DG-USA gives an update on the Samuray Del Sol/WWE rumors

WWNLive Alerts – May 29th, 2013 Edition

The EVOLVE tripleshot starts tomorrow in Orlando! This is going to be a weekend that defines what EVOLVE is moving forward. We have a new stipulation added to a match, a look at who can break through to the next level and we address the Samuray Del Sol/WWE rumors. Let’s get to it….

May 29th: A big congratulations to Ricochet! He made history last weekend in Japan by being the first American to win Dragon Gate’s annual King Of Gate tournament. This is a huge accomplishment. We look forward to having Ricochet back for the epic return to New York City on July 27th & 28th. Info on these shows is coming soon.

May 29th: Chuck Taylor challenged Jon Davis in this video to make their match No DQ this Saturday in Jacksonville. Jon Davis scoffed and accepted the challenge. See Jon Davis vs. Chuck Taylor in a No DQ Match on live iPPV this Saturday night! Can Taylor avenge The Gentleman’s Club?

May 29th: There are many rumors about Samuray Del Sol going to WWE. Del Sol, who has risen as today’s hottest lucha star, will challenge Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano for the title this Sunday night on live iPPV at WWNLive.com from Ybor City, FL. He is also in a big match tomorrow night in Orlando against Anthony Nese and Saturday in Jacksonville vs. upcomer Shane Strickland. We have been assured that should Del Sol win the title, he will be back on the July 27th and July 28th events in New York City to defend the belt. Could we see The Summer Of Del Sol?

May 29th: You can pre-order the iPPVs of every EVOLVE card this weekend now at www.WWNLive.com or get live event information at www.DGUSA.tv. We have direct links listed in the lineups at the end of this WWNLive Alerts. Please note that there will be tickets available at the door in Orlando, Jacksonville and Ybor City.

May 29th: All eyes will be on new EVOLVE Champion AR Fox this weekend. Fox is looking to establish himself as Champion and make the EVOLVE Title important. Fox and EVOLVE officials have talked a lot about the meaning and purpose of the EVOLVE Title since EVOLVE 19. EVOLVE officials are giving Fox the greenlight to create something new with the EVOLVE Title. We’ll see what Fox comes up with this weekend. Fox says he has some outside-the-box ideas, but all he’ll tell us is he’ll do a new move in every match this weekend. Of course, he has to make it past Nick Jackson tomorrow night. Could Jackson become a double champion?

May 29th: This is going to be a very interesting weekend for several talents we have seen in the past in DGUSA and EVOLVE. We already know the established players on the cards like EVOLVE Champion AR Fox, Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano, Open The United Gate Champions The Young Bucks, Chuck Taylor, Jon Davis and Samuray Del Sol. We looked at the debuting talents in the last WWNLive Alerts. Right now, we are going to look at some of the faces we’ve seen sporadically in the past who will get a chance to claim the top spots this weekend.

Anthony Nese: He’s been in both DGUSA and EVOLVE off and on for a couple of years now. He recently made a statement by forming The Premiere Athlete Brand and showing that he is serious about taking a top spot. Keep an eye on his match against Samuray Del Sol at EVOLVE 20 in Orlando.

Caleb Konley: He is an interesting addition to this list because he has been in DGUSA and EVOLVE consistently for the past few years as part of The Scene. However, now he has put The Scene in the past, asked for forgiveness for his actions with The Scene and is looking to start a new chapter. Keep an eye on him vs. Chuck Taylor this Sunday at EVOLVE 22 in a match of two athletes looking to start anew.

Lince Dorado: This lucha inspired high-flyer has been very impressive in recent FIP matches. He seems to just need an opportunity to break out. Keep an eye on the EVOLVE 16 show stealing rematch against AR Fox this Sunday in Ybor City, FL.

Tommy Taylor: We saw his European influence in EVOLVE as part of Style Battle last year. He was just returning from injury at Style Battle and now has a year of full health and conditioning under his belt. Keep an eye on him in FRAY! tomorrow in Orlando, which could set the tone for his single matches vs. Caleb Konley and Anthony Nese over the weekend.

