW Owner “The Lariat” D.J. Hyde vs. Michael Dante (WXW)

The Fandangoing revolution has moved to CZW. Amazing. Dante with an avalanche, but DJ with a knee, followed by a back senton for a nearfall. DJ taking over on Dante with a series of strikes, but Dante comes back with a backbreaker/clothesline combo for a nearfall. Exchange of spears by both men, but Dante pops up. Sleeper Suplex by DJ, followed by the Lariat for the victory.

Winner: “The Lariat” D.J. Hyde by pinfall (The Lariat)

Thoughts: Solid match, but judging by the crowd Fandangoing, they couldn’t have cared less unfortunately.

Dante with an ovation by the crowd and a “Please Come Back” chant afterwards.

Best of the Best 12 Semi-Finals: Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera vs. Jonathan Gresham

Gresham goes right away for the Octopus, but Colon is able to get free. Bow & Arrow by Gresham, but Colon gets out. Nice exchange of mat work between both guys here in the early going. Colon with a neck twist, but Gresham comes back with a pair of Stunners, followed by a pair of running kicks and a head kick for 2. Spanish Inquisition by Colon, followed by 3 enziguris & the DVD on the apron. Superkick, followed by a Dragon Suplex on the apron. Gresham just gets in before the 10 count, Another Colon superkick, knee to the back of the head, then a Camel Clutch. Gresham comes back with the kick of the wrist, then locks in the Octopus, but Colon gets to the ropes. Strike exchange, then Colon with 3 superkicks. Exchange of running boots. Colon Driver and he advances to the finals.

Winner and advancing to the Finals of Best of the Best 12: Alex Colon by pinfall (Colon Driver)

Thoughts: Another really good match. Colon is coming to play here tonight, but Gresham put out a really good effort. Hope he sticks around.

Best of the Best 12 Semi-Finals: Tommy End (WXW) vs. “The Whole Foxin Show” AR Fox

Another feeling-out process to start, but then Fox gets it going by hitting the Kickflip Moonsault on the outside. End comes back by kicking Fox off the ropes, then slams Fox into the apron. Fox gets back in, but End takes over with his kicks. Fox blocks a kick & hits a springboard dropkick. Fox hits a trifecta of dives, finishing with a somersault plancha. “AR Fox” chants. Top Rope Leg Drop across the apron by Fox for a nearfall. End comes back with Meteora, but Fox unloads with back elbows. German & a top rope double stomp by End for a nearfall. Behind-the-Back Dragon Sleeper, Fox gets to the ropes. Fox makes a comeback on End, then hits the 450 for the victory.

Winner and advnacing to the Finals of Best of the Best 12: “The Whole Foxin Show” AR Fox by pinfall (Top Rope 450)

Thoughts: Yet another good match.

The Final Encounter: “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole vs. “The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan

Sami going back to “Space Dementia” by Muse for this match. Callihan right away hits the Violence Party on Cole. HEAT-SEEKING MISSILE by Sami! Sami with the spit-filled chops on Cole around the ring. Goes for it at the ringpost, but Cole moves. Cole taunts the crowd on all 4 sides of the ring, but it allows Sami to get up. Powerbomb onto the apron, then one into the front row! Sami charges, superkick by Cole! Back in the ring, Cole begins to take over while taunting the crowd. Ultraviolent Chinlock! Cole sends Sami into the buckles, but it only fires him up. Strike exchange, stereo boots & clotheslines til Sami with a big lariat. 2 boots by Cole, but no effect on Sami. Catching DVD by Sami for a nearfall. Sami with a boot, but the ref gets in the way. Low-blow by Cole, brainbuster across the knee, but Sami kicks out with a new ref now in. Cole gets a bag that has the defunct Jr. title. Ref stops Cole from using the belt, he gets superkicked! Pump kick, 2 SWEET powerbomb onto the belt! Stretch Muffler with another new ref in. Cole gets 2 the ropes, “This is awesome” chants. More Sami chops, Cole gourdbuster off the ropes. Panama Sunrise! Sami kicks out! Cole tunes up the band, “I’m sorry, I .ing hate you”. Counter into the Stretch Muffler, counter into a roll-up, Sami kicks out! Cole superkick, Corona Kick, Panama Sunrise, Sami powers up! Another superkick, Sami spits at Cole, 3rd superkick, Florida Key! Cole wins!

