RJ Brewer talks about the future of Lucha Libre USA

Steve Gerweck passed this along.


In this exclusive interview with GERWECK.NET, the outspoken star of Lucha Libre USA, RJ Brewers discusses:

* Training with Killer Kolawski
* Wrestling in a WWE ring, and performing at a Wrestlemania
* Lucha Libre USA airing on MTV and Hulu, and the promotion’s future
* Which promotion he will never work for
* The 2012 presidential election, and his outlook on the 2016 race
* The country keep the border wide open
* Gun control
* Working with the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Christopher Daniels, etc. in ROH
* The transition of John Walters to RJ Brewer
* Being interviewed for Nightline, and the main street media’s brainwashing
* His dislike of Piers Morgan
* Obama Care, and much more in this sixty minute interview

Follow Brewer on Twitter @RJBrewer1070 and on Facebook at facebook.com/rjbrewer1070

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