WWNLive.com Alerts for May 27, 2013

WWNLive Alerts – May 27th, 2013 Edition

EVOLVE returns to action this Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in Florida!!! We have a tremendous deal on the iPPVs for all three cards, a very important update on Sami Callihan, new match signed and more. Let’s get to it….

May 27th: Great women’s wrestling is coming back to EVOLVE! It was announced at last Friday’s SHINE 10 live iPPV that Mia Yim vs. Ivelisse has been signed for EVOLVE 22 this Sunday in Ybor City, FL. This card will be broadcast on live iPPV in the traditional Sunday night wrestling PPV timeslot. SHINE 10 is receiving great reviews and you can watch the replay anytime at WWNLive.com On Demand.

May 27th: We have a very special 24 hour deal on the EVOLVE 20, EVOLVE 21 and EVOLVE 22 iPPVs at www.WWNLive.com this weekend. If you purchase the EVOLVE 21 and EVOLVE 22 live and on demand options and then email us at Shop@DGUSA.tv with the code “EVOLVE iPPV Double Header” in the subject by 6pm EST. on Tuesday, May 28th, you’ll get $5 back! That makes the cost of these iPPVs just $12.50 each!

We have an even bigger deal for you! If you buy the EVOLVE 20 iPPV, which will be taped live to VOD on May 30th and premiere on May 31st, and the EVOLVE 21 and EVOLVE 22 live and on demand iPPV options, you can get $10 back! Simply email Shop@DGUSA.tv by Tuesday, May 28th, at 6pm EST. with the code “EVOLVE iPPV Spectacular!” in the subject to get this whopping $10 refund!

Please note that your must order these iPPVs at www.WWNLive.com and email Shop@DGUSA.tv by 6pm EST. on May 28th. Past orders cannot be adjusted. You must order the EVOLVE 20 iPPV on demand and the EVOLVE 21 and EVOLVE 22 live and on demand options to qualify. This means for the low price of just $35 you can get unlimited access to watch all three of these stacked EVOLVE iPPVs. Just check out these lineups:

EVOLVE 20 – May 30th – Orlando, FL – 7:30pm EST. Belltime
Live To VOD iPPV With May 31st Premiere At WWNLive.com – Tickets & Info At DGUSA.tv

Witness The First Ever EVOLVE Title Defense!!!

Andrew Everett Brings His Next Level Flying Skills To EVOLVE
EVOLVE Title Match
AR Fox defends vs. Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks

Champion vs. Champion Non-Title Attraction
Freedom Gate Johnny Gargano vs.
United Gate Champion Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks

Dragon Gate Showcase Match
EITA vs. Tomahawk T.T.

Special Challenge Match #1
Samuray Del Sol vs. Anthony Nese

Special Challenge Match #2
Chuck Taylor vs. Brian Cage

(starts with two competitors, another enters every 2 minutes, eliminations can take place anytime by
pinfall, submission or DQ until one competitor is left)
The Participants Are:
Andrew Everett, Caleb Konley, Jon Davis, Lince Dorado,
Shane Strickland, Tommy Taylor

Comedy Attraction
The Bravado Brothers vs. Sugar Dunkerton & Maxwell Chicago

EVOLVE 21 – June 1st – Jacksonville, FL – 8:00pm EST. Belltime
Live iPPV At WWNLive.com – Tickets & Info At DGUSA.tv

It’s USA vs. The World Live On Saturday Night!!!

USA vs. Japan #1
AR Fox vs. EITA

USA vs. Japan #2
Johnny Gargano vs. Tomahawk T.T.

USA vs. Mexico
Shane Strickland vs. Samuray Del Sol

USA vs. Europe
Caleb Konley vs. Tommy Taylor

Bonus Tag Team Main Event
The Young Bucks vs. Anthony Nese & Brian Cage

Special Challenge Match
Jon Davis vs. Chuck Taylor

Special Attraction Match
Lince Dorado vs. Jonny Vandal

Tag Team Attraction
The Bravado Brothers vs. Andrew Everett & Derek Ryze

EVOLVE 22 – June 2nd – Ybor City, FL – 8:00pm EST. Belltime
Live iPPV at WWNLive.com – Tickets & Info At DGUSA.tv

See Two DGUSA Title Matches In The Traditional Sunday Night PPV Timeslot!!!

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
Johnny Gargano defends vs. Samuray Del Sol

Open The United Gate Title Match
The Young Bucks defend vs. EITA & Tomahawk T.T.

