Results from this weekend’s indy shows (8/2 to 8/4)

8/2 AAW Summer Sizzler Results: Berwyn, Illinois

1. The League of Extraordinary Rasslin’ Superstars def. The American Bulldogs & Derek Cornell

2. Jordan McIntyre def. Alex Bernadino

3. We Are Here w/Kevin Harvey def. YBBO

4. Matt Cage def. Alex Castle, Reed Bentley & Trik Davis

5. Tony Rican def. Knight Wagner in a Dog Collar Match.

6. Markus Crane & Dan Lawrence def. Aaron Solo & Darren Dean

7. Markus Crane def. Dereck St. Holmes

8. Heidi Lovelace def. Hailey Shadows

9. Heidi Lovelace def. Angelus Layne

10. Christian Rose def. Travis Banks

11. Shane Hollister def. Prince Ali to retain the AAW Title.


8/3 NWA Mid-Atlantic Fanfest Results: Charlotte, North Carolina

1. Papadon def. Micah Taylor in the 1st Round of the Race for the Ring Tournament.

2. Cassidy Riley def. Corey Hollis in the 1st Round of the Race for the Ring Tournament.

3. The Flock def. Brady Pierce & Will Roberts

4. Bev Berwyn def. Michael Richard Lee

5. Bobby Fulton def. Mike Jackson

6. Homicide def. Damien Wayne

7. The Rock & Roll Express def. D’Lo Brown & Luke Gallows


8/3 Wrestling is Awesome Results: Fairfield, Maine

1. Los Ice Creams def. The Primer Bros.

2. Frank O’Rourke def. Jivin’ Jimmy

3. Scott Parker def. Jaka

4. Jervis Cottonbelly def. Juan Francisco de Coronado in a Duchess of Fairfield Match.

5. Andy Mackenzie def. Boar of Moldavia

6. Shane Matthews def. Oleg the Usurper

7. Tommy Mack def. Kobald

8. Chuck Taylor def. Green Ant, Estonian Thunderfrog & Max Smashmaster


8/3 CWF Mid-Atlantic Can’t Hardly Wait Results: Gibsonville, North Carolina

1. Chip Day def. Donnie Dollars in a TV Title Scramble Match.

2. Chris Lea def. Smith Garrett

3. Brandon Day def. Aden Chambers

4. The Mid-Atlantic Outlaws def. Mecha Mercenary & Number Man

5. Lee Vailant def. Aric Andrews

6. Lance Lude def. Trevor Lee

7. Zane Dawson def. Andrew Everett

8. Matty De Nero def. Chip Day

9. Chet Sterling def. Arik Royal by count-out

10. Ric Converse & Xsiris def. Nick Richards & Jason Miller to retain the Mid-Atlantic Tag Titles.


8/3 Dreamwave Adversity Results: LaSalle, Indiana

1. Hades def. Lince Dorado in a 2/3 Falls Match

2. Becks Family def. Sports Entertainment in a Bunkhouse Brawl

3. Matt Cage def. Jeff O’Shea

4. Marshe Rockett w/Ron Simmons def. Shane Hollister to retain the Alternative Title.

5. Foreign Affairs def. Helter Skelter, Clean and Dirty, Zero Gravity, Markus Crane & CJ Esparaza in a Tag Team Gauntlet Match.

6. Reed Bentley def. Nick Brubaker by DQ.

7. Christian Rose def. Prince Ali in a Lumberjack Match.


8/4 Wrestling is Awesome Results: Rochester, New Hampshire

1. Max Smashmaster def. Jervis Cottonbelly

2. Kobald def. Jivin’ Jimmy

3. Juan Francisco de Coronado def. the Estonian Thunderfrog

4. 3.0. def. Jaka & Oleg the Usurper

5. Green Ant def. Flex Rumblecrunch by DQ.

6. Frank O’Rourke def. Tommy Mack

7. Dalton Castle def. Chuck Taylor