Results from this weekend’s indy shows (4/19 to 4/20)

4/19 Prime Wrestling Results: Cleveland, Ohio

1. Zach Gowen defeated Marion Fontaine

2. Bobby Beverly defeated N8 Mattson

3. Aiden Veil defeated Bobby Shields

4. Justice w/Marti Belle defeated Facade to retain the Prime TV Title.

5. Marion Fontaine & Jeremy Madrox defeated Gregory Iron to win the Prime Tag Titles.

– Zach Gowen was kicked out of the building prior to the match, making it a Handicap Match.

6. Benjamin Boone defeated Jay Flash

7. Aiden Veil defeated Nickie Valentino

8. Johnny Gargano & Bobby Beverly defeated Jason Gory & Eric Ryan

9. Krimson & Rickey Shane Page for the Prime Title went to a No Contest.


4/19 2CW Results: Rome, New York

1. CK defeated Electric Dream Machine

2. ZS3 defeated Bin Hamin

3. AR Fox defeated Dalton Castle

4. Isys Ephex defeated Kevin Steen to win the 2CW Title.

5. Christina Von Eerie defeated EMT

6. Jason Axe defeated MASADA & Christina Von Eerie in a Handicap Match

7. Punisher Van Slyke & Kevin Graham defeated SCUM to retain the 2CW Tag Titles.

8. John Morrison defeated Sami Callihan in a No Disqualification & No Count-Out Match.


4/19 QPW Results: Monrovia, California (debut show)

1. The RockNES Monsters & B-Boy defeated Scorpio Sky, Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas

2. Shad Gaspard defeated Willie Mack’

3. Candice LeRae defeated Winter

– Winter attacked LeRae afterwards. Joey Ryan came out apparently make the save, but then attacked LeRae. Drake Younger then ran in to make the save.

4. Brian Cage defeated Paul London

5. Drake Younger defeated Joey Ryan

6. TJ Perkins defeated Michael Elgin

7. The Young Bucks defeated Bad Influence


4/20 Wrestling Is Heart Results: Lafayette, Indiana

1. Saturyne, Heidi Lovelace & The Estonian Thunderfrog defeated Los Ice Creams & Juan Francisco de Coronado

2. Darin Corbin defeated Buck Boulder

3. Christian Rose defeated Sea Man

4. The Kentucky Buffet defeated Devin Bliss & Chris Castle

5. Reed Bentley defeated Billy Roc

6. Big Sue Jackson defeated Jervis Cottonbelly

7. Tripp Cassidy defeated Hallowicked

8. Mat Russo & Green Ant defeated Mr. Touchdown & Joe Pittman


4/20 2CW iPPV Results: Watertown, New York

1. Electric Dream Machine defeated Dick Justice, EMT & Pete D. Order

2. Slyck Wagner Brown w/Big Business defeated Colt Cabana

3. Bin Hamin & Milan X defeated ZS3

4. Colin Delaney defeated Dalton Castle

5. MASADA defeated Spike Dudley in a No Holds Barred Match after Kevin Steen & Jason Axe interfered.

6. Kevin Graham & Mike Van Slyke defeated Dick Justice, EMT & Pete D. Order, Electric Dream Machine, Planet Fitness & Team CK in a 5-Way Tag Team Battle Royal to retain the 2CW Tag Titles.

7. Sami Callihan defeated Matt Hardy

8. Cherry Bomb & Pepper Parks defeated Christina Von Eerie & Jimmy Jacobs

9. Isys Ephex defeated Jason Axe in a Stairway to Hell Match to retain the 2CW Title.

10. John Morrison defeated Kevin Steen


4/20 NWA Results: Houston, Texas

1. Jasper Davis & David Duperon defeated Rudy Russo & Jack Jameson

2. Kahagas defeated Byron Wilcott to win the NWA North American Title.

3. Ray Rowe defeated Mike Dell to win the NWA Lone Star Jr. Title.

4. Damien Wayne defeated Carson to retain the NWA National Title.

5. Jax Dane defeated Lance Erikson to retain the NWA Lone Star Title.

6. IWGP Tag Team Champions Killer Elite Squad defeated Scot Summers & Ryan Genesis to win the NWA Tag Team Titles. 

7. Rob Conway defeated Chris Masters to retain the NWA World Title.


4/20 PWF Results: Corbin, Kentucky

1. Sweet & Juciy, Flawless & Maxx Mizery defeated John Noble, Kerry Awful, Miguel Sanchez, Alex Zayne & Mickie Knuckles

2. Menace defeated Jamie Northstar

3. Dustin Rayz defeated Ryan Dookie

4. Nasty Russ defeated Shane Mercer

5. Kyle Matthews defeated Jordan Kage

6. Dustin Rayz defeated Menace

7. Kyle Matthews defeated Nasty Russ

8. Jason Kincaid defeated Chuck Taylor

9. Kyle Matthews defeated Dustin Rayz to become the 1st PWF Champion.