6/22 House of Hardcore 2 Results: Philadelphia, PA

6/22 House of Hardcore 2 Results: Philadelphia, PA

* Danny Doring took part in a six man tag team match with wrestling students.

* Crowbar def. Hale Collins.

* Vik Dalishus def. Little Guido.

* The Sandman came out and teased hitting Larry Dallas with his cane. Sandman grabbed Dallas’ valet instead and started dancing with her as the Fandango theme played. Sandman then hit Dallas with a cane to end the segment.

* MVP def. Sami Callihan.

* Carlito def. Mike Bennett w/ Maria.

* Petey Williams def. Tony Nese and Alex Reynolds.

* The Steiners def. Homicide and Eddie Kingston.

* John Morrison def. 2 Cold Scorpio.

* The Young Bucks def. Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

* Tommy Dreamer w/ Terry Funk def. Lance Storm. During the match, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman hit the ring and attacked Funk. After the match, Dreamer thanked everyone for coming and confirmed that a House of Hardcore 3 event would be taking place.

Source: PWInsider.com