Winner: “The Panama City Playboy” Adam Cole by pinfall (Florida Key)

Cole getting emotional afterwards, give fans ovation. Cole has the mic. “Thank you Sami & Adam” chants. Cole says Sami is the best guy he has ever been in the ring with, calls him the best in the world today. Cole says without Sami, he wouldn’t be anywhere. Cole & Sami shake hands and embrace in the ring. DJ Hyde now comes out. Sami tells DJ to fire him and says he will take a s**t in the ring. Makes fun of DJ sounding like a robot. DJ gets on Cole for playing to the crowd, but Sami continues to make fun of him. DJ takes a dig at ROH, then tells Cole to leave. DJ brings up Sami’s secret, but Sami walks out and tells the audio guy to cut DJ’s mic. DJ says Sami will tell the secret, or DJ will beat it outta him next month at Proving Grounds.

Thoughts: Holy cow, what a match from Cole & Callihan in their Final Encounter. Hats off to both guys.

Announcement before the main event that both ends of the doubleheader with WSU & CZW on May 11th will be an iPPV on Good move.

Main Event in the Finals of Best of the Best 12: Alex Colon w/Chrissy Rivera vs. “The Whole Foxin Show” AR Fox

Strike exchange right away, Fox with 2 topes and a baseball slide sending Colon into the crowd. Somersault senton into the crowd! Colon sends Fox into the barricade multiple times, then begins to take over in the ring. Chrissy Rivera gets involved as well. Colon with his neck twist, but Fox comes back with a windmill kick. Fox blocks the apron DVD, but Colon avoids the Kickflip.Blockbuster by Colon from the apron sends both into the front row. Fox comes back by kicking Colon off the ropes. Meteora for a nearfall. Colon Driver, but Fox kicks out! Superkick, but Fox again kicks out! Colon is pissed, then Fox with the Ace of Crushers. Fox-Ton Bomb, but Colon kicks out! 450, but Rivera stops the ref from counting 3. TOPE ON RIVERA! Lo-Mein Rain! Lo-Mein Pain! Colon kicks out! Unbelievable. 2nd Lo-Mein Pain, but Colon with a DVD off the ropes onto the apron. Holy crap! Fox kicks out! Insane. 4 running kicks, but Colon counters a suplex with an inside cradle to win the tournament!

Winner of Best of the Best 12: Alex Colon by pinfall (Inside Cradle)

Thoughts: Great finish, great match! Congrats to Alex Colon on winning Best of the Best 12. He really came to play tonight, very under-rated worker.

Afterwards, Fox is upset, the fans are upset and are throwing things in the ring. Colon tries to incite a riot on the mic as Maven Bentley, Larry Legend & other security are trying to calm things down. Security holding back Fox from Colon and now a fan threw something at Rivera. Security sees this and asks who did it as Rivera is having to be held back. A crazy scene to end Best of the Best 12.


Thoughts: Really good show, but with a ho-hum crowd. I love CZW, but their fans are really doing a number and holding them back from being bigger. This crowd obviously only loves insane high-spots and the ultraviolent stuff and will sit on their hands for everything else. Real shame to the entire roster who busts their asses night in and night out for them, only to be crapped on a regular basis. Its a shame that a company with a great owner in DJ, who is trying to do big things to advance the company forward, is stuck in the mud thanks to this crowd. I only hope CZW can get past this and be able to succeed going forward in spite of this crowd. But overall, all the guys busted their ass and put on a great show for this viewer watching on iPPV, which BTW, was flawless on Not one time did it buffer or go down in quality. CZW shoots in HD and it looked picture-perfect on my computer. Hats off to the production for that.

My Grade: B+ (grade lowered only due to the ho-hum crowd)

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