Several weeks ago Steve Corino made a challenge to ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness. Simply put: if the ROH team wins, S.C.U.M will disband and Steve will apologize as well as do whatever Nigel wants. If S.C.U.M wins, Corino will take Nigel’s job and become the new Match Maker.

After much consternation over the ramifications of this bout, McGuinness has come to a decision and issued the following statement to

Ladies and Gentleman I write this today to respond to Steve Corino’s recent challenge.

As you may know, Corino has issued a challenge to pit four of ROH’s best against four SCUM members with the stipulation that if ROH wins, SCUM will disband, effectively putting an end to Corino’s reign forever…BUT…but if SCUM wins Corino takes my job.

Steve Corino has made it no secret what he wants to happen to ROH and in my position he can do virtually anything that he wants. This would no doubt be an ALL IN scenario to cut to the chase.

No doubt this is the biggest risk I could possibly take as Match Maker for Ring of Honor and that is why I have had multiple meetings with numerous people on this very topic to discuss the risk that it entails. By accepting this challenge it could save ROH and purify this company … or it could officially kill this company that we have loved for the last eleven years.

I said at the start of this that we expected a war, we expected to fight with everything we have in our soul…we expected it to get nastier before it got any better BUT I always knew that no matter how long it would take to overcome this war, ROH and our righteous might would win through to absolute victory.

Many men wiser than myself have said that it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s team but with this war there is nothing sweet nor fitting about dying. We must overcome and I have no doubts that honor will be restored once and for all. That being said…

Ring of Honor was born on February 23, 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania inside the Murphy Rec Center.

Ring of Honor will NOT die on June 23rd in Baltimore, Maryland at The Du Burns Arena because…Steve Corino…we ACCEPT this challenge.

June 23rd, 2013…one day after “Best In The World 2013” in Baltimore, Maryland… it will be 4 on 4… ROH vs. SCUM… winner takes all.

This will be the biggest ROH weekend of all time and with everything I believe in my heart… this will not be the last.

We want this to be over. We want to move on. We want a company free of the bullshit that you bring.

Steve Corino… SCUM… get ready for… STEEL… CAGE… WARFARE!!!

First introduced in 2005 at “Steel Cage Warfare” when Generation Next went to war with The Embassy, this bout has only taken place two other times in ROH history and has always turned into a violent affair! This is the biggest bout in the history of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV, possibly the most important in ROH history since Daniels vs. Ki. vs. Danielson, because it will determine the future (or lack thereof) of Ring of Honor.

Now the question is who will represent for ROH? Will it be The Wolves? The Briscoes? Adam Cole? Michael Elgin? Jay Lethal? Caprice & Cedric? All those men, plus a slew of others, have reason enough to want a piece of S.C.U.M so Nigel will have certainly have no trouble fielding a team to take on Corino’s lot.

Further details will come as June 23rd draws closer but for now know that it will be Steel Cage Warfare in Baltimore! Team ROH vs. S.C.U.M and EVERYTHING is on the line! Get your tickets now!!!