Results from this weekend’s indy shows (6/14 to 6/16)

The Stro sent this in.

Results from last nights 6/13 XWW’s “Blood, Sweat, and Tears 2” at Club Hush in Charlotte, North Carolina:

1. Zane Riley defeated the Angry Panda in the first round of the XWW TV title tournament

2. Garrett Sinclair defeated Murph Mancini in a “First Blood” match

3. Jasen Cross defeated Sweet Dreamz to become the new XWW United States heavyweight champion.

4. XWW Commissioner and former WCW/NWA star Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling” defeated XWW Hardcore champion Belton Creedmore in a “Symphony of Destruction” falls count anywhere match

5. Just Us League regained the XWW Tag Team championship from Angels & Demons in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match

6. Mitch Hurley defeated Fireball in the first round of the XWW TV title tournament

7. Big Country retained the XWW Heavyweight championship defeated Eric Adamz

The next XWW event is “The Ultimate Pro Wrestling Xperience Super Show” July 14th at Kate’s Skating Rink in Indian Trail, North Carolina

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6/14 IWA Mid-South Results: Clarksville, Indiana

1. Drake Younger def. Trik Davis

2. Kongo Kong def. Dale Patricks, American Kickboxer #2 & Jonathan Crane in a Handicap Match.

3. Jonathan Gresham def. Tarek the Great

4. Reed Bentley def. Zach Gowen

5. Ox Harley & Michael Todd Stratton def. Corporal Robinson & Phoenix, Mark Wolf & Harry Palmer & Nate Webb & The Suicide Kid in a 4-Way Tag Match

6. Jack Thriller def. Chrisjen Hayme, HyZaya, Kevin Douglas, Hamrick & Sheik Khan Abadi

7. Devon Moore def. Jimmy Jacobs

8. The Rottens def. Peter B. Beautiful & Simon Sezz

9. The Hooligans def. Manimal & Bill the Butcher

10. Chuey Martinez def. Ruben Steel in a Barefoot Thumbtack Match

11. Sabu def. BJ Whitmer


6/14 Beyond Wrestling Results: Bridgewater, Massachusetts

1. Biff Busick def. Eddie Edwards

2. Punkie Sanchez def. Johnny Cockstrong

3. The Wrecking Crew def. Mark Shurman & Gregory Edwards

4. Anthony Stone & Eric Corvis went to a No Contest

5. JT Dunn def. Jaka

6. The KOA def. Dan Berry & Bill Carr

7. Ric King def. Black Baron, Charade & AR Fox


6/15 ISW Results: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1. Jaka def. Ej Hijo del Bamboo

2. Mathieu St. Jacques def. Dan Barry

3. Oni the Leopard King def. Amasis

4. Giant Tiger def. Leon St. Giovanni, Craigslist Homo & Jae Rukin

5. The Food Fighters def. Dirty S**t

6. Addy Starr def. Pinkie Sanchez

7. Kitsune def. Michael Von Payton

8. Izzie Deadyet def. Matt Tremont


6/15 CWF Mid-Atlantic iPPV Results: Gibsonville, North Carolina

1. The Killbillies & Lee Valiant def. The Black Watch

2. Big E. Smoove def. Mecha Mercenary & Cecil Scott

3. Serena Deeb def. Amber O’Neal

4. Nick Richards & Jason Miller def. Donnie Dollars & Corey Edsel in a No DQ Match

5. Matty Denero successfully defended the CWF TV Title (no mention of his opponent).

6. The Dynasty def. The All-Stars, The Mid-Atlantic Outlaws & The Aftermath in a 4-Way Tag Match

7. Andrew Everett def. Trevor Lee

8. Arik Royal def. Zane Dawson in a Street Fight


6/15 IWC Super Indy XII Results: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1. Facade def. Jimmy Rave

2. Extreme Tiger def. Bobby Fish

3. Mr. 450 def. Corey Hollis, HD Cannon & Mike Rayne

4. Gory def. Kyle Matthews

5. ACH def. Shane Strickland

6. Tony Nese def. Mr. 450

7. Facade def. Extreme TIger

8. Gory def. ACH

9. Dalton Castle & Logan Shulo def. Team Big League

10. Facade def. Gory & Tony Nese to win the tournament.


6/15 Rev-Pro Results: London, England

1. Mark Haskins def. El Ligero

2. The Swords of Essex def. Project Ego

3. Doug Williams def. Hiromu Takahashi

4. Marty Scrull def. MK McKinnan

5. Andy Boy Simmonz & Rampage Brown def. Dave Matsiff & Davey Boy Smith Jr.

6. Colt Cabana def. Sha Samuels

7. Prince Devitt def. Jushin Liger


WrestleView’s Josh Boutwell sent this in.

NHW “SuperCard ’13”
DeFuniak Springs, FL
June 15, 2013
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

– Doug Pitt def. Tim Hayne
In the opener (I guess what you would call a “dark match”) Pitt was able to get the pin in a quick match.

