Results from this weekend’s indy shows (5/23 to 5/26)

5/23 Battle Arts Results: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

1. Alex Vega & Brent B. def. The Empire

2. Josh Alexander def. Matt Cross

3. Johnny Wave def. Mike Rollins

4. Tyson Dux def. Michael Elgin

5. John Greed def. Phil Atlas

6. Ethan Page def. Kevin Steen to retain the Openweight Title after Josh Alexander interfered.


5/24 PWEVO Results: Concord, North Carolina

1. Arik Royal def. Chase Brown

2. Andrew Everett def. Raymond King

3. Trevor Lee def. Anthony Henry

4. Mr. Elite def. Robyn Golphin & Alton Terrell Lee in a Triple Threat Match.

5. Jake Manning def. Zane Riley

6. Marcellus King def. Zane Dawson

7. Chip Day def. Joe Black to retain the Super Hex Title.

8. John Skyler def. Caleb Konley

9. Corey Hollis def. Cedric Alexander in a 30 minute Iron Man Match 2-1 to win the EVO Title.


5/24 AIW JT Lightning Invitational Tournament Night 1 Results: Cleveland, Ohio

1. Louis Lyndon def. Tadarius Thomas

2. Davey Vega def. Gary Jay

3. Chris Dickinson def. Nasty Russ

4. Marion Fontaine def. Veda Scott

5. BJ Whitmer def. Josh Prohibition

6. Kimber Lee def. Bobby Beverly

7. Rickey Shane Page def. Colin Delaney after Eric Ryan interfered.

8. Josh Alexander def. ACH

9. Ethan Page def. Seleziya Spark

10. Michael Elgin def. Biff Busick

11. Adam Cole def. Tim Donst

12. Johnny Gargano def. Matt Cross


5/24 Resistance Pro Results: Merrionette Park, Illinois

1. Crazy Mary Dobson def. a jobber

2. Body Magic def. 2 Star Heroes

3. Thunderkitty def. Mickie Knuckles in a 2/3 Falls Match.

4. Jay Bradley def. DaCobra

5. Lock Up def. Special Forces to retain the Tag Titles.

6. Darcy Dixon def. Nikki St. John to win the vacant Women’s Title.

7. The Flock (Saturn & Raven) def. Brady Pierce & Mad Man Pondo

8. Joseph Brody w/Eve def. Robert Anthony by count-out. Anthony retains the Resistance Pro Title. 


5/24 Nashville Pro Wrestling Results: Nashville, Tennessee

1. Christian Rose def. Danny Todd

2. Shawn Hoodrich def. Matt King

3. Brandon Espinosa def. Dyron Flynn

4. Kyle O’Reilly def. Shawn Shultz & Antonio Garza in a Triple Threat Match.

5. Matt Cage def. Alex Castle

6. Team IOU def. The Hollistars, Today’s Youth, Elements of Wrestling & Darren Dean & Aaron Solo in a 5-Team Gauntlet Match. 

7. Yaden Matthews def. Davey Richards


5/25 PWCollision Results: Carbondale, Illinois

1. King Entertainment def. Jeff O’Shea & Malaki Matthews

2. Mikey McFinnegan def. Justice

3. Brandon Espionsa & Ace Hawkins def. Alex Castle in a Handicap Match to retain the Tag Titles.

4. Billy Hills def. Ax Allwardt

5. Zakk Sawyer def. Christian Rose, Jay Spade & Matt Cage to win the No Limits Title in a 4-Way Elimination Match.

6. Bull Bronson def. Heath Hatton & Alex Castle in a Triple Threat Match to win the PWC Title.


5/25 Wrestling is Fun Results: Allentown, Pennsylvania

1. The Spectral Envoy def. The Batiri

2. Orbit Adventure Ant def. Darkness Crabtree

3. Green Ant def. Oleg the Usurper

4. The Baltic Siege def. Juan Francisco de Coronado & Los Ice Creams

5. Blind Rage def. Ophidian by disqualification

6. The Devastation Corporation w/Sidney Balkabella def. Shane Storm, Lance Steel & Jolly Roger

7. Dragon Dragon def. Kobald

8. Mr. Azerbaijan def. Mike Sydal

9. Amasis def. Jaka to win the Banana Title.


5/25 AIW JT Lightning Invitational Tournament Night 2 Results: Cleveland, Ohio

1. Ethan Page def. Davey Vega

2. Josh Alexander def. Marion Fontaine

3. Kimber Lee def. Louis Lyndon

4. Michael Elgin def. Rickey Shane Page

5. BJ Whitmer & Chris Dickinson went to a Double Count-out.

6. Johnny Gargano def. Adam Cole

7. Tim Donst def. Mickie Knuckles

8. Jock Samson & Tracy Smothers def. The Submission Squad

9. Michael Elgin def. Josh Alexander

10. Johnny Gargano def. Kimber Lee

11. Hope & Change def. The Jollyville F**k-Its to retain the AIW Tag Titles.

12. ACH def. Biff Busick

13. Eric Ryan & Bobby Beverly def. Colin Delaney & Matt Cross

14. Ethan Page def. Michael Elgin & Johnny Gargano to win the 2013 JT Lightning Tournament.


5/25 OMEGA Results: Wendall, North Carolina

1. Adam Page def. Mickey Gambino

2. Caleb Konley def. Jake Manning

3. Andrew Everett def. Trevor Lee by disqualification.

4. The C & C Wrestlefactory def. Team Ambition

5. American Tiger def. Preston Quinn

6. Kacee Carilsle def. Reby Sky

7. Arik Royal def. Ric Converse to retain the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title.

8. The Hurricane & Matt Hardy def. C.W. Anderson & Steve Corino


5/26 PWX Results: Charlotte, North Carolina

1. Arik Royal def. Aaron Solo

2. Blaine Rage & Crash James def. Zane Riley & Monster C

3. Jake Manning & John Skyler def. Eli Evans & Trevor Lee

4. US Tiger Mask & Andrew Everett def. Corey Hollis & Mr. Wrestling 3

5. Amanda Rodriguez & Chip Day def. Mr. Elite & Ethan Case

6. Cedric Alexander def. Kyle O’Reilly

7. Jake Manning & John Skyler def. Blaine Rage & Crash James

8. Amanda Rodriguez & Chip Day def. US Tiger Mask & Andrew Everett

9. Caleb Konley def. Davey Richards to retain the PWX Title.

10. John Skyler & Jake Manning def. Amanda Rodriguez & Chip Day to win the vacant PWX Tag Team Titles. 

– PWX Owner Tyshionn Williams announces that the 6/29 iPPV will also be a TV Taping as PWX has signed a deal with the CW Network.