8/10 WSU Uncensored Rumble 6 Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

8/10 WSU Uncensored Rumble 6 Results: Voorhees, New Jersey

1. Jenny Rose w/Veda Scott, Jessie Brooks & Sammy Geodollno def. Christina Von Eerie after hooking the tights for leverage.

2. Chicks Using Nasty Tactics (Kimber Lee & Annie Social) def. Veda Scott & Jessie Brooks with a double slam on Veda to become the #1 Contenders to the WSU Tag Titles.

3. Jana def. Niya by DQ in a Loser Leaves WSU Match after Niya refused to listen to the ref’s 5 count. Afterwards, Niya attacked referees and security until they had to carry her away.

4. Barbi Hayden def. Jewells Malone with a Spike DDT.

5. WSU Tag Champion Sassy Stephie def. Santana with the Kiss my Sass. Afterwards, Stephie called out WSU Champion and Mid-West Miltia stablemate Jessicka Havok for not being there due to “travel issues”, saying its BS. 

6. Scars & Stripes (“The All-American Canadian” Addy Starr & “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont) def. Chris Dickinson & “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna after Starr pinned Dickinson with the Sliding D.

7. Lexxus def. Nevaeh with a roll-up to become the #1 Contender to the WSU World Title.

8. Ezavel Suena won the 28-woman Uncensored Rumble, last eliminating Kimber Lee.

Order of entry:

1. Taeler Hendrix
2. Shanna
3. Sammy Geodollno
4. Cherry Layne
5. Nikki Addams
6. Santana
7. Kaitlyn Diamond
8. Jewells Malone
9. Sassy Stephie
10. Xandra Bale
11. Barracuda Britney
12. Barbi Hayden
13. Addy Starr
14. Chris Dickinson
15. Claudia Del Solis
16. Annie Social
17. Kimber Lee
18. Lexxus
19. Jana
20. Ezavel Suena
21. Samantha St. Paul
22. Rick Cataldo
23. Nyla Rose
24. Jessie Brooks
25. Nevaeh
26. Christina Von Eerie
27. Jenny Rose
28. Jody D’Milo

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