“BTY” then graced us with his presence and revealed that tonight NHW was starting tapings for a syndicated TV show (no other details were said) and debuted new lighting over the ring and camera angles.

– NHW Pride Title: Cameron Frost def. T-Bolt
Frost worked on the monstrous T-Bolt’s knee early and often, and that injury was his eventual downfall.

– Paul Jordane def. jobber
This match was all about making Jordane look like a dominant champion and mission was accomplished. Jordane destroyed him and then after the match took him out again and forced the referee to make another 3 count obviously sending a message to Scotty Rayz. I would assume this match will be shown on one of the first NHW TV shows and then the 2/3 Falls Match (tonight’s Main Event) on a later show.

– Nelsonizer def. Billy Rayz
Billy Rayz flew all over the place to counteract the bigger Nelsonizers strength advantage. At one point Rayz hit a sequence of Sliced Bread off the top followed by a Standing Moonsault and then a Standing Shooting Star Press. All of that still couldnt keep Nelson down. Eventually the high flying was Rayz’s downfall. As he went for a Moonsault, Nelson moved out of the way and rolled him up for the pin.

– Lucha Locura def. CB Slade
The rubber match in NHW’s exciting feud was just as good and exciting as advertised. Lucha & Slade both went all out and had a slew of convincing nearfalls and both men were crisp and on the money the entire match. They set out to steal the show and succeeded in doing so. One thing is for sure, Lucha Locura is OVER with the crowd. After hitting a series of moves Lucha rolled Slade through and then kicked his head into the 3rd row for the pin.

– NHW Tag Team Titles Tables Match: Lane Smart & Scarface def. The Heartbreakers (c)
To close out the first half of the show the monster duo of Lane Smart & Scarface went after the high flying Heartbreakers (Cali Kid & T-Bird) and their Tag Titles in a Double Tables Match. Cali & T-Bird had some new gear. Cali Kid was the first eliminated when Smart Fall Away Slammed him through a table. T-Bird was able to fight both bigger men off and eventually dropkick Smart off the apron and through a table that was set up at ringside. Dandy Jack got involved and eventually T-Bird laid him out on the table and then dove off the top with a Swanton Bomb, but the table refused to break. T-Bird then laid Scarface out on the table and went up top again, but Scarface crotched him on the turnbuckles and then Superplex him off the top exploding the table below to give the monsters their win and the titles!

Following Intermission Doug Pitt came out to host his “Pitt Stop” show with special guest Cameron Frost. The cocky Pride Champion said there was noone he couldn’t beat and Pitt then brought out Lucha Locura who wants the next shot at the Pride Title. After a stare down Frost slapped the energetic luchador and the match has been set!

– Shogun & Dunham def. Chuck Diamond & Mike Thrash
Shogun & Dunham were wearing matching tights. Thrash and Diamond argued and Thrash ended up leaving Diamond alone in the ring to take a Samoan Drop/Neckbreaker combo from Shogun & Dunham for the win.

– Mike Facen def. AJ Strokes
In a rematch 2013 Wahoo McDaniel Memorial Finals the former Arrogant Americans team of AJ Strokes & Mike Facen faced off against each other once again, and it seems this once tight team has become bitter enemies. Strokes proclaimed that from now on he is Alex Johnson and not AJ Strokes. After a match that had more clunky spots than I figured it would, Facen’s strength overcame his former partner and he racked up another win.

– NHW Heavyweight Title 2/3 Falls Match: Paul Jordane (c) def. Scotty Rayz
In a wild NHW Title Match we saw the “Human Highlight Reel” try and end the dominant champions reign which proved to be a task too large for the dimunitive Rayz. Scotty actually won the first fall after countering a Powerbomb attempt into a Crucifix Bomb for a pin. In the 2nd fall Jordane rolled Rayz up and pulled his tights to get the win. In the 3rd fall Jordane ripped the padding off one of the turnbuckles. Eventually the referee took a bump and at this point Rayz was able to send Jordane into the exposed steel. A Frankensteiner and 450 Splash later it seemed like Rayz was going to dethrone the champ, but there was no referee to make the count. When the referee did come too Jordane sent Rayz into the steel and then took him down with his finish for the pin.

After the match Mike Facen came down and stared down the champion obviously staking claim as the #1 Contender for Jordane’s title.

Every single time I’ve been to a NHW event it’s always delivered and “SuperCard” was no exception. With several very good matches, Lucha-Slade stood out as the best of the night in my eyes. The crowd was hot all night and though the new lighting messed me up a little bit (as I don’t have a great camera) it actually made things look really good and should make things look great on TV as well.


6/16 QPW Results: Monrovia, California

1. Brian Cage def. Ray Rosas

2. Eddie Edwards def. TJ Perkins

3. Adam Thornstowe def. Joey Ryan

4. Kevin Steen def. B-Boy

5. Cheerleader Melissa def. Candice LeRae

6. Brian Cage def. Eddie Edwards

7. Adam Thornstowe def. Kevin Steen

8. The Young Bucks def. The RockNES Monsters

9. Adam Thornstowe def. Brian Cage to become the 1st QPW champion. 

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