Results from this weekend’s indy shows (5/17 to 5/19)

5/17 CWF Mid-Atlantic Results: Burlington, North Carolina

1. Aric Andrews def. Charlie Weston

2. Chet Sterling def. Lee Valiant

3. Donnie Dollars def. Mecha Mercenary

4. Ric Converse def. Manny Garcia

5. Chris Lea & Andrew Everett def. Trevor Lee & Ben Tyler

6. Arik Royal def. Roy Wilkins in a Lumberjack Match to retain the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title. 


5/17 Wrestling Is Intense Results: Robinson, Illinois (debut show)

1. Mat Russo def. Chuck Taylor

2. Angelus Layne def. Darkness Crabtree

3. Juan Francisco de Coronado def. The Estonian Thunderfrog

4. AC/DC def. The League

5. The Devastation Corporation def. The Submission Squad

6. Marshe Rockett def. Pierre Abernathy

7. The Kentucky Buffet & Davey Vega def. Los Ice Creams & Gangrel

– Afterwards, Gangrel bites both of the Kentucky Buffet and forces them to drink the blood in his chalice. Kentucky Buffet then convulse, rise & follow Gangrel to the back.

8. Christian Rose def. Buck Boulder


5/17 2CW Results: Gloversville, New York

1. CK & I.B. Green def. Dick Justice, Peter D. Order & EMT

2. Dalton Castle def. Colin Delaney

3. Punisher Van Slyke & Kevin Graham def. Planet Fitness to retain the 2CW Tag Titles.

4. Electric Dream Machine def. Tabernak de Team

5. Isys Ephex def. Eddie Edwards & Kevin Steen to retain the 2CW Title.

6. Spike Dudley & Terry Funk def. Kevin Steen & Jason Axe in a No Disqualification Match.


5/17 AAW Results: Berwyn, Illinois

1. Louis Lyndon & Marion Fontaine def. Zero Gravity

2. Miss Natural def. Heidi Lovelace

– Hoopla: Uncut with Truth Martini & Joey Eastman. They do an arm wrestling match, which Martini wins after kissing Eastman. Martini then hits Eastman with the Book of Truth.

3. Jake Crist def. Jimmy Jacobs

4. Davey Richards def. Mixed Martial Archie by knockout.

5. Team Amb***hin’ (Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly) def. AAW Champion Michael Elgin & AAW Hertiage Champion A.C.H.

6. Dan Lawrence, Tweek Phoenix & Keith Walker def. Colt Cabana, Junthai Miller & Mat Fitchett

7. Eddie Kingston def. Marcus Crane

8. Silas Young w/Val Malone def. Samuray Del Sol

– Afterwards, Eddie Kingston comes out and verbally berates the AAW fans. Kingston then forearms Val & powerbombs Silas through a table.

9. Shane Hollister w/Scarlett Bordeaux def. Sami Callihan in a Last Man Standing Match.