We also want to mention Jonny Vandal, who is making waves in FIP, Sugar Dunkerton, who will get an opportunity in the Comedy Attraction in Orlando and Derek Ryze, who continues to try to earn a spot after impressing in a DGUSA Seminar/Tryout. Who do you think will break out? Tell us on Twitter and Facebook.

May 29th: We are happy to say that the EVOLVE 16 DVD will be in stock at this weekend’s events and will start shipping early next week. This DVD features the finals of Style Battle, the previously unreleased semi-finals and finals of JPC 2010 with Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) plus Johnny Gargano vs. Anthony Nese, Chuck Taylor vs. Samuray Del Sol, AR Fox vs. Lince Dorado and more!

May 29th: We appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day and reading the WWNLive Alerts. We are off to Florida to heat things up with the EVOLVE tripleshot. We hope you will join us in person or on live iPPV. Get ready for something new! Check out these lineups:

EVOLVE 20 – May 30th – Orlando, FL – 7:30pm EST. Belltime
Live To VOD iPPV With May 31st Premiere At WWNLive.com – Tickets & Info At DGUSA.tv

Witness The First Ever EVOLVE Title Defense!!!

EVOLVE Title Match
AR Fox defends vs. Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks

Champion vs. Champion Non-Title Attraction
Freedom Gate Johnny Gargano vs. United Gate Champion Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks

Dragon Gate Showcase Match
EITA vs. Tomahawk T.T.

Special Challenge Match #1
Samuray Del Sol vs. Anthony Nese

Special Challenge Match #2
Chuck Taylor vs. Brian Cage

(starts with two competitors, another enters every 2 minutes, eliminations can take place anytime by
pinfall, submission or DQ until one competitor is left)
The Participants Are:
Andrew Everett, Caleb Konley, Jon Davis, Lince Dorado, Shane Strickland, Tommy Taylor

Comedy Attraction
The Bravado Brothers vs. Sugar Dunkerton & Maxwell Chicago

EVOLVE 21 – June 1st – Jacksonville, FL – 8:00pm EST. Belltime
Live iPPV At WWNLive.com – Tickets & Info At DGUSA.tv

It’s USA vs. The World Live On Saturday Night!!!

USA vs. Japan #1
AR Fox vs. EITA

USA vs. Japan #2
Johnny Gargano vs. Tomahawk T.T.

USA vs. Mexico
Shane Strickland vs. Samuray Del Sol

USA vs. Europe
Caleb Konley vs. Tommy Taylor

Bonus Tag Team Main Event
The Young Bucks vs. Anthony Nese & Brian Cage

No DQ Match
Jon Davis vs. Chuck Taylor

Special Attraction Match
Lince Dorado vs. Jonny Vandal

Tag Team Attraction
The Bravado Brothers vs. Andrew Everett & Derek Ryze

EVOLVE 22 – June 2nd – Ybor City, FL – 8:00pm EST. Belltime
Live iPPV at WWNLive.com – Tickets & Info At DGUSA.tv

See Two DGUSA Title Matches In The Traditional Sunday Night PPV Timeslot!!!

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
Johnny Gargano defends vs. Samuray Del Sol

Open The United Gate Title Match
The Young Bucks defend vs. EITA & Tomahawk T.T.

Heavyweight Clash
Jon Davis vs. Brian Cage

EVOLVE 16 Rematch – 1 Year Later
AR Fox vs. Lince Dorado

SHINE Showcase Match
Mia Yim vs.Ivelisse

Newcomers Showcase Six Man Tag Match
The Bravado Brothers & Andrew Everett vs. Dos Ben Dejos & Shane Strickland

Special Challenge Match #1
Chuck Taylor vs. Caleb Konley

Special Challenge Match #2
Anthony Nese vs. Tommy Taylor