Heavyweight Clash
Jon Davis vs. Brian Cage

EVOLVE 16 Rematch – 1 Year Later
AR Fox vs. Lince Dorado

SHINE Showcase Match
Ivelisse vs. Mia Yim

Newcomers Showcase Six Man Tag Match
The Bravado Brothers & Andrew Everett vs. Dos Ben Dejos & Shane Strickland

Special Challenge Match #1
Chuck Taylor vs. Caleb Konley

Special Challenge Match #2
Anthony Nese vs. Tommy Taylor

May 27th: We can announce now that Sami Callihan has already wrestled on his final DGUSA/EVOLVE event. We want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to Sami for being an important part of DGUSA/EVOLVE history. Callihan started at the bottom of his card and through hard work and determination became a main player in the WWNLive Family. Sami first made waves by forming D.U.F. and entering an intense feud against AR Fox. Shortly after the feud vs. Fox started, Callihan reached another turning point when he battled Fit Finlay at EVOLVE 9 in a bout that was voted by the fans as the 2011 DGUSA/EVOLVE Match Of The Year. Callihan went on to give us many memorable moments including the infamous closing of the former ECW Arena at EVOLVE 10. His resume of great matches is at the top of DGUSA/EVOLVE history including the rematch vs. Finlay at EVOLVE 11, a classic vs. El Generico at EVOLVE 13 and an epic Open The Freedom Gate Title Match against Johnny Gargano at EVOLVE 18. Thanks for everything, Sami! We are sure you are headed for great success!

May 27th: We will address the rumors surrounding Samuray Del Sol in the next WWNLive Alerts. In the meantime, we are excited to welcome some new faces to EVOLVE this weekend. When one wrestler leaves, it opens the door for a new athlete to make an impact. Here are some of the fresh faces that will be given a chance to steal the show and make their names at EVOLVE 20, EVOLVE 21 and EVOLVE 22 in Florida:

Brian Cage: This big powerhouse will immediately be among the strongest on the EVOLVE roster. He has made his reputation at PWG, was recently seen in TNA and impressed at DGUSA in California in January. Keep an eye on him all weekend as he is in main matches on every show.

Tomahawk T.T. & EITA: These charismatic youngsters are considered the next generation of stars for Dragon Gate. They each bring very different styles and have already wowed audiences in DGUSA. Keep an eye on them in top matches all weekend, especially the Open The United Gate Title Match vs. The Young Bucks this Sunday in Ybor City, FL.

The Bravado Brothers: Harlem and Lancelot have gained a cult following. Honestly, we aren’t exactly sure what to make of these NOAH and ex-ROH tag team specialists, but we’ll find out this weekend. Keep an eye on them in the Newcomer Six Man Showcase this Sunday at EVOLVE 22.

Andrew Everett: This sensational high-flyer brings raw ability and potential to EVOLVE. He was formerly known as Chiva Kid, but unmasked and stole the show at Natioal Pro Wrestling day earlier this year. Keep an eye on him in FRAY! at EVOLVE 20 in Orlando.

Shane Strickland: This CZW product brings more high-flying ability to EVOLVE. He impressed at the last set of shows when he took part in the Six Way Freestyle at DGUSA Open The Ultimate Gate 2013. Keep an eye on him vs. Samuray Del Sol at EVOLVE 21 on Saturday in Jacksonville.

Mia Yim and Ivelisse: These two will bring great, athletic women’s wrestling back to EVOLVE. Yim and Ivelisse continue to see their stocks rise with each passing match in SHINE. Keep an eye on their contest at EVOLVE 22 this Sunday.

Dos Ben Dejos: This tag team operates as a well oiled machine. They have increased their reputations on recent FIP live iPPVs. Keep an eye on them in the Newcomer Six Man Showcase at EVOLVE 22.

Maxwell Chicago: This guy is quite a character. He has entertained fans in FIP. Keep an eye on him in the Comedy Attraction tag team match this Thursday in Orlando.

This talented roster will all be making their EVOLVE debuts this weekend. Who do you think will impress the most? Use the social network buttons below and let us know. In the next WWNLive Alerts we’ll take a look at some of the wrestlers who will get a chance to really climb the card this weekend.

May 27th: Thank you for reading the WWNLive Alerts to end Memorial Day Weekend. We want to take this moment to remember and thank all who sacrificed everything. We’ll be back soon with lots more leading into this weekend’s EVOLVE events. Act now to get that incredible deal on the iPPVs. The clock is ticking!